Best Heated Toilet Seats 2022 – Temperature Controlled Bidets

Heated toilet seats are the best invention in today’s era. They don’t only act as a game-changer but also add comfort to the user’s life. Especially in winters, heated toilet seats are necessary because one won’t want to sit on the cold seats. So, to make life convenient these commode seats have been invented. They give a relaxing impact on the user’s muscles and increase blood flow.

Never feel bad about updating your old toilet seat with the new heated one. These seats are much recommended for those areas where there is heavy snowfall and winters for a more extended period. So, people living in such countries/regions must benefit themselves by purchasing this life-changing invention and getting it installed in their toilets. Also, they can be a good value for money.

  • Adjustable Temperature Setting
  • Easy Install
  • Neon Light for Night
  • STA-TITE system
  • Built-In Air Freshener
  • Energy-Saving Operation
  • Non-Slamming Soft Close Lid
  • Wide Color & Size Options
  • In-Bowl LED Illumination
  • One Year Brand Warranty

Best Heated Toilet Seats & Temperature Controlled Bidets Reviews

Brondell LumaWarm Heated Round Toilet Seat

The Brondell, raised in St. Francisco, comes up with good quality and unique inventions, using the high-end components in their products. The toilet seat that they have invented has many great features as it fulfills the demand of the hour. These heated commode seats are made of good-quality plastic.

Moreover, they are round in shape, white, and have an illuminating blue led light for night use. This way, the person won’t have to look for the washroom’s light switch button with eyes closed in the middle of the night. The blue light allows the user to comfortably reach the toilet and use it.

In addition to this, these heated seats are designed for people living in areas where there is heavy snowfall and winter stays for a prolonged time. This way, such seats bring comfort to the user, letting the user replace them with the old toilet seats, and one will not have to sit on the chilly, freezing seats at night.

These warm toilet seats are very relaxing and welcoming. They are very easy to install and have a quiet, soft closing lid that does not create disturbing noise and ends up closing slowly. Also, such toilet seats have temperature settings i-e, off, low, medium, and high, and they act as game changers wherever installed.

The Led light that comes with this toilet seat has a power on and off button, too which allows the user to use it as needed. So, what are you thinking about? Remove your toilet seat with LumaWarm and enjoy. Also, there is no requirement for a plumber for the installation of seats.

What did we like?

  • Easy to install
  • No need for a plumber; only a screwdriver is needed to install it.
  • It has a blue light that serves as a night light.
  • These bidet toilet seats are user-friendly.
  • Very pocket-friendly.
  • They have a slow-closing lid.

What did we not like?

  • The seat closes once the user gets off the toilet. So, it may cause trouble for men while peeing.
  • These heated seats consume less electricity, and when turned off, they take around 15 minutes to warm up.

This heated flush seat by Brondell comes with many amazing features. It is very pocket-friendly and can be installed easily. Moreover, it gives a comforting and relaxing effect to the user. The LED light installed in it allows the user to be used at night. All these capabilities make it a perfect product to buy.

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Bemis Radiance Plastic Toilet Seat

The Bemis Radiance is a well-known company that always comes up with astonishing innovations. They design their products in such a way that they bring comfort to the houses or areas where installed. Their products are unique and convenient to use. Using a toilet seat with too many features and buttons may cause trouble for you.

But, if you’re looking for a toilet seat that has limited features and is easy to use with fewer buttons, then you have come to the right place. Bemis offers the best-heated toilet seat with a pocket-friendly budget. These seats come in white color and have an elongated shape. Just like Brondell, their product also comes with an LED light.

Furthermore, these seats can be installed in the toilet of any company whether it is Kohler, American Standard, Toto, or any other. And with their STA-TITE technology system, the heated seat will come tight and will never loosen easily. They have an in-built amazing power connection and are very stable to use. 

In addition to this, they have multipurpose settings with three temperature settings. The settings come with a button that allows the user to set the temperature accordingly. It also can add a feel of luxury to your toiletry. However, do not miss the chance and grab this beauty before it’s too late. Spend your money here instead of anywhere else.

