Best Compost Toilets 2022 – Poop Is Not Waste Any More

best composting toilets 2022

No matter if you are independent of public utilities on a cabin or boat, happy to live in your tiny home, or want to improve and renovate your bathroom making changes to your toilet. Best rated compost toilets are made in such a manner that they do not want to be introduced to a sewer system. Also, they use almost zero amount of water or consume the least water than those traditional ones.

Environmental protection is a global attraction. This implies that we are attempting to reduce carbon emissions and striving to better manage our resources. Thus, purchasing a affordable composting toilet is an easy method to achieve this. Until recently, the best composting toilets were only available in RVs, vacation cottages, etc. Nowadays, you may even buy one for a typical modern home.

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Top pickNatures Head Best Composting Toilet Nature’s Head Best Composting Toilet
  • Compact system
  • Anti-Corrosion material
  • Premium Built quality
  • Smell-less compost toilet
  • Environmental Friendly
Separette Villa 9215-min Separette Villa 9215 AC/DC
  • Amazon’s favorite
  • Wall mounted compost toilet
  • Equipped with years warranty
  • AC/DC operation
Alpcour Portable Toilet-min (1) Alpcour Portable Toilet
  • Rotating Disposal spout
  • Robust Portable design
  • Ensured durability
  • No batteries required
  • Outdoor buddy

8 Best Compost Toilets 2022 – Top Self Composting Toilets

Setting up an effective and convenient toilet becomes a lot more discussion-worthy concern for people staying in a compact house. These have been some of the most acceptable best compost toilets for tiny houses. But how do you choose the Best composting camping toilet? It’s not that simple. We will look at some of the excellent ones to assist you to pick one that suits your needs and affordability.

Separette Villa 9215 AC/DC

composting toilets for rv

The Villa, with the exception of various other composting toilets, resembles a regular toilet. It has no visible tanks or solid waste holding places. Also, it requires no activity once you have finished using it. It features a built-in urine diversion mechanism, although none of the other toilets have a pee-holding tank. Either connect it to your tank, connect it to greywater, or any waste disposal system.

The Separett Villa 9215 is a modern update of the manufacturer’s well-known Villa compost toilet series. It is made to resemble the aesthetics and feel of a typical toilet seat as accurately as possible. The Villa resembles a regular toilet, with the exception of several other composting toilets. It has no visible tanks or solid waste holding places. Also, it requires no activity once you’ve finished using it.

It features a constructed urine diversion mechanism, but it does not have the pee-holding tank that so many other toilets have. Either attach it to your very own tank or link it to greywater or other waste disposal system. The Separett differs from other compost toilets in that the solid waste is kept differently. It really features a biodegradable carry bag instead of the main holding container.

During use, it is meant to keep trash firmly and is simple to discard. They anticipate that one bag will require to be changed each three to four weeks for a family of four members. One thing to bear in mind with the Separett is that it does not compost waste in the toilet. Composting may start once garbage is transported to a compost bin.

However, there are certain benefits to this. The Separett can hold more waste in a smaller overall toilet. Because there is not any organic material to help in composting.

  • Compact
  • It does not need the use of water.
  • Distinguishes between liquid and solid waste.
  • It offers a user-friendly experience
  • Completely ventilated
  • For a household of four
  • It only has to be emptied each month.
  • Almost odorless
  • Inferior maintenance causes bad odors, toxin, and insects.

For individuals living off the grid, the best compost toilets for RV is an easy-to-use toilet alternative. It may not have the same mobility as some of its rivals. However, it does deliver a more typical flushing experience.

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Sun-Mar Self-Contained Composting Toilet

dry flush toilets

For decades, Sun-Mar has been making composting toilets under the Excel brand. Their Excel-NE model has many of the advantages of their mainstream model. But does not demand AC power. It makes use of their composting bio-drum with changeable diameter. They have a recessed handle that you may spin after every use rather than a powered motor.

This system can accommodate a family of three on a daily basis. The Sun-Mar Excel, with the exception of several of the alternative composting toilets we have tested, is the best. It must be connected to an authorized drain pit or drainage system to eliminate extra moisture from the composting material.

A tiny DC fan may be installed in the non-electric version to help with odor control. One thing we found is that the bio-drum system is extremely effective. Comparable to conventional composting toilets when it comes to discharging, it’s best.

