Best Toilet Augers 2022 – Critical Toilet Need

Don’t you dislike it when your toilet gets clogged? We know what you feel about it. You have a clogged shower or sink drain, or your toilet is backed up, and you want to attempt to repair it yourself before paying a professional. When we have a clog in the sink or toilet drain, we call a plumber right off the bat to improve it. However, not every best toilet auger reviews case necessarily requires the use of plumbing.

We can find a lot of drain cleaning tools. But with the aid of a toilet auger, some clogs can be easily removed or cleared. So, if you are dealing with a severely clogged toilet, you will need one of the best toilet augers on hand. You may be wondering what is a toilet auger? Okay, so the drain auger or auger toilet is a tool that makes life easier when you have a clogged toilet that a plunger cannot manage.

Top Pick
RIDGID 59802 K-6 DH toilet snake-min Ridgid 59802 K-6 DH Toilet Auger
  • Optional Drill operation
  • Strong tri-wrap cable
  • Anti-corrosion zinc-coated steel
Cobra Products 40030 Home Toilet Auger-min Cobra Products 40030 Home Toilet Auger
  • Poly-safety tube prevents chipping
  • Durable body
  • Low-cost best drain snake to buy
FlexiSnake Drain Weasel Sink Snake auger-min FlexiSnake Drain Weasel Sink Snake auger
  • Good for sink and tubs
  • Time-saving product
  • Value for money

10 Best Toilet Augers 2022 – Top Drain Snakes Comparison

Milwaukee Toilet Auger

best toilet snake

The Milwaukee M12 TrapSnake Auger is the device to use for toilet clogs as a substitute for hand augers; it works safely and precisely without bind-ups, and then it reduces the chance of porcelain damage. Plumbing professionals refer to this professional toilet auger as the general closet auger in contrast to the days when the restroom was referred to as a water closet. 

When you have access to the main pipes and drains where allowing the cables to spin won’t ruin the porcelain, it’s a great weapon. Fast-spinning wires, on the other hand, can damage and destroy fixtures, so toilet blockages necessitate the use of a different method. Furthermore, the Milwaukee M12 TrapSnake 6-Foot Toilet Auger is the solution.

This M12 TrapSnake Driver spins the cable at lower Speeds. You can use this drain snake with the handle instead of the TrapSnake Auger driver and do the task manually, but what fun would that even be?

Milwaukee’s decision to build a dedicated auger driver rather than simply hooking it up to a drill, as some other designs do, can seem unusual. However, incorrectly, this motorized snake attachment’s high RPM would possibly do too much harm to the bowl.

  • Delivers on durability
  • Sturdy Body material
  • Cables are replaceable
  • Features a bulb head
  • It can be used with a powered unit
  • Initially, locking and unlocking the handles can be difficult

It relieves some of the strain on the arms and shoulders. The TrapSnake’s low torque strength keeps the cable going where it can’t be moved by gravity alone while also shielding the interior of the bowl from damage caused by high RPM. Thus it can be the competitor among the best plumbing snake.

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RIDGID 59802 K-6 DH Toilet Auger

best drain cleaning machine

This long toilet snake auger for the drain is your best choice if you want a drain cleaning snake tool that works quickly and charges less than a plumber. As well, it has a 6-foot Tri-Wrap inner core cable that can reach deep into the toilet and pipe’s inner depths. The cable is also kink-resistant, so quickly force it back and forth through the obstacle.

This tool has a bulb head that can break the clog effortlessly and is suitable for any kind of toilet or bathroom. The best thing about this sewage snake is that it can be used with either the vinyl handle or the drill attachment that comes with it.

Similarly, the K-6 Toilet Auger is a high-end plumbers snake & long-lasting. It is made from stainless steel, so it is not only stable but also Rust-resistant. Also, it’s a decent choice for both residential and commercial use because of its durable construction. It is 6 feet long, allowing you to reach deep into the drainage pipe.

Moreover, it has a drophead in the form of a half-pear that works well with more significant bends. This snake drain cleaner is a little more costly than comparable ones, but because of its high quality, you will not need to buy another for an extended period of time.

  • The vinyl guard guards against chipping
  • Kink-resistant
  • Snap-On cable attachment
  • Having a long reach
  • Expensive in comparison

With this 6 foot long auger for the toilet from Ridgid, you can grind through any clog in your bathroom. This must-have method can be used by even inexperienced DIYers. Here is why we picked this drain cleaner snake as our favorite. If you have children who flush things down the toilet, save money on plumbers by purchasing this toilet auger. It comes with a number of features and holds a place among the top.

