Best Non-Electric Bidets

best non electric bidets

In today’s world, there’s nothing new it is just a modification of our ancestors’ antiquity wisdom that refuses to die. We don’t wash at river banks or use untreated water; we use water from a clean tank.

It is needless to say how ignorantly wise scientists found our ancestors’ knowledge to be with the inventory of bidets.

Although there are different types and they vary in functions, the aim here is to make us clean and, in doing so, end or reduce the number of trees that unwillingly lay down their lives to be made paper.

Among many are these few best bidets selected for maximum satisfaction.

Editor’s Choice
  • Super Easy Installation
  • Simple Turnable Knobs
  • Efficient Cleaning
  • It fits on both Round & Elongated Toilet
  • Stress-Free Installation
  • Self Cleaning Nozzle
  • Works well even in Lower Water Pressure
  • Adjustable Nozzle Setting
  • Free Installation from Supplier

Best Non-Electric Bidets 2022

1. LUXE Bidet Neo 120 – Self Cleaning Nozzle – Fresh Water Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Attachment.

best non electric bidet toilet seat 2022



Relax, okay? Don’t allow your mind to wander afar. There was no way we weren’t gonna gist today, especially on a subject like this.

So, be calm!

We don’t expect them to clean up themselves – bidet nozzles. For proper hygiene and comfortable use, we’re compelled, whether we like it or not, to clean them.

Besides, no one will want to or comfortably use a dirty bidet nozzle for toileting. The first thought will be to opt for a better toileting experience or do some washing before use.

With that in mind, a gate was created. One that opens up for your cars – no, that’s not what I’m talking about. Not at all; a gate whose destiny is to guard the nozzles against human waste for a better hygienic experience.

This is how it works: after each attack (they attack the poop at your butt, I mean wash you clean from them), the nozzles automatically dock behind the gate for protection until the next time you need to use them. As impressive as this might sound, you don’t even need electricity for it to function, which, indeed, is extraordinary.


Have you ever come across a good bidet kit installed in a bathroom looking so odd in a décor? Of course, there are beautiful bidet designs that sometimes don’t fit in decorations (that doesn’t make them any less significant).

This product was made to conceal the drift between design and decoration. Irrespective of your bathroom’s decor, it will suit it. Talk about a luxurious look, fascinating sleek finishing, and parts with high-pressure valves encapsulated with ceramic cores and hoses made of steel.


All you need is a standard two-piece toilet of your choice; the rest of the things come packed in the kit. To keep you updated, a metal braided hose for cold water connection, Neo 120 installation, circular attachment plates with rubber washer (or gasket), plastic t-adapter, Teflon tape, plastic wrench, and a well informative user guide. You can’t but experience miracles just after the easy installation.

Set the knob to your preferred pressure and wait for your experience in no distant time.


Although not expensive, if we estimate how much we spend yearly on toilet paper and how many trees lay down their lives for it, we will embrace this LUXE Bidet Neo 120 as our next companion. It saves cost and supports tree life.


  • A metal braided hose of 1/2” x 1/4 inches dimension.
  • Water plastic t-adapter of 15/16 x 15/16 x 1/2 inches in dimension.
  • With a weight of over 1.8 pounds, you’re good to go.
  • ‎12 x 6 x 6 inches is the product’s dimension.
  • A durable handle made of ceramic material.


  • There’s no stress in its installation.
  • Offers a self-cleaning advantage.
  • It comes with all you need.
  • Simple turnable knob – easy to use.


  • Sorry, but it can only be used on a standard two-piece toilet.
  • It cannot be installed on the left side – right-handed only.


Question: Does the nozzle still require manual cleaning, or can the self-cleaning feature clean it properly?

Answer: I’m confident the self-cleaning feature of the nozzle can handle it, but if you feel it’s necessary to clean manually, it’s your choice.

Question: Can I install it on the left side because I am left-handed?

Answer: I’m sorry, dear, but this product was designed to be installed on the right side, and your right-hand does the operation.

Question: Can I adjust the nozzle to whatever position I want?

Answer: To say the nozzle itself is adjustable is untrue. It only comes out when it is in use and ducks in when not in use. Nevertheless, you can adjust the pressure by turning the knob clockwise.


I am not a person who exaggerates, but I must say that this product is super okay. I loved it not just for its appearance but for its performance also. The different pressure levels are alright, and I have no problem with that.