At the bottom of the unit, there is a separate drawer. This eliminates the need to deal with new garbage by removing fully processed material. The Excel is comparable in size and form to classic toilets. It is a lot more appealing to visitors to use as well as it is so much simpler to get used to operating on a daily basis.

The toilet is weighty since it is constructed of fiberglass and is fastened together with metallic hinges and screws. It is not designed to be portable. Rather, the urine bottle and trash bucket must be taken apart and emptied separately. The toilet is vulnerable to leaks and odors if the fiberglass fractures.

These cracks do not pose a danger to your life. But If you love messing with DIY projects, you can easily fix them using basic homemaking equipment.

  • No water is used at all.
  • Capable of functioning without the need of any electricity
  • Almost no odor is produced.
  • Appropriate for a three-person family’s home use.
  • Installs quickly and easily.
  • Composting in bio-drums is quick and easy to do.
  • When not used, the recessed handle saves space.
  • A drain is required.
  • Has a stronger stench than other versions because it doesn’t have a DC fan.
  • Pricey

Users report that such waterless toilets perform as expected, with many praising the absence of smells while using this specific type. Just a few people, however, felt the step to be dangerous. They also suggested that it be replaced with a broader, more sturdy choice.

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Nature’s Head Best Composting Toilet

waterless toilets

Without question, Nature’s Head Composting Toilet is the best composting toilet on the market today as well as it is a self contained toilet made of strong composites and equipped with stainless steel hardware. As a result, it is extremely corrosion resistant and impact resistant. The design of Nature’s head is tailored for movement.

It was designed with boaters and RVers in mind. Thus everything about it is designed to properly retain waste even when traveling around a lot. Moreover, The seating and body are formed into one piece. That will provide ease and longevity. When you glance at Nature’s Head toilet, you’ll note how similar it is to a regular flush toilet.

This eliminates the unfamiliarity that some other tiny houses and off-grid toilet alternatives bring to the table. It includes a urine diverter mechanism. As well as a detachable urine tank that can be cleaned simply and disposed of in 2 ways;

*In a typical toilet

*Consumed as fertilizer for the garden.

Though it is an electric composting toilet but uses less energy. This portable composting toilet operates without the need for water and consumes only 1.7 amps of power every 24 hours with fan use. This makes it possible to utilize it indefinitely in off-grid settings. The form and size of Nature’s head have been adjusted to enhance their compactness.

They provide it both with a regular handle and a “spider handle” for ultra-close quarters, in keeping with this aim. The normal handle necessitates five inches of side clearance, but the spider handle just requires two. The adaptability of Nature’s mind is one of its greatest qualities.

Whatever the handle you pick, it may be installed on the unit’s left or right side. Altogether, Nature’s Head is a tough and versatile product.

  • Disassembled with ease
  • Hardware is entirely made of stainless steel.
  • The ultimate in relaxation
  • Included are a vent and a fan hose.
  • Long warranty
  • Quality manufacturer from the US
  • The side locks are a little tough to use.

Although there are numerous such no flush toilets on the market, this one from Nature’s Head is designed specifically for those who live in areas without running water. The product is manufactured in the United States. Also, it is of high quality. If it matches your budget and needs, do not hesitate to have it. It does exactly what it says it will do, and it does it well.

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Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet

portable composting toilet

Even though Nature’s Head composting toilet is costly by any standard, it is still less expensive than the other models from other compost toilet reviews above. Indeed, if cost is a major factor for you, you should give this toilet significant thought.

This unit appeals to us since it is made of high-quality plastic that will not rust, deteriorate, or fracture over time. It can also sustain heavy-duty use, even if the user is a little heavier than average. You will be able to use this model for many years without having to replace it.

The build quality is exceptional since it is made in the United States and undergoes extensive quality control to guarantee that you receive a good composting toilet. You may also discard the waste from this marine composting toilet. Simply disassemble the base that will take a couple of seconds. Urine and solid waste have their own compartments.

A fan and a vent hose are also included, which will direct any smells away from the composting toilet. Because this is a self-contained toilet, this function is critical in preventing the creation of unpleasant smells. The only criticism we have of this best value composting toilet is that it is not the most attractive type available. In addition, the vent hose is just 5 feet long and might have been much longer.

Unlike some other toilets that require technical expertise, the handle offers no issues during installation. Another catchy feature of this toilet is the ability to utilize an electric fan, which may be very useful for the ventilation shaft. This fan uses hardly any power; however, if you are using 110V, you will need to use an adaptor.