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RIDGID 59787 K-3 Toilet Auger

unclog toilet with auger

An auger is a drain snake attached to a fishing pole with a revolving crank to provide additional power to unblock your toilet drain. This one is a manually operated snake for pipes, which makes it simpler for beginners to use than an electric one. It also has ergonomically built handles that are comfortable to grip and navigate.

The tool is also powerful enough to clear stubborn clogs while also ensuring that cable is not harmed while unclogging the toilet. Tissue, paper, and other soft items are exempt from this. The toilet auger snake on this Ridgid toilet auger is 12.7mm or 0.5 inches long.

It is kink-resistant and long-lasting, and thus it won’t crack easily. The handle is designed to prevent injury to your arms and wrists when using this toilet auger. You will not notice any strain on your hands or wrists even though you use this snake to clean the drain often.

This auger is easy to use as compared to other products. It is not an electric drain snake. So by manually inserting the toilet auger snake into the toilet, you can use it. The plastic rubber elbow before the auger snake is the end, so if the clog is deeper or already in the shaft, the Ridgid 3′ toilet auger will not be able to clear it.

  • Effortless
  • Light in weight
  • Excellent value for money
  • Most toilets are unclogged
  • Just 3 feet in length
  • Only for Shallow clogs

The Ridgid toilet auger performed admirably in all of our checks. It’s easy to see why this toilet auger is so famous. While it lacks the power of electric toilet augers, most homeowners tend to use it because it is less expensive and capable of clearing the most common clogs.

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Topwell 25-ft Drain Auger

drain clog tool

A clogged toilet is one of the most unpleasant things a homeowner might encounter. We also know that the stench and mess can be overwhelming, and the only way to get rid of the pain is to deal with it right away. That is why you should have the best snake in your home at all times!

TOPWELL’s auger is both versatile and solid, with the ability to reach up to 25 feet and bend more than 90 degrees without cracking, making it much easier to use. Furthermore, a chemical cleaning solution will not be needed for this task. This best toilet unclogger tool has a thumbscrew that can be modified to lengthen the steel wire and reinforced to keep it from falling off for ease of use.

It came in handy when we had a clogged kitchen drain. In the hopes of removing the clog, we used chemical and hot water, but we believe it only released it sufficiently for it to travel deeper through the pipes. More wastewater would flow down the pipe, but it would clog again.

As a result, we took out the U-trap, which was now wholly nice and clear. We went to Amazon and found this auger for an excellent price. We debated it and decided that it was worth the money to buy it and check it out. The cost for the plumber to snake drain had a big difference. 

So, we inserted this toilet unclogger product into the pipe and were able to travel 15 feet using the rotation mechanism. Although there was some opposition, I did not believe the pipe clog had been fixed. So, because this auger is 25 feet in length, we decided to go a little further. 

Something looked like it was impeding the snake’s movement at about 20 feet. The drain pipe auger was pushed, pulled, and rotated. Before, that is, we heard a whoosh sound.

  • Wear-resistant
  • Non-slip PE plastic handle
  • Heavy-duty 72A manganese steel cable
  • Features a telescopic handle that rotates clockwise
  • Might scratch the inside of the toilet

The drum augers spring also is flexible and sturdy, allowing you to take tight bends with ease, and the wide twist knob and grip handle makes it simple to use, making it easier to clear clogging in different types of sink drains. You will save a great deal of money on a plumber by using this best commercial drain cleaning machine.

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Drain Auger 18-Volt MAX Li-Ion

best power drain snake

First and foremost, despite the fact that this electric drain cleaner has been used for toilets, this is a power drain auger. You Can have this best drain auger in your bathroom, but you should be extremely cautious not to scratch the porcelain in the toilet. It is your amazing drill drain cleaning machine.

Lithium-Ion 20V batteries power Tacklife’s, Automatic Auger. Moreover, it unclogs a large number of drains and toilets on a single battery charge. As opposed to a cabled instrument, the Lithium-ion 20 Volt battery remains charged for a long time, is compact, and is convenient to use. For efficient performance in darkened workspaces or any shadowy area, the best power drain snake has a developed LED light.