Your seat’s bottom must be flat, and your toilet must be elongated, not round.

I’m sure this will help me solve the plumbing problems I usually have with wipes and toilet paper.


  • One thing is sure; you can always spot the difference. Check it out yourself; other products may have a good nozzle that dispenses very well and an excellent pressure control system, but they lack self-cleaning and nozzle protection.
  • The gate and the self-cleaning feature protect the nozzle from poop or liquid waste and better outflow of water, respectively.


It lacks the “feminine wash” feature provided by other versions.

  • A previous version of this unit could not self-clean, a domicile property of the LUXE Bidet Neo 120.
  • Offers a “cold water” connection. Only the LUXE Bidet Neo 320 allows for a “hot water connection.”



  • Ensure you turn off the water supply and flush to empty the tank before connecting the T-adapter.
  • Be confident that the rubber washer at the top of the t-adapter is intact; otherwise, fix it before coupling.
  • Please see the link for stepwise information on the installation process:


No more shall you hunger for a better experience. Get the LUXE Bidet Neo 120 and save yourself from wanting more; use this unit and get the best out of toileting.

You are covered with a self-cleaning attitude, nozzle protection gate, variable pressure controller for individual preferences, and a soothing experience.

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2. SlimEdge Simple Bidet Toilet Attachment – Dual Nozzle, Non-Electric, Brass Inlet, and Internal Valve. Easy to Install with Freshwater spray.

non electric bidet with dryer



Award yourself a better lifestyle, something you would be proud to look upon each time you walk into your bathroom – a sleek yet luxurious portraying bidet. It is designed to beat competing products by 50 per cent less thin layer.

The luxury lifestyle isn’t for everyone. If you are counted among those to flaunt it, count yourself worthy. It has a control panel – a tilted one, for that matter, for a fascinating welcome that gives styling to your control. Your bathroom and your distinguished self will never regret possessing it.


Anything in your way to marvellous toileting would be overcome, from a brass inlet and valve to a braided metal hose. Nevertheless, all these parts are for the betterment and support of an easy installation that could be done by yourself and you!

Keep confidence at its peak with a durable, ever-functioning product. A one-year warranty guides you to your most total enjoyment.


One thing about washing is that you must touch every corner if it must be clean. Welcome to the lifestyle where washing is made perfect. With a double nozzle bidet, no side is left untouched. A convenient back and front wash for a refreshing feeling. Water does better than you think.


Who doesn’t like to be in command, hands in the air? No hands! Power is sweet and desiring, but sometimes it isn’t available to those who want it. What If I say you could rule and give commands using this product? “Why?” – no, that’s a wrong question. The right question is “how?”.

If I give an order and it is obeyed, doesn’t that show I’m in command? Therefore you are in power from the day you choose and install this bidet. Because you give orders to the knobs, they carry them out immediately. Nothing is so exciting than seeing your orders being executed without questions, and that, indeed, is power.


  • Install with a lightweight of one pound.
  • A perfect size to fit your toilet with a dimension of ‎18 x 10 x 4 inches.
  • It originates from a proudly finished plastic material, durable though.
  • The dimension of the T-valve connector is 7/8 x 7/8 x 3/8 inches.
  • A braided metal hose of 27.5 inches.


  • It fits both your round and elongated toilet.
  • No discrimination, whether a two or single-piece toilet.
  • Stress-free and very easy to install.
  • Keep freshness at its peak with a self-cleaning nozzle bidet.


  • Sorry about this, but this product is meant to be installed on the right side.


Question: An explosive dump can soil this unit, especially the nozzle. How do I keep it clean?

Answer: Whether or not you have a bidet like this installed in your toilet, an explosive dump could occur but not all the time. How do you clean such a mess without your bidet installed – do the same thing here. Only that you avoid harsh chemicals, a steam cleaning will be better. After which, activate the self-cleaning nozzle property, and you’re good to go.

Question: Does this work for a one-piece toilet too?

Answer: Of course, there’s no discrimination; the one and two-piece toilets are embraced here.

Question: Does it have a hot water connection?

Answer: Coldwater is supplied through the hose. For a hot water connection, I don’t think this would work. The sink connection would be best.


My purchase was to help my wife be cleaner and refreshed. I think I got what I needed.

The installation was straightforward, with no stress at all. It was all set up in minutes and ready to use. I didn’t neglect Teflon tape because I didn’t want any leak and was trying to avoid bolting and unbolting. I cannot, therefore, tell if it works fine without the Teflon tape.