So, all these unique and staggering features make it an amazing product, and that’s why its name is added to the list of Best Heated Seats. This product is a go-to product for people living in cold areas.

What did we like?

  • Convenient to install
  • Highly adjustable temperature setting
  • They have toilet seats with lights
  • Quietly functioning seat
  • STA-TITE system
  • Highly durable
  • Budget-friendly pick
  • No need to call a plumber; only a wrench is needed to install it.
  • Limited features as compared to other hot toilet seats.

What did we not like?

  • There is no energy-saving mode.
  • The cord is too short to use for homeowners.
  • This product does not restart automatically but manually.
  • And if one forgets to turn off the LED light at day time, then there will be trouble in locating the switch at night.

This product by Bemis Radiance is a complete package that offers all the features within a friendly budget. It adds a luxury touch with its high-end properties. This is made of good quality plastic and can be fitted to any toilet either it be of any company. So, grab this product without wasting time.

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SmartBidet Electronic Heated Toilet Seat

The company, Smart Bidet always comes up with amazingly designed products having outclassed features. This product has many good properties but one thing that makes it different from others is that it comes with remote control and is considered to be highly user-friendly because it is very easy to use and maintain.

However, there are many other things about it, such as it has an adjustable 5 water pressure setting and up to 3 temperature settings. So that a person can easily do the settings accordingly. In addition to this, it also comes with a nozzle with its position to be adjusted the way a user wants to. It also has an in-built energy-saving mode.

This multi-functional heated toilet seat has an in-built bidet with a dryer, a water warmer that eliminates the need for toilet paper. Moreover, it has a soft closing seat which prevents the seat from any damage because the slamming seats leave cracks on the surface of the seat. This product can be a budget-friendly pick too.

Moreover, the nozzle that comes with it has several functionalities such as, towards the front, a lady’s cleaning spray is installed, and the rear mode is designed for backside cleaning, while at the same time the turbo setting offers the most powerful water pressure. And the cherry on top, after every use, the nozzle goes into self-cleaning mode.

Furthermore, the product has a sturdy interior and an exterior. Whoever used this product fell in love with it because it offers durability.

What did we like?

  • It comes with a remote control
  • Self-cleaning nozzle
  • Built-in water pressure and temperature settings up to different levels
  • Made of good quality plastic
  • Has a sturdy and soft closing seat.
  • Control panel and a warm air dryer
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to use
  • Pocket-friendly

What did we not like?

  • In case you lose the remote, then you won’t be able to use the seat. So there comes that.
  • Other than that, it can be a good purchase.
  • However, a spare battery will be needed to use when the current one’s life comes to an end.
  • The power cord is a bit short
  • The water temperature is missed out at times.

Smart Bidet Electronics come with outstanding products, and this one is a go-to pick for those who are looking for the features offered by this product. It has many unique properties, and on the top, remote control adds an extra advantage to its use. So, go through the above details and treat yourself to this high-end product.

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Toto Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat with PreMist

Toto never leaves a chance to impress the audience with its top-notch inventions. However, this time Toto comes with amazing hot toilet seats that offer a full package to the user. Their products are highly long-lasting and have a good tenure warranty so that there’s no worry about the product’s replacement. This one can be your best-heated toilet seat with a bidet.

Moreover, this product is very easy to install as it comes with all the types of equipment and hardware needed to install. Toto heated toilet seats come with an auto energy saver which helps in the less consumption of electricity. Moreover, a soft closing lid is also included. And the heated seat is made to keep the toilet bowl clean and keep you healthy.

These heated commode seats have a built-in air deodorizer and what it does is that it prevents the bad smell from spreading and keeps it with the help of a carbon filter which neutralizes the air and keeps it fresh and clean. In addition to this, it has a fan installed in it which allows the better flow of air and can be turned on and off as needed.

