How to Fix a Slow Draining Bathtub? 4 Methods

How to Fix a Slow Draining Bathtub?

Reading Time: 6 minutes A quick bathtub needs more effort to maintain cleanliness and may result in morning shower conflicts. A slow drain might throw up your daily schedule if you share a bathtub, making it more difficult for everyone to have a shower before leaving the house. Aggregated water is also a fertile ground for a variety of … Read more

How to Tile Around a Bathtub? – Complete Guide

How to Tile Around a Bathtub

Reading Time: 6 minutes Tiled walls are used in the vast majority of bathrooms because they can endure humidity and water splashes while also being easy to clean. Tile is frequently used as a decorative backdrop around fitted baths when tiling around a bath is kept to a minimum. Some decorative baths are detachable, in which case the bathroom … Read more

How to Remove a Bathtub without Damaging Tiles

How to Remove a Bathtub without Damaging Tiles-min

Reading Time: 8 minutes Remove Bathtub Without Damaging Surroundings Removing bathtub tile, especially one made of cast iron bathtubs, can be a dirty job. A cast-iron bathtub with such an overhanging front stands back on the ground, with tile backsplash leaving the entire and side corners. That both tub and the tiles must be removed in order to repair … Read more