As for the usage, this was the most effortless and most enjoyable aspect. It was more like a reward for my labour. The soothing feeling was commendable, and my wife said she feels cleaner than using toilet paper. I, as a result of this, recommend.


  • With a single knob, all the power to make toileting comfortable is in your hands. Most products possess two knobs, but this unit encapsulated all features in just one stylish chrome pressure knob.
  • It was made thinner (50 per cent) for better lapping than most traditional bidet kits.


  • A chrome pressure dark or light wooden knob differentiates it from its brothers.
  • It has less weight compared to other versions.
  • This unit doesn’t have the “night light” feature as another version of this product does.



  • To avoid leaks, kindly tighten all connections properly.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals for cleaning the bidet as it can damage its originality. Steam cleaning is preferable, or wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Turning off the water supply valve is advisable if the unit won’t be used for a few days.


The more we experience how sweet life could be with water, the more we cherish it. I’m certain that there’s virtually nothing you can do without the use of water. From cooking to washing – up to cleaning.

Wait a minute, did you just say “cleaning”? Why not? Cleaning is one of the best things water can do, especially when it’s fresh. You get cleaner when you wash with water, but you get satisfyingly super clean when you toilet with  SlimEdge Simple Bidet Toilet Attachment (kit).

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3. Veken Ultra-Slim Bidet, Dual Nozzle (Feminine or Posterior Wash), Non-Electric Adjustable Water Pressure Bidet

best bidet attachment



Especially for those who are restricted in mobility, perhaps due to old age or health issues, this is the best product for you. A convenient chrome finish dial for a selective cleaning mode and water pressure. You need to take charge of the knob, and everything else falls into place.


Plastics are rigid but wear away after some time. This wearing may lead to a loose connection which can cause leaks. Brass is a different thing entirely and gives a better result. The Veken Ultra-Slim Bidet eliminates such an occurrence by introducing an inlet made of high-quality brass for a water-tight and long-lasting connection.


Most of us have had toilet experiences where we ran out of paper. That’s bad, especially when you’re alone and there is no one to assist you in getting it. If you don’t know, you can cure and cease issues like that from arising by using a bidet.

Yes, it doesn’t run you out of luck as long as you’ve got water in your tank. The Veken Ultra-Slim Bidet is the perfect match because it fits firmly on every standard toilet due to its thin layer.


What’s in the pack? One Teflon tape, three toilet seat bumpers, one brass T-adapter, and a 2.13ft steel braided hose. The installation is quick and easy with a well informative installation guide. In the end, you’ll be smiling in the corridor of a freshwater experience. No leaks, no hassle.


  • A brass T-adapter of 7/8 x 7/8 x 3/8 inches was made for a durable connection.
  • The steel braided hose is 3/8 x 3/8 inches in its dimension
  • A 1.95 pound is what this unit weighs.
  • The product itself is dimensioned ‎15.16 x 12.99 x 2.95 inches.


  • It lasts longer, especially in its water-tight connection, no wearing.
  • Comfort awaits you with the use of the product.
  • Installation is free and easy.


  • Made for right-handed individuals.


Question: What tool will I need to install this product?

Answer: A screwdriver is enough; the rest responds to you when you tighten them with your hand but if you doubt, use a wrench.

Question: Does it have a self-cleaning nozzle feature?

Answer: If we were to judge by what the manufacturer says, no, it doesn’t have such a feature. 0n the other hand, take a careful look at how it works. You have water hitting the gate and pouring back on the nozzle, slightly below the gate at low pressure. I think this could take care of some dirt or residual if present.

Question: Can I install it on a round toilet?

Answer: The installation will be smooth if it is a standard toilet.


I’m super excited to share this experience. My connection was leaking after installation. Oops! Shocked you? Don’t panic; I’ll tell you why. I used the Teflon tape to avoid leaks, but it leaked anyway.

I removed the tape and made the connection without it, and the result was satisfying – no more leaks. Now that’s what you should avoid when installing it. Otherwise, you might end it with a bad review. Every other thing was fine, the pressure was excellent, and how the knob answered to me did soothe me. You’re missing if you aren’t using this product.


