8 Best Tub Surrounds 2022 – Organize Your Bathtub Walls

Best Tub surrounds 2022

Tub surround is a term used for any type of material that covers the surface of a wall and prevents it from any kind of damage caused due to moisture. These are available easily to different kinds of materials and can be used for attraction.

In other words, a bathtub surround can be defined as an area that covers the walls and tiles enclosed to the exterior of a tub. These are not only used for aesthetic purposes but also serve as a shield by protecting the wall from damage.

In short, consider it a bathtub that is vertical in shape and is non-porous, thus preventing the water from trapping inside. So, if the walls surrounding your tub are porous and dry, then you better switch to the non-porous ones to be in the safe zone. Other than that, just like a bathtub, a tub surround comes in these materials i-e, Acrylic, cultured marble, composite stone, fiberglass, and solid surface.

Top Pick
best bathtub surrounds-min Swanstone Bathtub Wall Kit
  • Made of Veritek.
  • Resistant to molds and mildew
  • Has molded in-shelves
  • Very durable
best tub surrounds-min Maax Bathtub Wall Kit
  • It has a white matte finish
  • It has five-piece bathtub wall panels
  • Made of high-quality polystyrene.
bathtub wall panel-min DreamLine QWALL-Tub Backwall Kit
  • Alluring tile patterns
  • High-quality Acrylic is used
  • Adhesive panels

8 Best Bath Tub Surrounds 2022 – Top Bathtub Inserts

Here in this article, we have picked our favorite best hot tub surrounds to give you a thorough detail about them. All of these are efficient and purposeful in their ways. So, without wasting your time any further, buy yourself the best surround for the bathtub.

Mermaid Bath and Shower Walls

best shower surrounds

Mermaid creates perfect bathroom showers and walls that have waterproof wall panels. It has a long-lasting exclusive waterproof design which is best for bath surrounds & shower walls. A grout-free surface that can be cleaned up with a slightly wet cloth and mild soap. We hope you will be enjoying in best infrared saunas of 2022.

Furthermore, these are designed in such a way that they can be fitted in spaces with measurements of about 60 inches in width, 96 inches in height, and about 48 to 60 inches in length. They are very convenient to install that takes 2.5 hours time of installation. And if one keeps how about the method of installation, then the services of plumber won’t be needed.‎

They are so handy that one can easily cut them into appropriate measurements with wood cutting tools and install them where needed. They come in an attractive look with a finishing touch of white matte. And the material used in its making is high-quality water-resistance gypsum. The limit of warranty is about 1-year maximum.

The limit of warranty is about 1-year maximum. Also, the kit is pocket-friendly and especially for those who don’t want to spend much money on such things. It durable product with beauty.

Always keep this thing in mind cheaper the rate, lower the quality, and vice-versa. Such is the case with this product. One more thing that is worrisome about luxury tub surround is the duration of the warranty, which is only one year. One can only get such sort of product at this price. And at this price, this can be a good buy.

Here’s a detailed guide about how to beautifully decorate your tub surround

  • It comes in an elegant and stylish design
  • Installation is very easy
  • It has a non-porous surface
  • Goes friendly with your budget
  • Has a good storage space
  • Good and shiny surface
  • waterproof
  • Durable
  • It can be damaged easily


As Mermaid is a very famous name which offers the best showers and wall panels of bathrooms. The Wall Panels of Mermaid give a long-term guarantee of performance. And worthy for a two or three-sided shower coop. It is easy to clean as well as has a Mermaid End kit, Mermaid shower kit, and edging profile in the premium range. These all are waterproof.

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Swanstone Bathtub Wall Kit

replace shower surround

Swanstone bathtub wall kit includes one back panel with a molded soap dish and two corner bath surround panels consisting of molded shelves. This is a fantastic purposeful kit fulfilling the needs of users. Also, this gives a good storage space where one can place the essential bath items and can efficiently utilize the area while taking a shower.

The product’s dimensions are designed to fit spaces between 29 to 32 inches in depth, 59 inches in height, and 53 to 60 inches in width. It also comes with an installation kit so that the panels can be cut easily and then installed where needed, hence making the installation very convenient. 

Moreover, the kit’s make material is Veritek and is designed in such a way that its surface gives an uncanny resemblance with the real tiles. Although, the surface of real tiles is not durable and is more prone to damage and scratches. Whereas the bathtub panels are not coated. So it is prevented any damage to or car

Furthermore, these bath wall panels have anti-resistant properties, and they help to prevent the tub surroundings from molds and mildew. In other words, what we like the most about this product is that it not only adds an attractive look to the bathroom but is also very durable and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Also, the surface of this bath panel is moisture-proof and comes with properly sealed seams and edges. It is only available in Bisque color. It is one of the solid kits adding integrity to the product. The product’s features are unique and different, thus making it a top pick in the market.