Furthermore, this toilet seat comes in two shades, i-e, beige cotton, and snow white. These shades look beautiful with every toilet’s color and can add extra elegance to them. One can also use these colors in contrast, such as a white toilet with a beige cotton seat and a snow-white seat with a toilet of any color. That can be a good combo!

What did we like?

  • An in-built air freshener
  • Performs fast flushing and an efficient self-cleaning
  • No slamming seat and has a soft closing lid 
  • It is highly durable 
  • Adjustable water pressure and temperature
  • With the help of an auto energy saver, this product consumes less electricity.
  • Budget-friendly

What did we not like?

  • This toilet seat is very loud and noisy when performing the spray functioning.
  • The services of a plumber will be needed to install it.
  • The control panel is present on the side, which may be difficult to reach while using the seat.

The Toto bidet toilet seats are very comfy and easy to use. They do not only provide comfort to the user but also ensure fast cleanliness and guarantee proper clean hygiene. Also, they keep the environment fresh and clean and are very pocket-friendly.

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Bio Bidet Ultimate Bidet Heated Seat, Dual Nozzle

These heated toilet seats come in both round and elongated shapes. They provide a comfy and relaxing effect. They have equipped with unique properties. Also, they perform efficient cleaning and also perform self-cleaning after every use. The control panel fixed on the side allows the user to set up the temperature and water pressure accordingly.

Moreover, this toilet seat has a smooth, tight, and soft closing seat, so it works quietly without any hassle. There come two nozzles with the seat allowing the user to set the jet pressure as needed. The nozzles offer different modes and jet pressures. You can easily select between the child, massage, spray, or aerated mode.

In addition to this, it also gives access to front and rear cleaning necessary for both males and females. The product comes in the same white color just like the other seats. However, such seats can be attached to the toilet of any company whether it is Kohler or Toto, etc. 

There also comes an electric cord with it which is 4 feet long and is attached to the central rear of the seat and there is no need for an extension to use. There is an in-built heat system too that offers the proper regulation of temperature according to the need of the user. But it depends upon the user how he/she uses that feature.

There are many more things to be mentioned too. Such as, it keeps the air fresh and healthy, performs fast cleaning after every use. In fact, this product serves as an all-rounder offering all the things one wishes for.

What did we like?

  • Easy to install
  • Dual nozzles
  • Performs efficient cleaning, leaving behind no residues.
  • This is a no-slam seat.
  • Easy to use an electric cord
  • Adjustable temperature and water pressure.
  • Made with high-quality plastic and is durable.
  • Easy on pocket

What did we not like?

  • The filter placed between the water tank has to be replaced frequently. So, that is a point to ponder on!

This modern toilet seat is a great product that offers perfect cleaning, efficient functionality, and unique features. This toilet seat is an all-rounder offering every feature one wishes for and is easy on the pocket too. So, instead of wasting any time, go and get the product before it is too late. Happy Seating! 

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Toastie Tush Toilet Seat Warmer

Our recommendation for the hot toilet seat and for the great value of money is the Toastie Tush Toilet Seat Warmer. This type fits over your existing lid and keeps your seat warm when closed. So when you sit on your throne on a freezing winter night, you will be blessed with the soothing warmth that it provides.

This warmer is made of a waterproof, moisture-resistant, and easy-to-clean material. The material is really sturdy and of premium quality. Now you can save plenty of time chilling in your lounge without spending hours cleaning your restrooms. It is pretty light, weighing in little under a pound. Thus mounting it will not be a big task to accomplish.

The Toastie Tush Toilet Seat Warmer’s sole significant flaw is that it does not fit all toilet seats. So before getting your hands on it, you will need to be well assured of the type of toilet seat you have. Also, you will need to teach your children to keep the toilet seat down if you have them.

The Toastie Tush is indeed a cost-effective method to improve a daily necessity. You are not going to serve many dollars on this amazing product. The seat below is gently warmed by a simple pad that fits over your existing equipment. This warm pad is going to give warmth to your muscles while you sit on it.