Your order for this best plumber snake includes the charger and one battery. It is best for 34-inch-to-3-inch tubing, with 560 RPMs and plenty of torque to clear simple clogs. You can set the pace for your particular clog with the speed control trigger. 

Because of the lightweight nature of this drill drain cleaner, the 25-foot steel shaft/cord can get through S and L folds in your pipes. Unlike conventional hand drain augers, the versatile shaft has an automatic telescopic feature, which suggests less effort and easier access to even the most difficult tasks.

You can learn how to use it from the product summary and images and get your best drain snake for home use.

  • The warranty period of two years
  • The battery lasts a long time after being charged
  • You can replace the shaft
  • When compared to manual augers, it is more expensive

It’s convenient to use, saves time and money, and is ideal for complicated pipes. After use, please clean promptly. TACKLIFE offers a 2-year replacement WARRANTY.

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Cobra Products 40030 Home Toilet Auger

hair grabber

Now next item on our list comes from a company operating in the United States that specializes in high-quality drain cleaning products for plumbers and other professionals. 670398 is ideal for home use.

If you are looking for the highest unblocking tool on a tight budget, this cobra toilet auger is for you. 670398 models are composed of strong materials to ensure longevity. Carbon material makes the spring wire. The wire is simple to mount and will unblock even to the most challenging clogging in no time. 

The wire measures three-eighths of an inch by 3 feet. The poly-safety tube on this auger secures the bowl from scratching. You will finish the job quickly because it wouldn’t sag.

It is effortless to use this, thanks to the smart handling nature. It also has a non-slip ergonomic plastic handle for a secure grip. This enables you to reach farther into the drainage with ease. You will finish the job quickly because it would not sag.

It is straightforward to use thanks to its smart handling nature. It also has a non-ergonomic plastic handle for a secure grip. This enables you to reach farther into the drainage with ease. It is not a drill-powered drain auger.

  • Low-cost best drain snake to buy
  • Installation is effortless
  • Poly-safety tube prevents chipping
  • Durable body
  • Does not operate well for curved toilets

We had a slow-emptying toilet and had no idea what was wrong. We removed all of the toilet’s internal systems, but that still wouldn’t flush entirely. It will just cost you at least $5.97! It absolutely flushed when We flushed it! So, if you have already taken the plunge and think it worked, try this as well. You’ll be pleased with yourself.

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Ridgid GIDDS-813340 Drain Auger

snake to clean drain

The Power Spin Autofeed from Ridgid could be used manually or even by adding a battery-powered drill to the handle and drilling through your blockages. During testing, we discovered that we needed to slowly wrap up the cable. If you are unclogging a toilet, water will splash off the cable, which is super nasty. 

So firstly, slow down the speed of the drill of your shower drain snake or your drain auger, then gently pull it up. It is the best tool to unclog the toilet and is dual-functional. This means that you can spin it manually, or you can remove the handle and attach a power drink to it. It is not your typical flat drain snake. 

It is built with an auto-feed system, which means that the cable reaches the resistance itself. We did not use the drill at full power; instead, we kept the RPMs low and gradually turned the auger. Also, it prevents the device from splitting, kinking the cable, and spilling dirty water all over the place.

Keeping the speed at its lowest will help in avoiding making a mess around the place. The pistol handle, which allows users to add pressure to the cord when they encounter a blockage, is one of our favorites. The cable is elastic enough to go through the p-traps in places where a less expensive hand auger cannot.

Leading up to use, tighten the ties and screws from the inside of the system to ensure it feels secure. This is a drain auger, not a toilet auger because the cord is longer and thinner. If you have this on hand, you can use it to unblock your toilet in a hurry. The steel cable does not come with a sturdy vinyl coating. If you are not patient, your toilet bowl will be scratched.

  • Clogged objects are grabbed by the bulb head
  • Powered and manual options are available
  • Trigger-Lock
  • Works at 500 RPMs
  • Sturdy body material
  • The reverse is a pain to work with

RIDGID devices are designed to last, and they come with the company’s largest warranty. They will stand behind their instruments with the RIDGID Full Lifetime Guarantee against defects in the quality of construction and material because of their credibility for outstanding quality and longevity. 

