Best Macerating Toilets 2022 – Top Upflush Toilet Reviews

best macerating toilets

The macerating toilets are also known as the upflush toilets. They’ve made life easy for those who live in the basements and have no proper ways of sewage in their washrooms. Thus, the toilets with macerators can play a vital role as they come with a separate tank which is either present on the side of the toilet or is built inside the wall.

The waste is then sent to the containers, and the sharp blades present in it turn the waste material into a liquid. And this way, the liquefied waste goes directly to the main drain line through a pipe. Also, these toilets can be installed in a place which once was a room, and then converted into a washroom. Let’s check out the list of Best Macerating Toilet Reviews 2022 below!

Our Top Pick
Saniflo Sanicompact Self-Contained Upflush Toilet


  • One-piece macerating toilet
  • Consumes a minimum amount of water
  • It can be connected to the sink

Best Macerating Toilets 2022 – Top Upflush toilets Comparison

Saniflo Sanicompact Self-Contained Upflush Toilet

toilet with macerator

The macerating saniflo toilet review is very convenient to use and is designed in such a way that it can fit into any place with less space. They are designed especially for areas such as the attic, garage, basement, etc. Such areas have no proper drainage system, and in such cases, these toilets prove to be helpful.

Moreover, the saniflo macerating toilet comes in a very elegant and stylish look. Other than that, they consume a minimum amount of water per flush and also allow the connection with the sink. In addition to this, they have an elongated shape and come in white color, adding beauty to the area where installed.

However, these macerator toilets are designed for people who want to conserve water and people with physical disabilities. Another amazing thing about these toilets is that they can also be installed in the washroom under the staircase. These are very convenient to install and can be mounted on the floor.

These toilets do not need a separate tank and operate in the presence of electricity only. There’s a push-button present at the top, which, when pressed, allows the waste to go into the container and is then turned into a liquefied waste, and this liquefied waste goes through a pipe to the main drain line.

Also, these toilets are self-vented and leakage-free. Furthermore, it’s a multipurpose toilet as it comes with the macerator, cistern, pump, and bowl all held together in the base, and the sink can also be linked to it. Also, it has a trap way that absorbs the bad odor of the toilet and keeps the environment clean.

  • Stylish and classy design
  • Can fit into any tight space
  • Very easy to install
  • Consumes a minimum of 1 gallon of water on a light flush and 1.28 gallons on a heavy flush.
  • It pushes waste up to 9 feet vertically and 100 feet horizontally.
  • This toilet can’t work for the full bath as it comes with only two inlets.

This product can be a good purchase as it consumes very less water with high-end flushing technology and can fit into any small space.

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Liberty Pumps Macerating Toilet

toilets with pumps

These toilets by Liberty are designed in such a way that one can’t distinguish between the typical and up flush toilets. Their function is to blend away the waste within the washroom which may not be a good picture to imagine, but these toilets save a lot of money and energy for the user doing so.

These toilets are best for people living in low water states as they consume 1.28 gallons of water per flush. In addition to this, these toilets are very well built, highly durable, and come with a macerator, toilet seat, bowl, and ventilation pipes. Moreover, it has a rechargeable battery too.

This way, the charge in the toilet remains for 3 hours which means that the product can be used too when the power system is down. However, it comes in an elongated shape, white in color, with a sturdy design and decent look, adding beauty to the area where it is installed.

This product also allows the attachment of the sink and bath to the macerator. Also, its drainpipe has a trapway of 1 inch, whereas the typical pipes have a trapway of 3 to 4 inches. These flushes perform efficient cleaning and don’t leave behind tiny residues. 

Moreover, they can be mounted on the floor, both horizontally and vertically. These toilets are best for those who wish to buy a product that looks similar to the normal routine toilets and is budget-friendly too.

  • Efficient flushing technology
  • Sturdy design
  • Tub and sink can be attached to the macerator
  • Best for people living in low water states.
  • Highly durable
  • It has a toilet seat and bowl
  • The service panel can be removed easily during maintenance
  • This product comes with separate 3 pieces and needs to be assembled.
  • The toilets by Liberty can be a good purchase for people who are looking for toilets looking similar to the normal routine ones. Moreover, they are budget-friendly too.

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SaniFlo SaniPlus Two-Piece Upflush Toilet

macerator pump toilet

This product is a two-piece macerator toilet by Saniflo. Its structure is very sturdy and has an elegant visually appealing look. This toilet can be installed on the floor without needing to break the floor. Moreover, it plays an important role in water conservation by consuming 1 gallon of water per flush.