But you all should keep in mind that everyone will have to remember to put the lid down after each visit. This is because the cover does not get closed by itself that ultimately will not warm your toilet. If we talk about its installation procedure, then it is way easy to install. No less than a DIY project. It comes with all hardware for the installation system.

What did we like?

  • Attaches to a toilet seat lid that already exists.
  • Light in weight
  • Waterproof ability
  • Cleaning is a piece of cake.
  • 3 temperature modes

What did we not like?

  • Does not goes with all seats.

The overall product is amazing and best for people who love living under budget. The finishing and design look premium and upon functionality, it is a sustainer! It gives you extra opportunities to save money and time. So, what else should you be looking for? Grab this product now.

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KOHLER K-10349-0 PureWarmth Heated Seat

When it comes to bathroom fixtures, the name Kohler is one that most people are familiar with. They have manufactured many of the best-dealt toilet fixtures from corner ones to rounded and from manually operated to automatic. The Kohler heated toilet seat bidet meets expectations of quality and innovation. Their attractive designs are always well equipped with desired quality.

This Kohler has all of the features you can imagine. It includes three heating settings. Also comes with a lid that closes slowly, and twin LED lighting. This dual LED light serves you both ways. One at the time when the lid is open. While other at the time of lid being closed. When the lid is down, it provides a guiding light, and when the lid is removed, it provides task light.

It also includes features that most of its competitors lack. A hidden power cord, Quick-release hinges for easy cleaning, and the option to utilize the free KOHLER PureWarmth app to modify the seat’s warmth, lighting brightness/color to your daily schedule are just a few of the features. To alter seat warmth and illumination brightness to your daily schedule, use the Kohler purewarmth app.

It is quiet when in operation. The seat is held in place by rubber grippers and does not slide around like many other types.

What did we like?

  • 3 different temperature settings
  • Slowly close the lid.
  • Installation is simple.
  • When the lid is down, there is dual LED illumination, and when the lid is lifted, there is dual LED lighting.
  • During installation, you can move the seat forward or backward for a better fit.
  • Both elongated and round toilets are available.
  • It is available in two colors: white and biscuit.
  • 60-inch extension cord
  • Limited warranty of one year

What did we not like?

  • The optional Bluetooth app to adjust features may scare or be difficult to use for people who are not “techies.”

The PureWarmth heated toilet seat with an LED nightlight will provide you with warm, wonderful comfort. You may modify the seat’s heat level and lighting color/brightness with PureWarmth. The PureWarmth app can be downloaded for much more options, or you can use the pushbutton panel at the ba of the seat to manage the settings.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying Heated Bidet: Buyer’s Guide

Here are a few of the factors that must be considered before buying a cutting-edge warming toilet seat for your home.


The hot toilet seat’s shape is perhaps one of the two most crucial features to look for. Toilets are available in two different shapes: round and elongated. As a result, knowing the structure of your toilet is significant. Also, acknowledging the seat size according to your buttocks is necessary. You should also need to be sure about your current toilet fixture.

Older toilets have mostly rounded bowls.

Your home’s toilet might be spacious or may lack space. That is why you will have to look for the geometry and size of your washroom first. If you are a person who likes wide-open spaces. Then we will recommend you to choose these commode seats reviewed above. You may easily determine which heated toilet seats are available in the shape you wish to get.


Colors are the second biggest notable consideration while purchasing a heated toilet seat. The color of your new heated toilet seat should be the same as the color of your toilet. Thankfully, the majority of toilets are white, which is convenient because almost every heated toilet seat is white.

But just in case your toilet color does not go with white then you can choose another toilet seat with different colors. You will need to figure out which toilet seats are available in that shade. A person loving colors will love to play with colors. Thus contrasting colors may lead the aesthetics of your washroom to another level.

We also have reviewed the best corner toilets that save space for you. You may check them out for colors.

Built material

Toilet seats are made of various materials. That includes wood, soft plastic, and hard plastic. These modern toilet seats (with or without bidets) are, on the other hand, usually composed of hard plastic. We advise you to look for material having antimicrobial properties. This feature will indeed disinfect your toilet seat.

