Best Kohler Toilets of 2022 (7 Favorites We Love!) Reviews

Best Kohler Toilets

Reading Time: 6 minutes The Kohler brand has been a trusted name for home plumbing fixtures and bathroom accessories since 1873. They have an extensive line of products, from toilets to showers to sinks and everything in between. In this post, we will be reviewing the 7 best Kohler toilets on the market today, based on their performance and … Read more

General Comparison of Kohler vs American Standard – Which is Better?

Kohler vs American standard

Reading Time: 7 minutes The American Standard and Kohler toilets have over a century of experience in the industry and provide sturdy, elegant, and practical toilets. Which brand, however, has the most fabulous toilets? Kohler is mentioned by some, while others mention American Standard. To learn more about the differences between Kohler vs American Standard toilets, check out this … Read more

Kohler vs Delta – Detailed Comparison

Delta vs KOHLER

Reading Time: 7 minutes You’ve arrived at the perfect spot when being locked indoors and for weeks has sparked your ambition for a new bathroom, kitchen makeover, or even a full-fledged house remodeling. Aspects of Louisiana is yet another shop for all of your illumination, appliances, drainage, and fixture requirements.  Because of the huge amount of companies we offer, … Read more

What are Vault Toilets, How it Works, Advantages & Disadvantages

What are Vault Toilets

Reading Time: 6 minutes Vault toilets are non-flush toilets that store waste in a big airtight subsurface tank without using water (vault). This kind of toilet differs from regular flushing toilets in that it is built in locations where water is scarce, such as leisure and public places, tents, and other shared spaces. Vault toilets are also known as … Read more

Pit Toilet vs Vault Toilet – How Does it Work?

pit toilet vs vault toilet

Reading Time: 6 minutes An abandoned building, vaulted toilets, or a pit toilet is the most incredible waste disposal technique when not having access to clean water or sewage. So, firstly, we will discuss the difference between a pit and a vault toilet, then furthermore, we will talk about each of them individually. Difference Between Pit Toilet and Vault … Read more

Best Macerating Toilets 2021 – Top Upflush Toilet Reviews

Best Macerating Toilets 2021-min

Reading Time: 16 minutes The macerating toilets are also known as the upflush toilets. They’ve made life easy for those who live in the basements and have no proper ways of sewage in their washrooms. Thus, the toilets with macerators can play a vital role as they come with a separate tank which is either present on the side … Read more