The bowl of saniflo macerating toilet is elongated and comes in white color only. Furthermore, it doesn’t come with a seat. Moreover, the product involves a toilet tank and pump. And these toilets are also known as Gravity flush toilets. In addition to this, normal routine toilets dispose of the waste by sending it away.

Whereas an up-flow toilet disposes of the waste within the washroom. And how’s that? That’s due to the presence of high-end blades present in the container of the toilet. Once the waste is sent there, the blades grind the waste and liquefy it, hence leaving behind no residues.

These toilets do not create a bad odor. Imagining all this process may seem weird but it’s not what it sounds like. The toilet keeps the bad odor in. The up-flush toilet system can work best in homes with basements because there won’t be any worry of pushing the waste upward in the washroom under the sewer.

Moreover, just like many other toilets, this one also doesn’t come with a seat and has to be purchased. Also, it works in the presence of electricity, and if the power is out, then there’s no water refilling in the tank, which can lead to the creation of loads of mess.

  • Both blades are very sharp and rotate at 3600 rotations per minute.
  • The motor is immersed in oil to prevent it from rust.
  • Very well built and highly durable structure.
  • Easy to install.
  • Consumes minimum amount of water.
  • Performs efficient flushing.
  • The tank won’t be able to refill in the absence of electricity. Also, the pressure mechanism won’t work unless the power is back on.
  • This grinding toilet doesn’t come with a seat.

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Jabsco Electric Marine Macerator Upflush Toilet

toilet with macerating pump

As the name indicates that these toilets are designed for use in ships and boats. The Marine toilets stand different in look and function from the other ones. Normal marine toilets are round in shape, whereas this one stands different due to its D-shaped seat. And the seat is made with good quality baked enamel.

Due to this reason, the seat of this toilet is very durable and sturdy as compared to the other ones. Moreover, the bowl is made of vitreous china and such toilets have a hull that holds the tank and upon reaching the port, it is emptied. In addition to this, its fully magnetic motor is kept in a stainless steel container preventing it from corrosion.

Also, the steel container prevents the motor from the effects of marine salt and elements. When these toilets are installed at home, the steel containers are a good measure against steam and harmful washroom products. This upflushing toilet draws waste about 1 meter away, so make sure to install it in a suitable place.

In fact, these toilets should not be installed underground. Also, this up flushing toilet in the boats uses seawater and uses it to flush. Furthermore, the pumping capacity of this product is high and needs a proper electrical supply. So, if the power system at your place is not good, then better switch to the manual ones.

As for home use, they cannot be connected to freshwater mains. However, they are very small and durable but good to use, especially on boats.

  • The motor is magnetic and enclosed in a stainless steel container.
  • It has a high pumping capacity.
  • A good quality seat
  • Easy to install and has a backflow valve, thus preventing the water from flushing back
  • It uses seawater to flush and also contains a hull.
  • This product is best for use on boats as it uses seawater to flush when in the sea and has a backflow valve with many other good factors and properties.
  • Just like many other marine toilets, the seat is a bit small.

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Lift Assure American Macerating Toilet

grinding toilet

The Lift Assure American Macerating toilets are round in shape, and a good quality ceramic is used in their manufacturing. Also, they come with a toilet tank and perform efficient flushing without making any noise. They consume 3.85 gallons of water per minute and can be mounted on the floor easily.

Moreover, if you wish to bring renovations to the house and at the same time want to make pocket-friendly renovations, then this best toilet macerator pump is a go-to option. These toilets can be installed at any place in the house, such as in the basement or any other space.

Normally, the manual toilets are installed via breaking the floor while these can be mounted on the floor conveniently without the need of breaking the floor. In addition, this basement toilet performs efficient flushing by sending the waste upward, while with manual ones, the waste is pulled downwards.

The American pump toilet comes with a half flush and full flush button. The half flush button allows the flushing of liquids, while the full flush button allows the flushing of solids. This feature can help one save money and energy. The toilet with macerating pump has a three-step design that assures the durability of the product.

In addition, very sharp blades are used in the unit to prevent the toilet from getting clogged. Also, it has a powerful pumping capacity leading to convenient maintenance of cleanliness. In fact, this product can be installed anywhere in the house and the pump can be hidden for aesthetic purposes in the wall.

  • It has high-end anti-clogging blades
  • This toilet can pump 3.85 gallons of water per minute, making it the fastest flushing toilet.
  • Has an amazing pumping capacity
  • No plumber is needed for installing the unit
  • Adds beauty to the area where installed.
  • Can be installed in the basement
  • The height of the seat is less i-e, 15 inches, while the normal height is between 17 to 18 inches.