As well as materials used in heated toilet seats should be hard enough to touch and bear hostile setups.

Temperature regulator

Another characteristic to look for is the ability to regulate the temperature. Typically, the units have three temperature settings, ranging from low to hot; however, some expensive toilet seats and complex ones may have even more. These three basic temperatures, on the other hand, would suffice. Diversity in temperature setting will be a great option to get the exact warmth that you want.

Ease in cleaning

Hard plastic toilet seats are normally easy to maintain to start with. But certain settings go above and beyond to facilitate you in keeping things clean. Nobody loves to spend extra time doing straining muscle in cleaning. Some types will have quick-release seats that may be removed quickly for easy cleaning.

Other models go a step further, using antibacterial materials to help keep things clean and prevent nasty bacterial formation.

Type Of Mount

This could be another factor to bring into consideration. However, there is no general rule for what type of mounting system applies to what toilet. You can simply go for the bolt and nut system the way you desire. Also, if you want to have some advanced toilet adjustments then any of the above can be your best pick.

Water and air streams

Consider what kind of cleansing and the toilet seats that clean you want. If you are digging for more than simply a toilet seat with heating capabilities. Aerated wash sprays, water pressure adjustments, and preset functionality that cleans up the toilet before and after each visit to keep it nice and clean are all common features of modern versions.


If you do not want to be stumbling around the dark bathroom in the midst of the winter night but do not wish to switch on all the lights, a self-warming toilet seat with a nightlight can be a great option. Some models include a nightlight, while others do not. Adding a heated toilet seat and a nightlight to your bathroom does not add much to the cost.

Many of the models come to you with the dual LED light function. When the lid is down, it provides a guiding light, and when the lid is removed, it provides task light. Moreover, It also increases the beauty of your toilet giving it a dramatic look.

Smooth Closing

Almost all decent models will have a soft, non-slamming closing mechanism. All of the models in our TOP list include a soft closing mechanism. As we all know, those harsh hits on your toilet bowl can sound literally bad to your ears. Furthermore, some of the models have got rubber attached to their lids that help to avoid those hard noisy slams on the seat.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a bidet toilet seat work?

It is critical to understand the many types of bidets and the distinctions between them in order to determine which one is ideal for you. It is also incredibly important to understand how a bidet toilet seat works. How will you know if it is something you will enjoy and profit from if you do not have this information? Bidet seats are pricey, luxurious, and well-designed.

However, how does a bidet seat function? A wand or rod (sometimes numerous) with a diameter a bit thicker than a pencil or pen is found on most bidet toilet seats. When not in use, this wand is usually stored within the bidet seat, and it frequently includes a self-cleaning mechanism that runs after each usage.

The nozzles are integrated into the bidet toilet seat wands. To deliver the wash or cleanse, the wands spray water through these nozzles. Many bidet toilet seats in the market come with numerous nozzles, each of which is designed to spray water up in a particular way to improve the efficacy of various washing settings.

2. Where can I buy a heated toilet seat?

You can find a number of great models of heated toilet seats both online and in physical stores. They are the perfect option for making changes to your home. This beautiful toilet seat fills your bathroom with warmth, light, and silence. Get your hands on any of the above-listed models we reviewed.

3. How to add a bidet to a standard toilet?

There is no need to engage a professional to install your bidet toilet seat if you are not comfortable with plumbing. All you will need to be is an adjustable wrench, a screwdriver, a towel and a bucket, and a bidet toilet seat.