  • Anti-resistant properties
  • Elegant design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Moisture free and thick surface
  • Highly durable and sturdy design
  • Easy to install
  • An uncanny resemblance with tiles
  • It is very expensive.


These shower surround panels are very durable, long-lasting, and have a limited lifetime warranty. They don’t only add beauty to one’s washroom but are very purposeful and give good storage space. Along with that, they prevent the surface of panels from mildew. It can be a good choice to make for people looking for the best quality bathtub kit.

The Swanstone’s panel kit is easy to install and highly durable to use. The surface’s texture, color, anti-resistant properties, etc., all these things add more value to this product. In short, this bathtub is a fantastic product with long-lasting uses. So, if you want to buy a high-end quality product, then go for this one.

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American Standard Bathtub Wall Set

bathtub siding

This bathtub panel kit comes from a well-known company, and that is American Standard. The product has measurements of about 60 x 32x 58 inches and is suitable for the tub, which is about 18 inches in height. This kit is designed for use with American bathtubs, but it can also be used with tubs of other companies.

Also, this wall set has an elegant and classy design. Similarly, a high-quality acrylic gloss adds more shine and value to the product. This kit is not only used for aesthetic purposes but is durable too and has long-lasting properties. The product has an interlocked groove system preventing the tub from the mess of seepage.

Furthermore, the kit comprises six shelves, three on each side while the center space is free, thus making way for the person’s easy movement. The presence of shelves plays an important role in the provision of good storage space, hence making it easy for the consumer to place things near the shower area.

The bathtub paneling of this product is very convenient as it is very easy to install and also, and it comes with a manual too, which helps in the installation of panels. Also, this product is made up of a high-quality material which as result gives a strong and thick surface. The thickness and durability of the product’s surface help to prevent shocks and damage.

Other than that, its beautiful and sturdy design can add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. Such sort of products is invented very rarely. The most highly durable kit it is giving a lot of benefits and fulfilling the needs of users. Also, it comes with a lifetime warranty which gives peace of mind as one doesn’t have to worry about replacements.

  • An appealing look
  • Glossy, attractive surface
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Good storage space
  • Very convenient to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Moisture free surface
  • These bath tub enclosures are very expensive.


In order to talk about the look, design, features, and properties of the shower wall kits by American Standard Company, they always come up with the best products ever. Although their products are a bit expensive but paying a little extra amount can do wonders to your bath area for a lifetime. However, this kit is a bit pricey. Although it has all the features, one wishes to look for.

But one should bear this thing in mind that high-quality things have high prices. So, it is amazing value for the money.

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Durawall Thermoplastic Bathtub Wall Kit

bath tub walls

This product comes with 5-panel tub inserts with amazing quality and the provision of six shelves on it, giving an excellent storage space so that a person can place the items of basic use there. Once installed, it does not create trouble for the person, and it tightens the walls of the panels having seamless corners and good edges.

This bathtub is designed in such a way that it can fit into the spaces of a regular use bathtub with measurements of between 30 to 60 inches and 32 to 60 inches, and 42 to 72 inches dimensions. The kit includes the molded shelves creating a storage space for keeping shampoo bottles and other items.

This bathtub insert kit comes with a glossy finishing touch and is made with good quality thermoplastic material. And the glow on its surface lasts for a lifetime. One won’t be able to tell that it is old and used after years of installation. The surface properties of this kit are anti-resistant, moisture-free, and help to protect from molds.

Also, the kit comes with manual guidance about how to install the panels. These are very handy to install and can be cut into proper measurements and then installed on the wall. The product comes in white color. Whit color in itself is an attractive and universal color and goes with any type of bath area.

Moreover, these tub wall surround kits have a limited lifetime warranty adding a plus point to the product. Due to the features, properties, and elegance of this product, it has made its name in the list of best bathroom surrounds. These are very durable and easy to maintain and clean. And due to its easy installation method, one can save extra cash too.

  • Affordable price
  • Moisture-free surface
  • Durable and sturdy shower wall inserts
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Convenient to maintain its cleanliness
  • The adhesive in it does not stick to wet walls.
  • It Has thin walls.


However, a product in this range can be offered by many other brands too, but this kit has all it to offer, which other companies doesn’t. But it comes with sticky panels and only adheres to drywalls, and the panel’s surface is thin too. But other than that it can be a good purchase too.

Other than that, this product has all the qualities one is looking for. Also, this kit comes at an affordable price and, along with that, gives a durable surface to the user and buyers.

