How To Make Bath Bombs (At Home)

how to make bath bombs at home

(Rejuvenation doesn’t just happen; you make it happen. Do not let the cost of bath bombs deprive you of the refreshment you deserve. Let’s teach you how to make your own bath bombs perfect for you.)

In a world where stress is inevitable, the body needs the same, if not more, energy to feel alive every day. Everyone wishes to nourish their body, but life has placed some people above their equals while others struggle to get to the top. A bath bomb isn’t expensive, but if you sum up how much you’ve spent on bath bombs per month, you’ll realize it’s on the high side. What then?

You can make yours and save the cost. As lovely as it might sound, it can get boring when you don’t create fun out of it. Besides, nothing is interesting except you have fun doing it.

It’s a plus for you if you have kids. You can coach them while they get their hands busy with different ingredients as preferred by their instincts. You will realize how amazing kids are, and who knows if you might find out that your kids made a bath bomb that makes you end up begging for more?

Are you ready to increase laughter and fun at home, or do you just want to ease the expenses or surprise your friends with the bath bombs you made yourself? Read on to bring all curiosity to perfect rest.


what are bath bombs

Bath bombs are spherical, circled, triangle, or whichever shape of mainly, extracted fragrance and oil that produces effervescence when they embrace water. They are called bath bombs because they fizzle more like a bomb when they contact water.


Human beings have different choices. If I say it cost me a dollar to make my own bath bombs, another person might say it cost more or maybe less. Well, that’s life for you, but on a general ground, it doesn’t cost much to make your bath bombs yourself compare to purchasing them. Besides, the more ingredients you buy, the lesser the amount you pay, and you can also retain the remains if you have any at the end.

So say, the cost of making your own bath bombs might depend on you. Basically, the ingredients needed are small, but one can go the extra mile to add more beauty, increasing cost.

Therefore, the cost will vary based on how many ingredients you add or subtract.


Practically, almost all bath bombs are made alike, except you wish to take some steps forward. The main ingredient in a bath bomb is citric acid. Although others are essential, the presence of the acid and baking soda in water gives the pops or bubbles you see, releasing a sweet aroma according to your fragrance.

Here are what you need to make your own bath bomb.

  • Baking soda – 1-cup will do.
  • Citric acid – 1/2 cup of this acid will do.
  • Epsom salt – 1/2 cup.
  • Cornstarch –1/2 cup
  • Water – 3/4 teaspoon
  • Essential oil – 2 teaspoon
  • Oil – 2 teaspoons (coconut, sweet almond, or olive oil can do the job).
  • Food coloring – 4-6 drops


  • Mica powder
  • Flower petals, Orange peel, lavender, or rose petals


  • Bowl
  • Whisk
  • Your preferred shape(s) of molds
  • Measuring spoons and cups


The process of making bath bombs at home is simple and stress-free. There are two different types of matter which constitute your bath bombs – liquid and solid/dry matter. The liquids are oil, food coloring, essential oil, and water. While the dry matters are; baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch (Mica powder, flower petals,) and Epsom salt.

Measure your ingredients and pour them into a bowl; start with the solids/dry ones. You can use your hand to mix if you don’t have a whisk. Mix all solids properly (you can choose to add a smile and a good imagination if you don’t mind).

Pour all measured liquids in a different container, shake or mix thoroughly. Decisions are significant; please tell your kids this. And at this point, you get to determine your experience, from what color to expect to how sweet you want your bath bombs to smell; this is when you decide that.

Then gently (with a grin this time around) add the well-mixed liquid to the prepared solids and mix effortlessly. Do not pour in all the liquid instantly. Make sure you pour it little by little, accompanied by a stir. The result should have the same texture as the sand on a beach if you do it well.

Immediately, start molding your bath bombs into your preferred shapes. Make sure you press them tightly in your mold. Once this is done, take them out of the molds and allow them to dry.

These bath bombs you just made are still tender, and they need pampering and proper storage. What are the ways you can help them stay alive?


Because bath bombs are used in bathtubs, storing them in my bathroom will be wise.

storing bath bombs

Hmm! You will be making an error if you store your bath bombs in your bathroom. The exciting part about bath bombs is their ability to be fizzy, and they do this when they shake hands with water.

Storing them in your bathroom means crippling them. Bathrooms are always filled with moisture from steamed or cold water, forming droplets of water when settled. If your bath bombs live in the same room with this moisture, they might end up exhausting their excitement or fizziness before the main time due to interaction with water.

Avoid exposing your bath bombs to moisturized environments to keep their ecstasy intact. Do not store them in your bathroom. Use airtight containers or cellophane bags to store them; otherwise, you might miss the fun part of them.

Here comes the unique part, now that you’ve successfully made your own bath bombs or your children had the pleasure, pat yourself at the back and get ready to enjoy your bath bombs. We’ll be showing you how you can maximize this enjoyment.