  • Remove the old toilet seat: To unfasten the nuts keeping them in position, you might have to reach below the toilet. Certain toilet seat mounting bolts are integrated within the seat and do not need the removal of the “top.” Flip the seat off once the nuts and bolts have been removed. To make room for your newest bidet seat, clean the rim.
  • Turn off your toilet’s water supply: Look behind your toilet, near to the floor, for the toilet shut-off valve. A supply hose must be connected to a water supply pipe on the wall from the bottom of your toilet tank. This is the shut-off valve for your toilet. Turn the shut-off valve on the toilet clockwise until it stops.
  • Connect the T-Valve to the current supply line for your toilet: A “T-valve” is a T-shaped valve. Because the majority of the components in this phase should be composed of plastic, hand-tightening should suffice. Any metal fittings may be loosened using your tool. Remove the supply pipe from the toilet tank’s bottom.
  • T-bottom connection: There will be a tiny quantity of water, so bring your bucket and towel. Attach the T-valve to the toilet tank’s bottom, where the supplying hose was previously connected. Reconnect the supply hose to the T-bottom. valve’s

Hold on, 2 more steps!

  • The bidet toilet seat should be attached to the toilet: Install the supplied mounting bolts via the bolt holes and tighten the nuts below the rim. These nuts and bolts may be metal rather than plastic, depending on your bidet seat. Utilize your wrench and/or screwdriver if this is the case. Slide the bidet seat towards the rear of the toilet onto the mounting plate until it snaps into place.
  • Connect the water supply to the bidet seat: The water supply hose for your bidet seat will be separate. So, Connect one end of this hose to the T-remaining Valve’s aperture.
  • Connect the other end of the bidet hose to the bidet seat’s side connector. Make sure that all of the hose connections are secure. Now it is time to re-open the shut-off valve you closed previously.

4. How much is a heated toilet seat?

The worth of a heated toilet seat is fully dependent upon the quality, the type of material used, and the company it is manufactured by. They are considered high-end toilet systems so expecting high rates would not be wrong. However, few of the models come in a good deal of money. Also, nobody wants to compromise upon quality. And quality will cost you some extra dollars.

5. Why to Use a Heated Toilet Seat?

Warm seats are in demand for a variety of purposes. The following are their main advantages:

Heat is a pain reliever: because it relaxes muscles and relieves pain.

Opulent settings: Massage jets, warm air drying, and even a hot water bidet are common features of heated chairs.

It consumes very little electricity: Heated seats should not make your bill skyrocket, despite the fact that they will always consume more power than non-electric seats. There is even an energy-saving option on some models.

Easy to set up: Several models are easy to assemble, and may only be different from a normal seat by the fact that it plugs into a socket.

Comfort: While being on the throne, over 75% of Americans use their cell phones. Simply feeling at ease while reading through social media might be enough to justify purchasing a heated seat.

6. What is the purpose of a heated toilet seat and how does it work?

A heated toilet seat has a heating system that keeps the surface warm for whoever is seated on it. This makes the toilet seat more pleasant for the user, particularly in the winter. It adds comfort and relaxes stiffed muscles. As well as it is beneficial for arthritic people. A regular outlet is used to power a heated toilet seat. The electricity warms up an element inside the seat, which warms it up.

7. Is it possible to get heated toilet seat coverings that are long-lasting?

It is dependent on the model, manufacturer, and other factors like correct installation, use, and so on. The finest models may usually last for years. Others, on the other hand, can break in a year. As a result, proper care and usage are critical.

8. What is the maximum weight that heated toilet seats can accept?

Let’s face it, whether large or tiny, we all had to use the restroom, and whenever we do, the toilet should not collapse beneath us. If you are a hefty person or have heavy visitors coming to your home, you may be concerned about your toilet’s weight carrying capacity.

Fortunately, heavy-load bearing capacity and efficient pressure hold are available. Use this checklist to guarantee a purchase that will provide you with comfort, ease, and satisfaction.

The usual weight limitation for a toilet seat is about 1000 pounds.

9. What is the max temperature that they can reach?

It is usually 20-25 degrees warmer than the room temperature. During cold evenings, the heated toilet seat coverings give mild comfort. They don’t become hot enough to be unpleasant. While most models include a temperature setting, the maximum temperature is 105°F.

Heated toilet seats are both attractive and practical. They give your bathroom a contemporary twist With remote-controlled features, you can regulate the temperature of the water, pressure level, and other factors. Find the most recent one and enjoy maximum comfort.

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