  • When compared to other models, this model is more inexpensive.
  • For trash disposal, it’s simple to dismantle in a matter of seconds.
  • Liquid and solid waste have their own compartments.
  • An ergonomic and comfy full-size seat
  • Quite expensive

The Dry Composting Toilet with Standard Crank Handle from Nature’s Head is another great alternative. It is self-contained and urine-diverting. Also, there are no sacrifices made in terms of the value it provides to consumers. This toilet is useful in a variety of situations. This is because of its water-free functioning feature. It is odorless, portable, and light in weight.

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Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon Toilet

dry composting toilet

The Reliance Products Luggable Loo Toilet is perfect as stated. The device seems to be a regular 5-gallon bucket with a toilet seat at first glance. At the same time, this luggable toilet from Reliance Products has a basic and uncomplicated appearance. There is much more to it than what is seen.

This inexpensive composting toilet is so easy that the guidelines on the side are practically unnecessary. With only a glance, you will be able to figure out how to use this small compost toilet system. Because the cover detaches, the simplicity of use also extends to maintenance. When you are on a tour in the woods, the low upkeep, along with the compact size & ease of use, makes this a highly desired device.

A further important aspect of the Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon Toilet is it is extremely lightweight. This is not simply something to have in your vehicle when driving to your destination. Moreover, it is easy to carry by hand. You can connect it to your backpack with the appropriate clip. Thanks to the sturdy metal handle.

Most individuals will find the Luggable Loo to be the perfect height for them. So you will not have to stoop or sit awkwardly when doing your business.

This is the ideal option for people looking to complete their home emergency supplies. When the house toilet is unavailable for whatever reason, the portable loo is a quick and easy solution. This gadget is helpful in an emergency case. Thus, use it when the water freezes or when the home is too damaged.

You would think this stuff would be inexpensive. The inexpensive cost makes it appealing to hikers. Those who either regularly or infrequently travel into the wild outdoors.

  • One of the most lightest in weight dry flush toilets
  • Portability is a treat
  • Strong material
  • Handy in emergencies
  • Dirt low price
  • easy to use
  • East transportation with metal handle
  • Toilet seat might be small for bulky ones.

This device not a substitute for a real portable toilet. But that is another matter. The Luggable Loo is a particularly suitable choice for people who want to preserve a “true outdoor” experience. And without the conveniences of home. Unlike utilizing camping area facilities, you will have some much-needed privacy with this bucket-type toilet.

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Camco Portable Toilet Bucket

compost toilet reviews

Staying loyal to its trademark Camco’s portable toilet is a bucket with a toilet seat for a cover. It is designed for all types of outdoor activities. The Camco toilet is undoubtedly a must-have for; camping, hunting, tailgating, fishing, and even emergency circumstances.

Separating solids and liquids is a key aspect of compost toilet design. However, there are alternative options for resolving the separation issue. The flush tank and the waste storage tank are separated in this cheap composting toilet. Two strong locks connect them, preventing contamination.

The latches prevent the toilet seat from slipping off while it is being used. When emptying the toilet’s 5.3-gallon waste tank, however, their mechanism is simple to slide apart. Although this is not a dry toilet, it only requires a few ounces of water every flush. It has a 2.5-gallon portable cistern.

This is over half of the water required to flush a standard toilet. You may also purchase Camco TST to help trash breakdown properly. Before you dump out your waste, it deodorizes the toilet and partially treats it. Because Camco TST is biodegradable, it may be used in septic tanks and for outdoor disposal.

The bucket’s smooth inside allows for simple cleaning with minimal washing and dumping of the contents. Furthermore, the bucket’s 5-gallon capacity will be more than enough for the entire family without compromising mobility. Because the seat and lid are constructed of UV-resistant polypropylene, they will not fade or be adversely impacted by sunshine.

The seat fits snugly over the lip of the bucket to keep everything within a place, and there is a lid piece provided to keep the smells out. Additionally, you will receive three bags with every purchase to help keep things tidy.

  • The toilet is portable.
  • For easy movement, it includes a powerful handle.
  • It has a sturdy plastic body.
  • It’s simple to clean.
  • It features a seal that keeps odors and other materials contained within the toilet tank.
  • Not well-suited to guys in terms of ergonomics.
  • The seat is firmly locked.