There is no specific way to use your bath bombs, but some ways are better.

How do you use your bath bombs?

Do you drop it in before opening the faucet to fill the bathtub?

Probably, you fill it halfway, drop the bath bomb and fill it again?

Whichever way you choose to use your bath bomb is acceptable, but there’s a more excellent way to use it if you genuinely want to see the magic that comes with it.


Open your faucet and fill your bathtub with what?

Come on, don’t overthink; I was just kidding. What else do you expect to come out of your faucet? Water, of course, except you poured something else in your water tank.

After filling, drop a piece of your bath bomb in it, take one, two (make sure it is two) steps backward with high expectations, and watch with your eyes open but try to close your mouth as you see its magic unfolds. Trust me, you won’t like what you see, but you will love it, especially when you follow these steps. ☺️


Another way to increase your joy with bath bombs is to use them in warm water. Although, preference may differ from lukewarm to warm or steamy water. Don’t place yourself in a corner; use whichever temperature you prefer but let me tell you, the warmer the water in your tub, the more magical it gets. Some ingredients used for your bath bombs dissolve better with warm water, which might add to the fun if it is present. Moreover, just make sure the water temperature is safe for your skin.


If you’ve followed our gist (that’s what I choose to call it) very well, you’ll notice that the practical ran smoothly, but what makes intelligent people different is their capacity to think outside the box.

Our bath bombs are known to rejuvenate, but shall we leave it at that? Taking a step forward won’t hurt; it will only leave you with a better and brighter excitement.


Have you ever wondered if the saying that bathing rejuvenates your body is true? Maybe because you woke from the wrong side of your bed, or was it because you didn’t do it well? Let’s come to terms, that bath bombs contribute to liveliness, but if you do not take time to create for yourself the aura you desire, who knows what that might lead to?

Do you want a bright morning or to envelope yourself in the brightness of the day? Whatever you want, create it in your imagination while you soak yourself in the presence of your self-made bath bomb.


Dermatologists will tell you that peoples’ skin differs and that different products react differently on various skin.

flower petals bath bombs

If you fall under the class of people whose skin is sensitive to chemicals, then easing the tension on your skin can help you stay in the realm of the ecstasy that comes with bath bombs. You can use lavender, eucalyptus, or rose for this purpose. Allergies cannot be left out in this game of fun.


Spending time in a bath bomb alone might be boring, but many things can help. Before you jump in, get things right. A bottle of champagne or soft whine can help you stay alive. Maybe a good book or short movie can keep you company. Whatever you feel will add more fun is okay to invite. I’ll be waiting to hear you say you enjoyed it.

bathtub table


Bath bombs do not only add fun to bathing; they help rejuvenate your body, leaving you all refreshed and ready for the night’s sleep.

Meanwhile, it is not just making or using bath bombs that matter; questions relating to them can go a long way if answered correctly.

We’ll be revealing answers to questions that have long been a burden to some of us or maybe to a friend. Feel free to share the link with your friends. It can ease a soul.

Do you shower after a bath bomb?

Bath bombs contain products that aid your skin nourishment. It is, therefore, unnecessary to shower after a bath bomb. Meanwhile, if you sense any irritation due to added petals, essentials, or fragrances, it might be necessary to take a shower. Ensure you don’t use much soap while showering to leave some of the benefits of bath bombs. 

Can I replace my soap with bath bombs?

Bath bombs do fizzle, and they also birth bubbles, but competing with or replacing your bathing soap with them is a loss for them. They are meant to add magical aroma(s) and brilliance to your bathing for skin soothing. Even though they contain essential oil, fragrance, and form lather, they cannot in any way stand up to bathing soaps.

How long can I bathe in my bath bomb?

Many of us spend time rejuvenating in the care of a warm bath escorted by a bath bomb with a sweet fragrance. But come to understand it, is that a good idea?

Bath bombs are great for refreshing and essential for your skin, but how long can one stay under its care?

Just like bathing, as long as you still enjoy your stay in it, there’s no problem with that, no matter how long you stay.

What are the dangers of bath bombs?

Expect irritation for those with sensitive skin. The ingredients that bath bombs are made of might cause an adverse reaction to your skin. This irritation can lead to the surface of rashes or itchy skin, but this depends on your skin’s response.

Apart from the effect that bath bombs might cause on your skin, it doesn’t matter whether or not you have sensitive skin; its effect on a woman’s vagina PH balance might be alarming. It might rarely result in irritation or even infection.


Wherever life places you, you can always make the best out of it. Be it mental or physical stress, a good refreshment while you rejuvenate under the shadow of a bath bomb can be satisfying. Brilliant enough is the idea of making your bath bomb yourself or with the help of your children, saving cost and revealing the true nature of the heart. Be it yours or that of your children. Ensure you add brighter smiles in the process, and when it’s time to enjoy the works of your hand, set the atmosphere right and relax.

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