  • Some bidets are selective, not this one; it fits both one and two-piece toilets.
  • You will have most bidets with a plastic inlet that wears after some time. It is not the same for this unit. A brass-made inlet keeps the connection tightened.
  • Advance technology, no two knobs, and all job is done by a single responsive knob.
  • For fitness, it was made with thin layers, unlike other products.


  • It doesn’t have the self-cleaning nozzle feature like the “Veken Non-electric Bidet.”.
  • A single knob for all its operations, whereas the “Veken Non-electric Bidet” uses two.



  • Ensure you turn off the water supply and flush to empty the tank before connecting the T-adapter.
  • Note if the rubber washer at the top of the t-adapter is intact – if puffed up, turn it so the hose can fit in properly.


At my first use of a bidet, I wanted more to it than paper. But when I used Veken Ultra-Slim Bidet, I wanted no other. The level of satisfaction and functionality made amazement rule that day. I felt very clean, refreshed, and comfortable.

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4. Brondell Bidet – Thin-line Dual Nozzle Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Attachment

best bidet



What makes the difference is its smooth turning control knob. No stepping pressure system. It allows easy adjustment of pressure levels – no preset pressure levels. It makes you feel all in charge.


Interestingly, you don’t need tools to install the Brondell Bidet. All that you need to kick start your bidet is made available. Starting with a metal braided hose and a T-valve with a SafeCore internal valve.


Every manufacturer has a different mindset, but there is one common ground by which they all stand – “a comfortable product experience.” What’s the need to use something that discomforts you? I mean, who will like to keep that on? Indeed, no one!

Freshwater is the key. And just as it sounds, it leaves you all refreshed and clean. Its dual retractable nozzles for rear and front wash bring this to reality. Nevertheless, you will no longer bombard your septic tanks with clogs of toilet paper, and you also get to save the trees.


The product has a thin layer to prevent your toilet seat from gapping. Its slimness is enough to keep your seat well balanced without notice. This feature places it above all other traditional bidets.


  • A weight of 0.6 pounds also makes it very easy to install.
  • Space efficient hence, it 15.4 x 9.15 x 0.2 inches dimension.
  • It has a 7/8 x 7/8 x 3/8 inches metal cold water T-valve.
  • Braided metal hose of 27.5 inches.


  • Tool-free installation.
  • Self-cleaning retractable nozzle with guard.
  • This ergonomic control is stress-free in use.


  • There is a hindrance to the mobility of the nozzle one cannot use the bidet from various angles.


Question: I have no plumber experience; how difficult is installing?

Answer: I’m not sure I faced any problem installing it. If there were, I didn’t notice. The manual guided me perfectly.

Question: Can I install this unit on an elongated toilet?

Answer: Yes, you can, without issue, install it.

Question: what is the length of the hose?

Answer: The hose is 27.5 inches long.


I spent an extra $10 installing this product because I tampered with the T-valve linking to the water supply. I didn’t know that my business only resides at the T-valve bolt directly beneath the water tank. That’s a fair warning to everyone out there. I would have declared the installation process smooth, but for that.

Like a pregnant woman who forgets the pains of labour after a child is born, so was I when I began using my bidet. After many battles, the excitement of seeing it work fine gave me the joy of erasing my moment of trouble. I recommend it but don’t say I didn’t warn you about my mistake.


  • There is no preset pressure like other brands. Easy-going pressure control system.


  • Some other versions are electronic and can dispense warm water



  • Ensure that the T-valve is installed at the Fill Valve – directly beneath the toilet tank and not at the water supply from the wall. See picture.
  • Remember to flush the toilet and turn off the water supply before installation.


Nothing is more desiring than seeing you cut costs yet get a more satisfying result. No toilet paper is needed; the water in your tank is just enough for the deal. It has an easy installation process that requires no tool. Comfortable knob for preferred pressure, all in one package for you.

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5. Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer for Toilet – Handheld Sprayer Kit, Hand Held Bidet, Cloth Diaper Sprayer Set – Easy Installation.

best non electric bidet hand held



You won’t blame a child for messing up the bathroom with toilet papers. Besides, that’s what children can do. But you could introduce a game-changer by installing the Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer. Yeah, that’s correct. Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer changes everything by keeping your bathroom free from being littered.

Furthermore, no poop is permitted to remain when Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer is available. You will feel nothing but refreshment. In the end, you alone will differentiate your experience.


I won’t blame you if you fall among those who would, by the name, think or say that this product is meant to replace toilet paper. That’s normal! However, you could hack through by creating various essential usage for this unit.