The Lift Assure company has invented the best toilet for basements. They perform efficient flushing and have high-end pumping capacity and can be mounted on the floor without the need of breaking the concrete. So, the choice is yours now.

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Bathroom Anywhere Bisque Macerating Toilet

toilets with grinder pumps

As the name indicates, these toilets with pumps can be installed anywhere in the house, either underground or above the ground. When installed under the ground, they will push the waste upward and when installed on the ground, they push the waste and water across 150 feet. Also, their pipes can be hidden inside the wall too.

These toilets have an elongated bowl and have a classic soft closing seat with a universal height. High-quality vitreous china is used in the manufacturing process. Also, it can flush up to 1.28 gallons of water per flush within a few seconds and is a conservative water sense toilet.

The macerating toilet system by Bathroom Anywhere is superb. Their product comes with a seat and a few other components but the cistern and pump are not included so you’ll have to spend an extra amount on them, so keep this thing in mind. Other than that, it has soft-closing hinges which protect the fingers from getting hurt when closing the seat.

Furthermore, the maceration produces a strong smell because of the large surface area of waste it reveals. And to contain the smell within, it has a two-way air vent that properly maintains the smell. Also, the macerator pump works when the power is on and functions quietly just like other normal toilets.

This product comes in a bisque color with high-end properties and features. It can be a good purchase for those who wish to add an aesthetic look to their place. In short, this can be one of the best toilets ever.

  • Performs the quiet flushing
  • Can be installed anywhere in the house
  • Highly durable and has classic curves
  • Visually appealing looks
  • Within 3 seconds it can flush 1.28 gallons of water
  • The height of the seat is universal.
  • The pump and cistern are not included with the toilet and should be purchased separately which can lead to an addition in the amount of money to be spent.

The Bathroom Anywhere never fails to impress the customers with its top-notch inventions. And this is one of them. This product has all it to offer but one thing may make a person add extra cash on the pump and cistern as they don’t come with it. Other than that it can be a good buy.

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Thetford Marine Nano Eco Macerating Toilet

best macerating toilet

The marine toilet is also known as a masticator toilet. These toilets are very small in size and back then were known as caravans or mobile homes. They were also used in the tour buses but now they can also be used in homes as they can fit anywhere and conserve a lot of space.

Furthermore, they perform an ultra-quiet and fast flushing and consume little amount of water. The material used in their manufacturing is the Italian vitreous china. The seat lids are made of plastic and close very softly without making any noise. And many toilets are designed to work without sewers.

That’s why these are the best toilets for the basement or the basement. Moreover, the height of this product is just 11.6 inches making it the smallest toilet on the market. They are in much demand these days as many houses have no proper sewage system and require a lot of plumbing. So, this product works as an energy and money saver.

In addition to this, the toilet comes with all the parts assembled but one thing has to be bought and this is its switch and intake which can be quite expensive to purchase, but it is what it’s. Also, you can either buy a pressure system or raw water system. 

Also, the inlet in these toilets is narrow and the outlet, wider than many other grinding toilets.

  • Convenient to use
  • Easy to install
  • Soft closing seat
  • Perform quiet flushing
  • Consumes less amount of water
  • Eco-friendly toilets
  • The in-let system does not come with the toilet and has to be bought separately which can be quite expensive.

The Thetford Marine Nano Eco toilets are too cute to look at. Their small size and high-end features make the user fall in love with them. If you wish to purchase them, then you’re at the right place. Although, buying a separate water inlet system may be costly, good luck!

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Jabsco 37010 Series

best macerating toilet system

The Jabsco 37010 is the toilet to choose if you are on a budget but still need to obtain the most out of your energy, water, and electricity with a macerating toilet. The Jabsco 37010 is a wonderful alternative for your home, no matter how big or little because it has an exceptionally quiet flush cycle and the functionality of a standard family toilet.

It has a dual-function water level control switch and a single-button flush actuator. In terms of design, it comes with a PAR-MAX 4 self-priming pump that rinses the toilet bowl with only greater sea or lake water. It is made from white vitreous china and comes in a tiny, compact form to accommodate any half-bath or smaller area.

Despite the limited cost, the design of the high-capacity waste macerator and bowl discharge pump has been enhanced for maximum functioning. For convenience, the push button simultaneously starts the rinse water supply and the macerator discharge pump.

It is extremely preventive with clogging and leaking as one of the best electric, maritime toilets on the market. In and of itself, the scavenger pump will assist with grinding and flushing—at a breakneck speed.

It is also made with stainless steel, which means that bacteria, mold, and mildew will not stand a chance.

  • Uses a simple push button to operate.
  • Stainless steel components are included.
  • For maximum functioning, it has a scavenger pump.
  • It is little, but it is cozy (and affordable)
  • The setup method maybe a little more difficult than others on the market.