While we strongly advise you to check out the Camco Portable Toilet Bucket, there are a few small flaws in the product to be aware of. First, because the existing seat is not broad enough, an oval-shaped seat would have been more suited to comfortably accommodate both boys and girls. Second, the labels are a little overwhelming; they are over-glued and difficult to remove.

Yet, if you are looking for a low-cost, mess-free portable toilet to handle your late-night needs, this will suffice.

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Alpcour Portable Toilet

electric composting toilet

The usual height for most toilets is fifteen inches, but for a little extra outdoor comfort, choose a toilet height between 16 and 18 inches. Before it comes to comfortable outdoor johns, the Alpcour Portable Toilet is the best you will get.

It has a large seat, measuring 14.4 inches wide by 16.3 inches long and rising to a height of roughly 16.5 inches. Not only that but there is more. The Alpcour portable toilet is packed with features that make it easy to use and comfortable.

When it is the moment to empty the waste tank, the procedure is simple, quick, and painless. The spinning spout makes it simple to deposit trash in a sanitary manner. As well as the sprayer accessory provided is ideal for immaculate cleaning. Alpcour weighs around 11 pounds out of the box and comes with a carrying bag for easy transport and storage.

Not only that but there is more. Its strong construction can withstand a weight of up to 440 pounds! That is greater than the weight of the average adult in the United States.

Furthermore, the majority of the encasing is made of a material that can withstand the elements without sacrificing comfort or convenience of use. You will also find a slew of minor features on the product that are intended for optimum convenience and functionality.

  • It has a toilet seat that is both comfy and well-elevated.
  • Made for clean-ups that are quick, simple, and sanitary.
  • It has a highly efficient piston-pump flushing mechanism that doesn’t require batteries to function.
  • The revolving disposal spout makes emptying the waste compartment a pleasure.
  • Sturdy
  • ideal for a variety of outdoor activities
  • For what appears to be an entry-level portable toilet, the price may be too high.
  • Waste does not drain completely, which may necessitate the use of extra water to clear out.

It would be a lifesaver to have an Alpcour Portable Toilet on hand. It comes with all the bells and whistles that will easily distract you from its mid-range price. Its numerous features, including the flushing system and comfortable seat, will make you fall in love with it. However, if you are a man, the little circular toilet seat hole on this unit could be a little disturbing.

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The Loveable Loo composting toilet system

cheap composting toilet

This low-tech alternative is the option if you need a simple, cost-effective solution for your off-grid camp. It does not demand any energy, water, plumbing, ventilation, or chemicals. It is just a bucket within a wooden box with a toilet seat connected to it.

After each usage, you will cover the waste with sawdust. So when a container is filled, dump the contents into your compost bin or pile outside. Joe Jenkins, a proponent of humanure, has been promoting the fundamental concept of this product for years.

The collecting is only the beginning of the procedure. The solution to the dilemma, Now What?, lies at the heart of the Loveable Loo system. The majority of poop-in-a-bucket systems result in serious and dangerous health concerns.

The majority of modern composting toilets for campers are inconvenient and unpleasant to use. The Humanure method demonstrates how to compost it in a safe, odor-free, environmentally friendly, and simple manner.

The organic material is used for the cover. You start with a layer of cover material on the bottom of the toilet and add more each time you use it. Finely ground, moist but not wet, toxic in substance or odor, and biodegradable are all requirements for the cover material.

We utilize the waste from paper shredders. And we had even picked up cut grass that has dried up in the sun. Sawdust and a variety of other locally accessible options, such as cocoa fiber in Central America, work as long as the wood is not kiln-dried.

The convenience and stability of the box put over the bucket is the second major enhancement. If you buy the Loveable Loo or build one to their specifications, it is as pleasant, solid, and strong as a regular toilet fixture. The handle is the third significant improvement.

  • human waste management at a retreat without running water
  • Simple to construct and operate
  • There is very little odor.
  • The purpose of the cover material is to keep off the air exchange.
  • It gonna take a lot of cover material to pull this off.

We utilize the Lovable Loo system. And we have been really delighted with it. In case we lose sewer service in town, I have made sure we have several bags of cover material on hand as well. If the sewers become unusable due to a huge calamity, you can guarantee I will be on a mission to teach this method to my neighbors before we start seeing infections that would be unavoidable.