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DrainX SPINFEED 50 Foot Drum Auger 

drain unblocker tool

DrainX SPINFEED 50-Foot Drum Auger DrainX SPINFEED 50-Foot Drum Auger Any drain, like bathrooms and kitchens sinks, bathtubs, toilets, and drainage pipes can be unclogged easily with an auger. Attempt to flush the gutters yourself first to avoid a large plumbing charge. 

Or if all of your efforts in hand go in vain, then opt for the best snake for bathtub drain or the drains of your kitchen sinks, etc. And get your best toilet to prevent clogs for life. By combining the best features of our Power Pro drill auger with SPINFEED technology, we’ve created a drill auger that’s absolutely hands-free. 

Unlike other drain augers, which enable you to physically pull the cable out as you move, the drain cable stretches automatically as the drum revolves with a quick tap of a lever. Steel Snake 1/4″ Diameter with Spiral Head for Drainage Pipes 1-1/4″ to 3″ This drum auger should not be used to remove a toilet clog because the snake will harm the porcelain.

Furthermore, the 1/4-inch snake might become twisted within the toilet drain’s wide diameter. Push the cable into the drain until it reaches the clog. It is not cleaning if the cable keeps turning; do not spin and move at the same time. To help clear up the clog, spin the cable without advancing it or advance it very carefully. 

Now, Turn the drum anticlockwise when pressing the button to extract the cable after cleaning the drain.

  • Efficient in functioning toilet auger
  • Long-Lasting quality
  • Good for every type of drain clogs
  • It might be a little harmful to bathroom porcelain

Ideal for small tasks as well as frustrating and persistent clogs that do not require the services of a costly plumbing company. For optimum safety, use an enclosed drum with a protective casing. Please wear safety glasses and work gloves while using this method.

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FlexiSnake Drain Weasel Sink Snake auger

drain cleaner snake

Hair is another among the most frequent causes of clogged bathroom sinks, shower drains, and tub drains. The FlexiSnake Drain Weasel Sink Snake was created specifically to address this problem. Toss the 18-inch flexible snake down the drain and let its spiky tip, which is coated in micro-hooks, catch bunches of fur. 

You should throw the snake’s head away until the clog has been removed. This drain snake is the best tool to get rid of all those thread-like materials being clogged in your drain.

FlexiSnake Drain Weasel is the simplest yet easy-to-use snake for a toilet that will take no time of yours, and you will see your drain go clear and unclogged. All you need to do is to feed the drain with its flexible snake down the drain. Its snake is about 18 inches in length.

Keep on spinning the handle until the point of resistance reaches. This is the point where all of your hair, fur, or threads have been bunched and caused blockage to your sink. We now take the snake out of the drain, and voila! Clean up the head of the snake or replace it with the spare ones included in the package.

The Weasel pipe snake efficiently removes the toughest clogs with 360-degree rotation! The key is our innovative micro-hooks, which cling to hair, dirt, and grime without blocking pipes or grabbing on drain bits. Try it out and see why it is one of the most famous plumbing snake uncloggers on the market!

  • Good for sink and tubs
  • Time-saving product
  • Value for money
  • Not suitable for your toilet clog

Please contact the company’s customer service team with any complaints or concerns you may have. This product is made in the United States Of America and does not compromise on quality and function.

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MIBOW Drain Snake Cleaner / Drain Auger

snake for drain

MIBOW Drain snake cleaner clog cleaner is extra-long at 39.30 inches, which allows it to fall deeper into drains and clear any blockages or dirt down there. The drain snake cleaner is ideal for sinks, tubs, basins, toilets, and other related applications. Drop the drain clog removal tool into the obstructed pipe, spin it a few times until it reaches the restricted point, and then remove it. 

Do the same process a few times, and you will bring out the obstructed mess outside in a short while. Easily place the drain de-clogger into most drains and strainers, as it grabs obstructions at the P-trap, which is where the majority of clogs occur. It functions similarly to plumbing snakes for toilets, albeit with a few exceptions.

It gives you a simple way to catch the hairs and clear the clog. Hair, food, trash, and other obstructions that create a clogged drain are snagged and pulled out by the flexible tool’s drain cleaning bristles.

It has no motored or electronic drain snake cleaner that comes with powered wires or batteries. You will have to operate it manually. Mibow unblocker tool is one of the best toilet augers that is exceptionally easy yet simplest to use.