Given the low cost, the strong effluent macerator and bowl release pump has been improved for optimal performance. The rinse water supply also the macerator release pump are both started by the push button for your convenience. As one of the greatest electric, marine toilets on the market, it is very preventative of clogging and leakage.

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Things To Look For Before Buying Upflush Toilets

We wanted to get in touch on a few more characteristics that are crucial to their decision-making process now that you have a better understanding of how this sort of toilet system operates. Here are certain points to look for in a macerating toilet before you pick one of the models listed above.

Flushing and Water consumption

The more “small” things you can do, the better, especially as almost everyone is becoming more ecologically conscious (probably). Moving to a macerating toilet, for instance, can significantly minimize the quantity of water you use on a regular basis. This function is only found on older models, so be wary if you see a cheap macerating toilet for sale.

It is inexpensive because spare parts are no longer available, so you’ll be left with a broken toilet when the inevitable occurs. The potential to reduce your water consumption in such a basic but often used item may have a significant influence on the environment.

Quantity Of Blades

Toilets and blades have an odd yet lovely connection. These toilet types with blades use their ability to slice up the waste, making it much easier to manage for the macerating box. Some of these toilets have two blades, while others could just have one. Stainless steel blades are used in the majority of these high-quality macerating toilets.

Although there are less expensive alternatives, they may not last as long.


If you are going with a wall-mounted system, this is crucial. The mechanism will need to be strengthened the more heavy the toilet is. Horsehair sheetrock, especially in older homes with larger studs, may make things tough. Bear in mind, that most of these choices do not require any building. This leads us to our final point.

This means that the more firm connections you will make the heavier your toilet will be that ultimately will make it weighty.

Volume Of Tank

Each of these toilets has an insulated liner in the tank. This liner can assist reduce condensation “seepage,” which is especially common during the hot summer months. Condensation is easy to occur in the tank when the water is cooler.

However, if you have air conditioning, you won’t have to worry about buying that double tank.

Macerating Pump

These toilets are dubbed “macerating” for, in a sewage treatment environment, maceration occurs when a mechanical device works on the particles to reduce them to small enough bits that pumping and pipes can handle much better.

The macerating pump’s purpose is to relieve the strain on the piping during the operation. Make sure the toilet you select is of good quality!


As I previously stated, the appearance of the toilet does not appear to be a major deal—however, you will be delightfully pleased to learn that you can really select from a variety of colors and styles when shopping for sanitary equipment.

Examine the décor and architecture of your bathroom and home, you may use the consistency of colors, forms, and finishes to make these toilets blend in with the rest of your appliances. The different macerating toilets seen here are often available in white, off-white, beige, and black hues.

You can choose what better matches your likes and needs. Keep an idea about the color of your washroom. We also have reviewed the best bathroom faucet to help you renovate your bathroom.

Hardware involved

When purchasing a macerating toilet, you should make every attempt to reduce your workload. To do so, look to see if any hardware, such as the toilet seat, is included. This can assist you to avoid making a mistake when selecting a toilet seat that matches the rest of the equipment.

Unfortunately, most base models only come with the bowl, so finding a toilet seat that matches will be difficult. It is also the best idea to get a toilet that has both a tank and a pump. This can assist you with installation and pump connection difficulties.

This way you will save time and extra labor as well as money.

Warranty Life

The majority of the macerating toilets on this list come with a one-year limited guarantee. A few choices, such as the Liberty Pumps Ascent II, have a 3-year limited guarantee, among others. You will want to think about the guarantee, especially if you intend on installing and then living in or renting out that property for the following several years.


The motor and pump the best macerating toilet system will need to be powered by an electrical outlet. They may be powered by a standard 120-volt home socket for the most part. Based on the horsepower, some will demand a greater wattage. Bear in mind while choosing a system that you might also require the services of an electrician.


The location of your toilet has an impact on the system’s requirements. The trash must be moved upwards and perhaps through longer piping in a basement installation. This has an impact on the quantity of piping you will require and the pump’s power.

Another point to consider with basement toilets is the odor. Basements may be wet and uninviting environments. The very last thing you need is for the macerating toilet to aggravate your situation. Consider adding a fan or increasing the airflow to keep the place smelling daisy-fresh.

Dual or Single Flush Macerating Toilet

Dual flush toilets are good for the environment since the quantity of water used may be adjusted. This contributes to the conservation of this valuable resource. Since single flush toilets consume the same volume of water whether flushing solids or liquids, they are less environmentally friendly. The majority of maceration toilets have only one flush.