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Selecting the Most Appropriate composting Camp toilet for Your Situation

When it comes to tiny house design, a composting toilet is a no-brainer. They do not require water, keep waste securely and odorless, and are typically low-maintenance. However, you quickly find there are thousands of distinctions. Here are some suggestions to assist you in selecting the finest composting toilet.

Price of the Toilet

Variety will always exist according to price for whatever you will ever buy. The same may be said about portable toilets. Always check your money before informing the cashier you are ordering a certain porta toilet, regardless of the brand. Another thing to save in the brain is to always buy the greatest portable toilet that fits your budget.

Check to see if your portable toilet is self-contained or requires waste containers. Models that need wag bags are more expensive in the long term since the kits must be purchased on a regular basis.

Also, look into the toilet’s warranty. In case they do not live up to their promised durability, choose those with lengthier warranties. That way, you may rest assured that you will receive your money’s worth.

Size of the Toilet

The size of a portable toilet is important during transit and influences how comfortable it is when in use.

There are three major sizes and types of flushing toilets:

The regular model is made for people of normal height and build. Choose a portable toilet with a bigger toilet seat if you are a bit heavier.

The deluxe model is a little bigger than the basic model and comes with extras like toilet paper holders.

The luxury model is attractive and contains most of the characteristics of a regular house toilet for anyone who can afford them. Some would even include places to store your handwash and soaps, as well as toilet paper holders.

Ask yourself the following questions about toilets in general:

*Are the dimensions of the toilet small enough to fit within your car?

*Is it pleasant for you to sit on the toilet seat?

*Is the toilet going to fit in your boat, RV, or tent?

Even if you are on a tight wallet, make sure you purchase the proper toilet size for you. If you can ignore it, do not suffer as a result of your miserliness.

The number of people and length of stay:

Because they have so much in common, I’m merging these two elements. Consider the simplicity of maintenance and carrying capacity of your porta toilet when you’re entertaining a huge audience for a short period, a small crowd for a long time, or a combination of the two. Thus consider the porta toilet’s ease of maintenance and carrying capacity.

Look for models with convenient water and waste levels so you can keep track of when trash has to be disposed of, or more water needs to be obtained. When coping with week-long camping or crowds of a hundred people, portable toilets that are easy to clean and water effects are also more useful.

Take into account any guests who may have special needs. A portable composting toilet for someone in a wheelchair will be dissimilar from one for someone without a disability.

Usability and portability:

Purchase a portable and best compost toilet that is easy to transport while still meeting your needs, particularly in terms of space. Imagine how easy it will be to dismantle and reassemble the toilets (if they are collapsible). Take a look at which one is best for you.

The GAL Portable Toilet is one such porta toilet, with a weight capacity of 440 pounds.


When examining the design of a portable toilet, there are several factors to consider.

For starters, you must determine whether the toilet has a floor and, if so, whether the floor is flat. When installed on the ground, curved flooring might be difficult to utilize. Always choose toilets with broader bases since they are more sturdy and will not cause you to fall into your own filth. Then see whether the porta toilet is built to keep smells at bay.

Some versions feature odor-controlling waste kits, while others, like the Turbo Portable Toilet, have chemicals positioned at the bottom to liquefy waste and avoid the smell. The next thing to think about is how sanitary a porta toilet is, depending on its design. Water does not go onto your behind when you use toilets with deep bowls. Thus they are hygienic to use.

Composting toilet vs Incinerating toilet:

With a composting toilet, you will let your waste degrade in your toilet and a nearby compost pile, but you will have to transport it from your toilet to the compost pile on a regular basis. An incinerating toilet destroys the waste as soon as it is flushed, leaving a tablespoon of ash behind.

Though a composting toilet is less expensive and more energy-efficient than an incinerating toilet, it also necessitates more effort and may generate a stronger odor.

Urine-Diverting Vs Non-Urine Diverting Composting Toilets

composting toilet kit

A composting toilet with a urine diverter is designed differently, collecting urine before it is combined with solid waste. The urine is simply diverted to the exit, where it is discharged into a safe disposal place, such as a container or appropriate drainage. This helps to maintain optimum moisture levels in the composting area and reduces the need for further evaporation.

Once in the composting chamber, a non-diverting composting toilet merely separates the liquid from the solid. To separate, some people use a screen or mesh, while others rely on heat and air circulation to remove surplus moisture.