How about cloth diapers wash or clean the toilet itself? I’m sure that won’t be a bad idea at all. With its adjustable pressure nozzle, you could create your purpose.


You don’t need to look for a plumber to do this for you; I mean to install it. You need no plumbing experience or tool for it. Did I just hear “no tool?” Of course, not even a wrench is required here. This makes it very simple to install – if confused, follow the instruction, and you will land safely.

That aside, its parts were made to resist rust, proof rigidity, and keep spraying uninterrupted. A brass fitting, rubber washer, and a 304 stainless steel hose and handle were brought together for this achievement.


  • Possessing a lightweight of 1.52 pounds makes it convenient to use.
  • It has a dimension of 2.25 x 1 x 4.5 inches.
  • Forty-eight inches long is the hose of this bidet.
  • The programmed flow rate is 1.8 Gallons per Minute.
  • 80 Pound per Square inch is the maximum pressure this unit can dispense.


  • It is tool-free at installation.
  • Multiple purpose bidet.
  • This product is an excellent tool to keep your bathroom clean and neat.
  • Quick to install – no stress.
  • Easy to use.
  • It can be used from different angles of choice.


  • There is no self-cleaning nozzle feature.


Question: The manufacturer says to turn off the water supply after use. How important is that?

Answer: You should put the T-valve off after use to reduce the constant water pressure on the hose and sprayer.

Question: What is the length of the hose?

Answer: The hose is 4 feet long.

Question: Can I install this product on any toilet connector, and will it work fine?

Answer: There is no problem with that as long as it is a standard toilet connector – 3/8″ x 7/8″.


For years I have hovered the internet looking for bidets to install in my bathroom. All the ones I encountered had the same issue – leaks. I just have to uninstall them because I hate leaks so much.

I didn’t purchase any again until I digested enough reviews about this product that got me thinking of retrying. I took the bold step, though, and guess what – leaks were far from it.

Although I had recently installed a toilet seat bidet, I wasn’t satisfied with it and that it made cleaning difficult for me. I had to keep it aside when I saw the power of Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer. Go for it. Trust me; you won’t regret it.


  • Unlike other brands that have nozzles sticking their heads up and down the guard, and that’s all, this unit can be manoeuvred to different angles and positions of choice for a perfect wash.
  • A push selects the pressure for you, not the turning of knobs like products from other bidet brands.
  • It is easy to clean and can duck into the wall bracket after use.


  • Another version of this product shows the “jet spray” and “soft spray” features, which this unit lacks.
  • It possesses a lower flow rate compared to its predecessors.
  • A much lighter weight does it have than its kind.



  • Please, make sure you always turn off the T-valve after use.
  • Remember to turn off the water supply and empty the toilet’s water tank before installation.


Make flexibility your goal. Choose to let nothing stop your washing after toileting by choosing Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer. Reach out to the front or back for a spotless and refreshing wash, only with Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer.

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6. SAMODRA Non-electric Cold Water Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment with Pressure Controls, Retractable Self-cleaning Dual  Nozzles for Frontal & Rear Wash – Black.

samodra bidet



A dual spray nozzle was made for two different spray modes to ensure everyone is carried along and no party is unattended. A rear cleaning benefits both men and women, and front cleaning focuses the wash on women’s private parts. There is no other control but the Button Design Switch that replaced the knob switch. It makes it simple and fast, switching between patterns.


No hassle because installation is easy. Help the fight against toilet clogs using  SAMODRA Non-electric Cold Water Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment. Its durable components help you reside in the corridors of freshness.

It is a non-electric bidet with upgraded accessories and is compatible with diverse two-piece toilets. Installation is done in minutes with or without (depending on your choice) a plumber’s help.


No extreme pressure. Its finely finished knob allows you to enter and come out of different realms of water pressure. By so, you could discover the pressure that best suit you and is comfortable for you – this enjoyment Is available to both young and old who use this product.


Some people think that a product is backed with a warranty and made from long-lasting materials. No, that’s not always the case. An item can have a reasonable warranty period, but its birth was from inferior materials.

Now, let me give you the gist. Take a look a this: valves with metal or ceramic cores; braided steel hose instead of plastic; T-adapter made of brass; and a sturdy yet durable ABS material. All this combination just exhibits a high-pressure, long-lasting experience that you will forever remember.