It is also worth looking into the best toilet paper for macerators. Tissue that is environmentally friendly does not include bleach and is frequently manufactured from recycled paper. It degrades faster since there are no chemicals to bind the fibers together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a macerator toilet?

The waste product is forced into a macerating pump tank, which shreds it and pumps it upwards or sideways into your current waste stack, as opposed to a gravity-fed flushing toilet. Using gravity, standard toilets discharge waste downwards into the sewer or septic tank.

It transports waste to a big container behind the toilet or a container built into the wall. The waste is liquefied by strong blades before being pushed out of the machine through a conduit that is firmly connected to the main drain line.

What is a macerator?

The macerate is to soften or cut into small pieces. Macerators are meant to push waste items from toilets and other waste fluids away without relying on a traditional drainage system. They are frequently utilized in bathrooms that are not connected to the main sewage system.

The macerator pump converts particles and liquids into a fine slurry that is discharged with pressure through small-diameter pipework using a stainless steel fast-rotating cutting blade. They are somewhat more expensive than regular toilets, but they are significantly less expensive than designing and installing a completely new piping system in order to have such a toilet in the home.

How does a macerating toilet work?

Upflush toilets are known as macerating toilets. It disposes of waste in a big container behind the toilet or in a wall-mounted container. Before being pushed out of the unit through a conduit that is physically linked to the central drain line, heavy blades liquefy the waste.

What is an upflush toilet?

Upflush toilets, commonly known as “macerating toilets,” are not just new inventions. They have been utilized in Europe for a long time. In reality, Saniflo was the first company in Western Europe to introduce the Upflush toilet in 1958. The toilets were created to fit into compact spaces and make installing restrooms underneath pre-existing lateral lines simpler.

Fortunately, the upflush toilet has been increasingly popular in North America during the last decade. Today, upflush toilets make it simple for anybody to build a new bathroom in a small location (such as a basement) or in areas where installing pipes is difficult.

How does a macerator pump work?

Step-by-step instructions for the macerating process:

  1. The toilet is flushed, and the waste is released further into the macerator device, which is located behind the fixture, by gravitational force through the fixture’s back spigot.
  2. The water pressure triggers a microswitch, causing the macerator mechanism to switch on as the water level increases. The stainless steel blades, which are rotated at 3,600 revolutions per minute by a motor, subsequently ground all of the effluents into small particles.
  3. The microswitch is disabled and the maceration process is completed after the effluent is fully decreased.
  4. The decreased effluent is pushed out from the macerating unit via a discharge pipe with a 3/4 or 1 inch in diameter in a sanitary gravity drain (a soil stack or septic tank). Back-flow of the decreased effluent into the unit is prevented by a non-return valve in the unit.
  5. After that, the toilet is refilled with water.

What is a saniflo system?

Saniflo is an excellent, low-cost, and comfortable way for making bathroom installation a breeze. Other conventional systems on the market are not like the Saniflo upflush toilet system. Rather than installing piping beneath the floor and connecting it to the primary drain line, the Saniflo upflush pump takes care of everything. How?

These units, as the name implies, flush your excrement upward and away to the mainline, which may be more than 100 feet distant. Depending on the unit from Saniflo’s product line you choose, you may pump waste to the main drainpipe silently and discretely.

How to power a macerator?

To completely power a macerator with 16 overclockers, 8 HV Solar Arrays are required. Place Redstone Dust in the bottom slot of a macerator to power it. This would provide up to 13 overclocker enhancements to the macerator.

Is a vent required for a macerating toilet?

It is suggested, but not required, to utilize a vent if you have a macerating toilet system. If you do decide to utilize a vent, make sure you are correctly typing it in, or else you could have problems with the other fixtures upon flushing. If you must install a vent line from the outside of your house or business, make sure it is installed high just above the roofline.

How long do up flush toilets last?

As previously stated, the majority of the warranties listed here are for 1-3 years; but, these macerating toilets are often valid for around 10-15 years. This will definitely depend largely on how you look for it. Of course, the more you will be careful about its usage, the more it will last long.


We hope you found our macerating toilet reviews of the top macerating toilet systems interesting. These units make it far easier to construct a restroom in a convenient place, but obtaining a dependable seat might be more difficult. We trust that the previous information has clarified which aspects are crucial to a well-functioning John. Remember that, macerating toilets are expensive but worth the investment.

Especially for those of you who need a toilet for a location in your home where there is no plumbing. A macerating toilet will ensure that you have a fully functional toilet in every area of your home while also going light on your money and energy over time. Get Budget-friendly Jabsco 37245 Series or heavy-duty Saniflo Sanicompact that’s our top pick.

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