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DreamLine QWALL-Tub Backwall Kit

shower bathtub enclosures

The Dream acrylic bathtub surrounds come in an enchanting design, adding a beautiful look to your bathroom. This product is easy to install and is considered the best substitute for tiles consisting of two glass shelves for keeping shampoo bottles and other items. The kit is made with high-quality and durable Acrylic.

Their bath inserts are easy to clean and measure about 32 inches deep x 59 ½ inches wide x 60 inches in height. They are very durable and can be cut into desired measurements. Also, they can easily fit into rectangular bathtubs and are easy to install. They have sticky panels and adhere to the drywall.

For installation, the services of an expert plumber are required as it’s a little tricky to install. They add an elegant touch to the bath area and make it look attractive. Also, this kit comes with a 1-year warranty, giving a little peace of mind. This way, the person won’t have to worry after it is installed.

Furthermore, the surface of this best tub shower surround insert is not that durable and very fragile, but if maintained properly, then it can last for a long time. Other than that, it comes in white color, adding a great look to the washroom. This kit can only be fixed or fitted against a wonder board or green board.

In short, this shower wall surround kit made its name on the list because of its beautiful style, design, and structure. They can be a bit affordable. One more thing to add is that it supplies a good storage space.

Also, it doesn’t occupy much space so a person can move easily when in the shower. So, if you want to buy a bathtub panel, then this kit is another recommendation for you.

  • Glass shelves are available
  • Easy to clean
  • Attractive and unique design
  • Affordable price
  • A limited warranty of 1 year
  • Adds good storage space
  • A plumber will be needed for installation purposes.
  • Not very durable


In contrast to products of other brands, this is the best bathtub wall surround that stands different because of its unique design and is affordable to purchase too. But as this kit is not very durable so proper care for that will be needed. The choice is yours now.

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ASB 39240 Vantage Tub Wall

bathtub shower insert

This model may be of attention if you are seeking a budget-friendly best tub wall surrounds at the cheaper side of the pricing range. Its maximal dimensions are 60″ wide x 31″ deep; however, it may be shrunk to a minimum of 49″ wide x 28″ deep if necessary.

It has a high-strength sturdy construction. And is manufactured with high-impact polystyrene to add strength. It also features overlapping corners. These overlaps help in the prevention of leaks to occur. So you can finally say bye-bye to the leaky bathroom.

You must be amazed to know this many of the features at such a reasonable price. We all want to renovate our home to feel better seeing it. This bathtub surround should be the big yes for renovating your bathroom to an extent.

With six shelves and two towel racks, there is enough storage room to keep whatever you need for bath time neatly organized and clear. Now put your favorite hair care products assembled and in place. We also enjoy the visual impression it generates; this tub surround will give your bathroom a cleaner, contemporary appearance.

As previously said, this is intended to be a low-cost choice; but, because you get what you pay for, you do not demand anything of remarkable quality. This is a usable surround that offers quality products at affordable prices, although if you want a higher-end product, expect to spend a little more.

That would have been a good alternative for anybody trying to make modifications to their bathroom without having to dig in their wallet. But if that sounds like what you are searching for, this is yet another suggested alternative.

  • Cheapest Bath tub surround
  • Great to meet all basic requirements
  • Made of sturdy material
  • Easy to cut and shape
  • Packing is not up to the mark.


The item is really versatile and well worth the money. We tested this one, and it looked fantastic while we were reviewing it. Although it needed to make some custom trimming, and this was simple to cut and shape. We would recommend having an additional pair of hands on hand while installation, but you can do it yourself. This product looks fantastic and is really durable once fitted.

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Mustee 660WHT Fiberglass Bathtub Surround

shower surround kits

The next product on our list is from MUSTEE. This excellent bathtub surround is manufactured by Mustee and Sons, who equipped this product with premium quality molded fiberglass that ensures the provision of optimum strength and resistance to an impact. They use matching metallic molds under pressure and heat while manufacturing.

Mustee 670WHT Fiberglass Bathtub Surrounds come to you with plenty of features. It Supports all Mustee TOPAZ Fiberglass Bathtubs along with regular 30-in x 60-in bathtubs; perfect for new or remodel applications. So grab it for renovating your bathroom the way you want.

This product Mounts directly to studs with your bathroom walls, along with mounting flanges that are concealed under drywall or other wall treatments. So installing this bathtub surround is never a fuss. You also get two molded-in, self-draining shelves within this package that are great for shampoo, soap, and other small items to be stored.

Furthermore, this outstanding tub wrap-around is featured with an embossed tile pattern that looks so chic. Also, it is a three-wall system for back and side walls having tongue-and-groove seams. This specification enables it to assemble simply without spending long hours as well as you get a water-tight feature with zero leakage.