In chess, only one piece is meant to be captured for the game to be over, which is the most essential piece. It is the same for this bidet. The most important part is the nozzle, without which we lack the spray we desire.

Destroy the spray, and the bidet is useless, so what do we do?- Protect it! That’s why a movable gate was made as to its refuge. The nozzle easily retracts and takes cover from poop to remain all clean and healthy for use. Meanwhile, its “self-cleaning” works hand-in-hand to sustain clean nozzles.


  • This unit weighs 1.72 pounds.
  • How thick it is matters because it determines if your toilet seat will be fitted or gaped. It has a thickness of 0.19 inches.
  • The hose is 2.46 inches long.


  • Made to last, very durable.
  • A stress-free installation.
  • For stability, it was made thin.
  • It possesses a self-cleaning nozzle feature and guard gate.
  • Safety is the keep – it is safe for your health and promotes hygiene.


  • This unit is recommended for installation only on a standard two-piece toilet.


Question: Can I install it on a round toilet?

Answer: Very well, you can install it on both the round and elongated toilet.

Question: How about a single-piece toilet? Can I install it?

Answer: The instruction says standard two-piece toilet. I’m not sure this will work.

Question: Does it support warm water wash?

Answer: “Coldwater hose,” I don’t think provisions were made for hot or warm water.


I got a bidet because I was tired of using toilet paper, and I thought it hygienic to wash with water rather than clean with toilet paper. Although I didn’t take too many tours around the internet to find one, luck was on my side.

I did find a good one, a perfect substitute for toilet paper. It does the job much better than it. I felt cleaner whenever I used the toilet, which is my point. I have used different bidets, and no other products have given me such satisfaction.


  • Some brands out there support the use of their bidets on one- and standard two-piece toilets. As for this, only the two-piece standard toilet is welcomed.
  • Most bidet brands provide nozzle protection gates, which is good, but sometimes it makes cleaning the nozzle difficult because the gates now stand as barriers. This was considered, and the manufacturers of SAMUDRA Non-electric Cold Water Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment came up with a movable nozzle gate that allows easy deep cleaning.
  • Competing brands possess double or single knobs for water pressure control and pattern switching. It’s different for this unique toilet bidet. Because it is quick and easy to switch to different patterns with buttons instead of knobs.


  • A brother to this product does better – it has both the cold and hot water allowance. It helps you switch between preferred water temperatures at different seasons.



  • Remember to flush the toilet and turn off the water supply before installation.
  • Ensure the rubber is in place before the connection is made.


It was made for no other person but you. Yes, you! With comfort in mind and a great experience as its purpose, the unit offers several diverse benefits, from a comfortable and easy switch to a hygienic and healthier nozzle. It can be used by men and is more beneficial for women (back and front wash).

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7. CLEAR REAR – Easy Bidet Attachment Setup for Toilet Seat, Self Cleaning Nozzle, Non-Electric Fresh Water Sprayer With Adjustable Water Pressure.

best non electric bidet



Uncommon is the double nozzle feature, which makes some manufacturers ask what use it is when one nozzle can do the job. Only those who have profited from walking with both legs, then later, one leg, can describe what it feels to have a single nozzle bidet instead of double.

As a male, you might not need to wash in between your legs at all times except necessary. But females require that wash. A dual nozzle bidet is what can offer such a platform for a clean wash. You get clean both at the back and at the front.


Who else would like to make choices? Have you ever ordered something and wished you could change its settings or reset it? That is how it is with some products; you can change nothing other than using its original settings. 

Move from that tight corner, and allow your desire to become a reality. Use your preference, whichever pressure feels good on you, choose it with a simple turning of the pressure knob, and boom, you’ve created a fresh wash of pure merriment.


No inferiority on display. All materials are made to last, and the nozzles are protected by the gate. It retracts for refuge and protection against human waste.

Furthermore, its self-cleaning advantage gives it an upper hand for the nozzles to prosper without any hindrance during the propulsion of freshwater. 


The older we are, the weaker our muscles. Our old folks might find it difficult and painful to reach their back when they want to clean with toilet paper. But with this unit, such experience is eliminated. Create more comfort and a unique feeling each time they toilet with a bidet like this waiting to welcome them. Indeed, it was made for all, with no discrimination at all.


  • Item weight of 1.96 pounds doesn’t portray anything terrible.
  • Nothing is as good as a dimension of 17.63 x 7.32 x 3.58 inches that suits your toilet seat.
  • A matured hose length of 18 inches is in your possession for perfect reach.


