Best RV Toilets in 2022 – For Motorhome & Campervans

best rv toilets

Are you one of those upsetting the delicate grasses’ tranquility and peacefulness, maybe adding to their development or diminishing their life expectancy? They glare at you at whatever point you set camp since you continue to pee on them. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? – Exactly! Who knows if you’ve not secretly defecated in … Read more

Best Self Cleaning Toilets

Cleaning one’s toilet is not something that everyone enjoys. Cleaning the ugly marks left behind after using the toilet needs bravery and commitment. Also, some flushing toilets are more annoying, the user is required to wash them after each use. So, if you are bored of cleaning the toilet all the time, consider investing in … Read more

Best Kohler Toilets of 2022 (7 Favorites We Love!) Reviews

Best Kohler Toilets

The Kohler brand has been a trusted name for home plumbing fixtures and bathroom accessories since 1873. They have an extensive line of products, from toilets to showers to sinks and everything in between. In this post, we will be reviewing the 7 best Kohler toilets on the market today, based on their performance and … Read more

General Comparison of Kohler vs American Standard – Which is Better?

Kohler vs American standard

The American Standard and Kohler toilets have over a century of experience in the industry and provide sturdy, elegant, and practical toilets. Which brand, however, has the most fabulous toilets? Kohler is mentioned by some, while others mention American Standard. To learn more about the differences between Kohler and American Standard toilets, check out this … Read more