  • Extra-long 39.39 inches long auger snake
  • Light in weight
  • Grabs threads, furs, & hair quickly
  • Good for blockages in narrow pipes
  • It may require a lot of muscle work

If your toilet pipes are narrow, this product is ideal. What is the reason for this? Since the snake is just a few inches in diameter, it can fit into even the tiniest tubing, ranging from 0.5 to 2 inches in diameter. If your sewer pipe is wider than two inches, an auger with a larger diameter might be required.

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Things to Consider before buying a Toilet Auger

A buying guide is given below to assist you in making an informed choice when buying a toilet auger. There are many options found in the market for toilet unclogger snakes and augers for a toilet. A buying guide is given below to assist you in making an informed choice when buying a general toilet auger, including:

Cable Length:

drain auger length

The length of the drain cleaner cable will determine how long it will need to travel down the drain to find the clog. It varies depending on the brand. As a result, make certain to purchase one that is appropriate for your toilet requirements. 

Plumbers, on the whole, work with a long toilet augers. However, you can buy an auger depending on the length of your sewer pipe. Cables with lengths ranging from 25 to 50 feet are widely available.

Cable Diameter or width:

Find out the size of your pipes before buying a cable because they come in different cable diameters. The width of the cable is just as significant as its length, and it should be selected depending on the size of the toilet bowl. The diameter is measured in millimeters and determines its size. 

For narrower pipes, cables with a wider diameter will not match and will clog the bowel. Similar manner, cables with a smaller diameter will not be able to unclog larger pipes because they will not have enough force. As a result, matching the cable to your toilet pipes is essential.

A Protective Sheild:

Porcelain is a very fragile material that is much more easily scratched than you would think. Since you will be pulling a cable down the inside of your toilet, please ensure the auger you pick has a security guard. The safety guard is simply a vinyl shielding at the end of the tubing that preserves the toilet’s fragile porcelain surface from scratches and chips.

Ergonomically Handy: 

If you are using the auger with your left hand or gloves, you can pick one with an ergonomic handle. Your convenience is important, particularly considering how time-consuming removing a clog from your toilet can be. Ergonomic handles make it simple to grip the shaft and keep the auger in place as it eliminates clogged stuff. This will allow you to grasp the auger conveniently consequently will resist it to move unnecessarily. Depending on how long the procedure takes, you will not be worrying about hand cramps, blisters, or exhaustion.

power drain cleaner

Powered Drain Auger:

Buying a product that makes dealing with hazardous waste simpler as well as less stomach-churning is certainly a yes! Particularly if a guest accidentally clogs your toilet. Even if you have never had to take an auger out of the package before, it should be convenient to use.

Built Material:

The material used determines the longevity and quality of the toilet auger. The majority of augers are made out of plastic or aluminum. If you go for a metallic one, make sure it is corrosion-resistant because it will be in contact with water and hazardous waste. This tool would go on for years, according to the best toilet auger reviews. 

manual toilet auger

While dealing with thick clogs, the metal should not only cause rust, but you shouldn’t have to complain about the cable cracking. Thus when faced with heavy clogging, the cable should not break or kink.

Plastic Or Metallic Auger:

Augers are available in both plastic and metal. If it is made out of metal, try to ensure it is corrosion-resistant because it will almost certainly come into contact with chemicals and waste. Plastic augers will not rust, but they are unable to handle difficult clogs or twist in curved bowls.

Mechanisms of action:

There are two types of mechanisms available: manual and electric or battery-powered. Although manual toilet augers are effective for clearing small obstructions, battery-powered or electric toilet augers can unclog difficult bottlenecks in a short amount of time. They are convenient to pack. You will also find some plumber snakes with a camera in the market to help in locating the clog easily.


Warranty for augers varies from company to company, exactly as it does for all other tools. The majority of them have one that promises to repair those that are defective. Therefore, if you are buying augers that are not cheap, make sure to look through the warranty to see if it meets your specific needs.


Toilet auger vs. snake; What is the difference?

While the two words are sometimes used interchangeably since they seem to be identical, there are a number of distinctions between them.

Toilet auger:

This method is used to unclog blocked toilets, as the name implies. It’s powerful and efficient at removing stubborn obstructions. A porcelain bowl guard, a manual crank, and a long cable with a closed-spear or bulb head are common features of a water closet auger for a toilet, also known as a toilet auger.

