What are Vault Toilets, How it Works, Advantages & Disadvantages

What are Vault Toilets

What is a vault toilet camping? Vault toilets are non-flush toilets that store waste in a big airtight subsurface tank without using water (vault). This kind of toilet differs from regular flushing toilets in that it is built in locations where water is scarce, such as leisure and public places, tents, and other shared spaces. Vault toilets are also known … Read more

Pit Toilet vs Vault Toilet – How Does it Work?


An abandoned building, vaulted toilet, or pit toilet is the most incredible waste disposal technique when not have access to clean water or sewage. So, firstly, we will discuss the difference between a pit and a vault toilet, then furthermore, we will talk about each of them individually. Difference Between Pit Toilet and Vault Toilet … Read more

10 Best Dual Flush Toilets 2022 – Double Flush Picks


Did you know that using old toilets could result in wastage of water? Having an in-efficient toilet at your place can be hectic, hard, and weird because of its improper functioning capabilities. Such toilets, at times, create awkward situations, as these are hard to flush. Sometimes, a person has to press the flush button, again … Read more