  • Oh, how easy it is to install! It doesn’t take long.
  • It helps reduce the use of toilet paper.
  • Rigidity is not found in its pressure settings – adjustable.
  • There is no need to clean – a self-cleaning feature is available.


  • Installation is on the right side.
  • If you’ve got a single-piece toilet, this is the wrong bidet. If you try installing it on your one-piece toilet, it won’t fit properly – the seat will be gapped. It can only be installed on a standard two-piece toilet.


Question: How long is the host?

Answer: The host is about 18 inches long.

Question: What distance do the control settings reach away from the toilet seat?

Answer: The control settings are 4.5 inches from the toilet seat.

Question: Is it easy to clean?

Answer: Of course, it sparkles again with your regular toilet cleaner.


Maybe some people found this product easy to install, but I didn’t. I was already sweating by the time I was done.

I travelled to the hardware store more than I wanted because one, my bolt was too short to be tightened, and two, I didn’t have the right size of the supply tube. It would have been more helpful if announced in the instruction manual.

The manual was easy to follow, and I felt proud once I completed the installation. It reminds me of pregnant women that draw joy from their born child, forgetting what they went through during labour.


  • This is a one-way product with no hot water connections, only cold water.
  • Other brands of a bidet possess a single nozzle for operation. This unit has two for proper feminine hygienic wash – back and front.


  • The warm temperature control setting that dominates the “Grand Duke,” another version of bidet from the same brand, is lacking in this unit.



  • Never begin installation without turning off the water supply and emptying the toilet tank.
  • Be sure that all attachments are correctly tightened to avoid leaks.


Everybody deserves a better experience. One shouldn’t be favoured over the other, and that’s why this product exists. No one is restricted from using CLEAR REAR BIDET ATTACHMENT from male to female, old to young.

An excellent feminine wash, front and back, comfort for the old – no stretching to wipe back with toilet paper. And a suiting cleansing for the young. Get your own CLEAR REAR BIDET ATTACHMENT today and live to forever remember the experience for good.

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8. Arfa Handheld Bidet Sprayer for Toilet – Adjustable Water Pressure Control with Bidet Hose for Feminine Wash – Stainless Steel Brushed Nickel for Multiple uses.

handheld bidet



When ladies encounter their monthly cycle, washing is always the best option, but this can’t be done with toilet paper. In fact, how much cleaning with paper would be satisfactory? Installing a bidet like Arofa Handheld Bidet Sprayer can go a long in keeping you healthy.

It is perfect for (pregnant) women and good for them during menstrual periods. The flexibility of this bidet allows motioning it wherever you like to clean yourself with its extraordinary pressure.

However, it doesn’t end there. It can be used for various purposes. Cloth diapers wash; toilet sprayer washer; pet or baby bathing or flowers sprayer. Think of what you can use pressurized water for, and there you go, it will do just that.


As for the installation process, it’s the simplest. Once done, you can hang it on the wall with the wall bracket or your toilet tank, depending on your choice. This saves you the expense of space.


Do not get interrupted by defects from inferior parts? Use Arofa Handheld Bidet Sprayer, one that offers quality like no other. Its premium parts keep refreshment at its peak. Anti-corrosion and rustproofing make maintenance easy and usage enjoyable.

Each component of this unit is health-friendly and long-lasting. A brass valve, 304 stainless steel hose, and bidet nozzle, all for the business of durability.


The gentle and jet spray makes it easy for multiple uses – conveniently controlling the pressure you desire. The soft press mode is best for a feminine wash, pet, or baby bath, and the jet spray helps with toilet cleaning, floor, baby cloth diapers, and carpet or wash.


  • No electricity is required.
  • It weighs 1.5 pounds – easy to use.
  • The powerful hose says 47 inches long.
  • Escorted by a 7/8 inches T-valve.


  • Multi-purpose bidet sprayer.
  • Easy manoeuvring.
  • Premium durable quality parts.
  • Space-saving.
  • Easy to install and simple to use.
  • Both right and left-handed individuals can use this product.
  • There is tampering with a toilet seat.
  • Reduces the use of toilet paper or eliminates it.


  • No self-cleaning nozzle feature.
  • It requires you to turn off the water supply when idle.


Question: Where can I hang the bidet hose from my toilet tank?