Drain snake:

They are smaller and lighter than augers, and they’re commonly used to clear average clogs in sinks and smaller drains, including sinks and bathtubs. Snakes are specially designed to remove objects such as tissues, coins, and hair from drains. They have a hook-like end that can hold onto the block.

How to use a toilet auger?

If you want to know the best way to use a toilet auger then Consider the following steps;

1. Determine the cause of the clog.

2. Clean Up Any Debris That Is Visible

3. Dishwashing Soap is a good option.

4. Use a toilet auger or a plumbing snake to clean the toilet.

5. Pull The Flexible Cable-Free

6. Move the cable around inside the bowl.

7. Use The Bathroom Toilet

8. Make Sure Your Auger Is Clean And Dry

9. Examine the toilet thoroughly.

Typically, this is done by combining the drugs with a solvent and filtering the solution at low temperatures to isolate and extract the inert tablet content. The pure form is then combined with red phosphorous and HCL. 

How to make a bathtub crank? Ephedrine or pseudoephedrine are the primary ingredients.

Flush the red phosphorous and add a dye solution to neutralize the remaining acid. Drain out the liquid meth after adding another chemical to bind the meth. 

After passing hydrogen chloride gas over liquid meth, a crystalline hydrochloride salt is formed. Then pass it through a filter, the remaining meth is dried. Also, Meth users consume dried material. It is indeed worth mentioning that this procedure can take up to two days.

What is an auger?

Auger is a tool for drilling holes in wood that is used in conjunction with a carpenter’s brace. It has six elements: a pin, spurs, cutting points, twist, shank, and tang, and it looks like a corkscrew. Additionally, A toilet auger, also known as a bathroom auger or a plumbing snake, is a gadget that can clear blockages from the toilet pipe.

How to snake a tub drain?

Remove the overflow plate, which is a metal plate under the tub faucet. Put on your work gloves, which should be made of rubber. Remove any hair that has become entangled. Check if the drain is still blocked by running the faucet for a few seconds. Replace the stopper device and overflow plate if the drain already flows freely. 

If the drain is still clogged, use a plumbing snake to clear it out. Insert the snake’s tip into the opening. Keep turning the handle and pushing the snake forward and down into the pipe. Crank and push until the snake interacts with the block. Turn the handle and rotate the cable until the snake pushes its way through the blockage. 

To get the snake out of the drain, gently crank the handle backward. This will be dirtied, so clean it off with paper towels and throw them away as you go. Screw the plate back on after replacing the stopper mechanism and overflow plate.

How to use a drum auger?

Loosen up the set screw and start by inserting the cable in the sink. Keep inserting the cable till it reaches the resistance, or let’s say until the clog is gone. Now tighten up the set screw, then begin to spin in the clockwise direction with slight forward pressure. 

Once all the length of the cable is inside the sink pipe, loosen off the set screw and repeat the process until the blockage breaks free. Now remove the drum auger in reverse order. This method is for manually operating a self-feeding auger. The same is the method for the one with the drill.

How long is a snake?

A snake of a plumber is a long, flexible metal cable. It has a handle on one side and a small auger or untwisted spring on the other end. The snake’s auger resembles a corkscrew or drill bit. The snake used by home plumbers is usually 50 feet in length when you are not using it, the cord coils.

How to unclog a drain without a snake?

Use the following three techniques to unclog the main drain without a snake:

Ø If an accumulation of grease is clogging your rows, combine baking soda and vinegar. Baking soda is caustic slightly; it will heat the oil up. Mix baking soda with vinegar and put it in the sewer cleanout opening. Leave for an hour now, flush it with hot water.

Ø If you want to avoid potential clogs, use hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide in your medicine cabinet dissolves clogs and destroys any growth from the inside of pipes. Wait for 2 to 3 hours after inserting it into the sewer line before running hot water through the pipes.

Ø When nothing else works, use a chemical drain cleaner with extreme care. Spilling chemicals in your line is very dangerous because it can cause harm to your pipes. Essential to follow the instructions on the package to the core. Wait 15 minutes after pouring in the cleaner before flushing the system with hot water.

What is a closet auger?

A toilet auger, also recognized as a water closet auger or a plumbing snake, is a tool that can clear obstructions from the toilet drains. The best toilet auger for home use is usually made of a long flexible tube, usually made out of metal, with an auger bit on one side and a crank handle on the other.

Note: If your toilet frequently gets clogged then consider buying a toilet with a force flush mechanism.

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