It is critical to separate the feces from the pee in order to prevent the waste from degrading into sewage and emitting foul odors.

Tank Capacity

A few compost toilets don’t need to be emptied for months at a time. Others are just good for a few days. This is also contingent on the number of individuals that will be using the restroom. Also, how many times the toilet will be used. For instance, vacation villas are infrequently used.

You could, on the other hand, be looking for a tiny dwelling. Alternatively, you might go on a road trip with your RV. Alternatively, you may make the switch to an off-grid existence. That implies you’ll be using the restroom on a daily basis for a long time. It’s particularly important if you live alone in a remote place, alternatively, if your household has frequent visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do compost toilets work?

Composting toilets recycle human waste through natural breakdown and evaporation mechanisms. Over 90% of the waste entering the toilets is water, which evaporates and is transported up into the atmosphere via the vent system. This assures odor-free operation as well as thorough waste breakdown.

How to use a composting toilet?

1st step

Before you use your toilet for the first time, fill it with dried peat moss. It aids in the reduction of bacteria activity, which causes the toilet to stink.

2nd step

Sit on the toilet if you need to urinate. Don’t be concerned about where the liquid will end up. Through the openings, it will reach the liquid chamber. This is to prevent odors from forming in the toilet when liquid and solid waste combine.

3rd step

When you’re finished cleaning yourself, close the trap door using the lever. Because solid and liquid wastes fall into the same area, some composting toilets don’t have a closed trap door.

4th step

Some composite toilets have a mechanism that allows you to swirl the waste. The solid trash and dried peat moss are mixed together by stirring. The fan circulates air to dry the solid waste and keep it odor-free.

5th step

To protect the liquid waste from stinking, empty it every 3 to 4 days. However, after about 90 uses, dump the solid trash. One may put the solid trash in a biodegradable bag, which will decompose quickly. You may also empty it into your compost bin, which you can use in your garden afterward.

Do composting toilets smell?

There will be almost no odor if you properly manage a composting toilet. If your composting toilet is not properly maintained, it can get rather stinky.

Pour in the coffee grounds. Although your composting toilet should not smell, you may make it smell good by adding coffee grinds. Obtain coffee grinds on a daily basis from your neighborhood coffee shop and put them to your toilet in whichever amount smells nice to you.

What states allow composting toilets?

Washington, Arkansas, Texas, Montana, Colorado, Idaho, Florida, and Massachusetts are among the states that permit the installation of a composting toilet instead of a standard sewer system or septic tank on a property.

How much is a composting toilet?

A self-contained composting toilet costs over $1,400, but if you are handy—and adventurous—enough, you might construct one for less than $50. Before you install a composting toilet, keep in mind that you will need your own outside composting bin system.

Is toilet paper compostable?

Toilet paper may be composted if it has not been used to clean up anything icky. Toilet paper with a touch of wee on it, on the other hand, is okay- you can compost it (as long as the producer is healthy)

What is a composting toilet system?

Waterless sewage-treatment technology that breaks down human excreta into an inert nitrogen-rich substance comparable to humus. Composting toilets save the costs of traditional sewage treatment by eliminating the water usage associated with conventional toilets.

What to do with composting toilet waste?

There are a few benefits to using a composting toilet. To begin with, they save a significant quantity of water each year and are considered good for the environment. It’s vital to remember that you can’t use this compost on just about anything. Therefore it’s a good idea to know where and how to put the waste from a composting toilet.

Several of the ways you can use compost from a waterless toilet are; The first step is to contact your local government to determine if there are any limitations or requirements regarding the use of composting toilet waste on your property.

It is suggested that you use disposable gloves and a dust mask while working with compost from a composting toilet. Even if the waste in the composting toilet has gone through aerobic respiration and any unpleasantness has been killed off. It still is a great idea to be cautious because you will be dealing with Bacteria, Actinobacteria, Fungi, and Moulds.

Final Words

So, we’ve done our best to choose the best portable toilets for camping. These small composting toilet reviews are based on our own personal experiences as well as some user feedback. Opinions, they say, don’t lie, especially when a majority of them appear to marry.

Even yet, rather than simply taking things at face value, you may want to conduct more research and learn more about the specific aspects that should influence your camping toilet selection.

We hope that the information provided above will assist you in selecting the best composting toilet system for your needs.

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