Answer: This product features two installation methods, one on the toilet’s body and two on the wall. See below. 👇

Question: The T-valve is what size; will it fit my 7/8 inches?

Answer: That’s correct; it will fit any 7/8 standard toilet.

Question: I am left-handed; can I install it on the left side of my toilet?

Answer: There’s no issue with that. You can install it either on your toilet’s right or left side.


My installation was on the wall because that was the way I loved it. It was pretty easy to install and use. Squeezable handle and easy ducking. The pressure levels are okay, and I like that I can change it with little push. My wife loved the smooth flow most, which made her happy. We wish we got this earlier; nevertheless, here we are. Kudos to the makers.


  • It doesn’t force itself to be positioned at a particular place or angle like other traditional bidets.
  • The hose’s easy manoeuvring ( easy to use) helps to leave no part of the body unclean. This feature is lacking in other bidets.
  • All parts are steel or brass, unlike other plastic breakable bidet materials.


  • No other or previous versions found – new brand.



  • Never leave the water supply on when not in use.
  • Before installing, ensure you have emptied the water tank and turned off the water supply.
  • When connecting, check if the rubber washer is in place.


Every woman deserves an equal cleaning as a man, both front and back. Let nothing trouble you anymore. Install the Arofa Handheld Bidet Sprayer and get a refreshing toilet experience. However, maximize its use for other functional purposes.

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Everyone has reasons for opting for a particular product. But until you’re sure what feature(s) you want, you might never know what product is best for you. Indeed, some things determine what unit to go for; otherwise, there are slim cases where any product can is good enough.


Most bidets these days are used hand-free. Isn’t it evident that it doesn’t suit some people? What do you do when you wish to manoeuvre your bidet in different directions or angles? Now you see? You will get stuck with the seat-installed bidet. Whereas this impossibility is possible with the handheld bidet.

Nevertheless, if you’ve got an aged one in your family, you will want to give them the best experience. Some old folks find it challenging to sustain things held in the air. In that case, the handheld bidet might not be the best to be installed.

However, count your blessings, carry your cross and choose which bidet depending on your situation or choice (as the case may be because some people might not have a problem to deal with, only choices), and opt for the bidet that you need not want.


As parents, we have to consider our children when making decisions sometimes. Because if we buy something fragile, it can become useless in seconds.

Most seat-installed bidets are made of plastic material; they might be sturdy. But what happens when your lovely son or daughter toys with it? Perhaps seat or beats on it?

If care is not taken, the handle of the control settings can get damaged or break away. Now that’s not a piece of good news! How about the bidet made of steal? I think they are the best for situations like that.

So, steel or plastic? I’m sure you can answer that now.


As a man, almost everything works in your favour (that indeed is a fallacy).

In essence, I’m trying to say that opting for a bidet with a single nozzle does men good, even the double nozzle. But most dual nozzle bidets are precisely for the feminine wash. Therefore, as a female, the best option will be the double nozzle bidet, or perhaps, just go for the steal hose handheld bidet; it takes care of everything (only a few single nozzle bidets can handle a rear and front wash).

Another thing you should note about dual nozzle bidets is that not all of them exhibit the self-cleaning nozzle feature. Check out such a feature if that’s what you’re looking for.

One more thing about the dual nozzle bidet. It is in most cases protected by a gate, and not all gates are movable. Most of them are immovable. What then happens when deep cleaning comes? When you wish to give the nozzle thorough cleaning. You get stocked with difficulty because if the nozzle isn’t movable, you will have a problem with easy and proper cleaning.

Therefore, it is essential to consider these things before making a move.


Why do I need a bidet convertor kit when I still use toilet paper to wipe the water off my butt? Some people might say to probably, be safe and reduce the use of toilet paper clogs in septic tanks.

Simply introduce a reusable toilet towel. I am sure this is not something new, but just in case it appears new to you, no problem.

If you ever walk into a (public or private) toilet and meet a short towel hanging low or high close to the toilet, don’t mistake using it as a hand towel. Oops! Surprise, right? It’s not a hand towel, but for patting yourself dry if you ever use the bidet.

However, the feeling isn’t the same – toilet paper and bidet. You feel all clean and fresh when you use a bidet than toilet paper. You also save expenses and help the trees when you stop or reduce toilet paper use.

Meanwhile, do not forget to weigh your options before choosing a bidet. I wish you all the best in your individual choices. Kudos!

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