If we talk about its look and finishing, then you will find it as a smooth, colorfast satin finishing accompanying scuff resistance. Cleaning is not a biggie in the case of this product because it is mildew-resistant also mold-resistant that making it easy to clean.

  • Simplest installation process
  • Looks stylish and attractive
  • It goes light on your budget
  • durability is ensured
  • Many screw holes for better hold
  • A little hard on the pocket


This item is for sale. Your bathroom walls are directly mounted to studs. Mounting hooks that are hidden under drywall or other wall coverings are also available. As a result, installing this bathtub surround is a simplicity.

This stunning tub wrap-around has an embossing tile design that is both stylish and functional. It’s also a three-wall system, with tongue-and-groove seams on the back and sidewalls. Hence get your hands on it as soon as possible.

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Swanstone SS00603.010 Bathtub Wall Kit

tub inserts

One rear panel with a molded-in soap dish and two corner panels with molded-in shelves are included in this bathtub wall kit. This offers you a place to keep all of your bath essentials on each of the three wall surfaces.

It is designed for rooms with a depth of 29″ to 32″, a width of 53″ to 60″, and a height of 59 12″, as long as your wall space falls among these parameters. It may simply be trimmed to fit, making installation simple, as much as your wall space falls within such dimensions. The bathtub surrounds additionally comes, including an assembly kit.

So it will not be a big task for you to install this bathtub surround as its installation procedure is not less than a DIY project. It is indeed built of Veritek (a well-known quality material) and is meant to resemble genuine tiles as much as possible. It does, however, have a benefit over genuine tiles in that it has no chippable or crackable surface covering.

Hence if you accidentally bump on these bath tub walls, you will not be annoyed to see those cracks making it look too bad and spoiling the aesthetics of your bathroom.

It is also totally molded and mildew resistant, making it an extremely low-maintenance material. What we enjoy best about this item is that it provides the ideal balance of a striking aesthetic impression and long-lasting durability. This really is a solid wall kit that is far more durable than many similar models sold at a comparable cost.

Altogether, this is a nice bathtub surround that is simple to set up, and it will last a long time. It also provides you a lot of bang for your money.

  • Long life quality
  • Built with premium quality material
  • Free of chipping and cracking
  • Best Veritek built in material
  • Instructions are provided in the package
  • It looks bulky and heavy
  • A little expensive


The surroundings are solid. Not at all the fragile plastic surrounds that are commonly seen at and below this pricing. For the simplest assembly, read the sandstone and adhesion tube instructions. Each one delivers somewhat different advice on how and where to apply glue effectively. The price can be compromised for this one of the heavy-duty 3-piece tub surrounds.

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Considerations Before Buying A Bath Tub Surround; Buyer’s Guide

Single-piece vs. multi-piece Tub Surrounds

Single-piece bathtub wall kits comprise a molded back wall and two side panels. Also, there are no seams or crevices in these designs, making them extremely mold- and mildew-resistant. The sleek, smooth appearance of single-piece bathtub walls is also a plus point. Sadly, if you have any plumbing issues, you will have to remove the whole old bathtub wall in order to repair them.

On the other hand, the best tub surround kits come in three to five-piece packages that can be adapted to match your bathroom. Many homeowners choose these kits because the foundation of the house is less likely to crack or distort over time. The ability to remove one panel at one time for plumbing repairs is another benefit of multi-piece bathtub walls.

Size Of The Tub

Although most bathtubs are 60 inches in length, their widths range from 32 to 34 inches. This is crucial to remember as you evaluate the size of the bathtub wall to ensure a proper fit. Restoring an inappropriately sized unit, especially one as big as a bathtub side, presents a different set of complications.

bathtub siding

Before getting the best bath tub wall for your bathroom, make sure to note down the measurements of your bathroom’s tub in terms of avoiding any complications.

Manufacturing Materials

Fiberglass, Acrylic, PVC, and Veritek are some of the materials used in bathtub walls. The cost of fiberglass walls is low, but the color selections are limited. Acrylic is a bit thicker and more robust than fiberglass. However, because of the black butyl tape as well as the natural shrinkage and expansion of Acrylic, installation can be untidy.

Bathtub walls made of PVC are still famous since they come in a variety of finishes, colors, and designs. Veritek features a distinctive gel-coat finish, and because it’s a patented substance, it’s only available in Swanstone bathtub walls.

Appearance & Color

While bathtub walls are designed to be serviceable, their appearance certainly influences your purchasing choices. As it matches the toilet and sink, the most typical colors for bathtub walls are white or ivory. Bathtub walls come in a variety of colors, finishes, and patterning for bathrooms with a distinct color scheme.

So get the one that goes fits with your bathroom and enhance the aesthetics.


bathtub surround kits

Molded shelves for bottles and bars of soap can be found on certain bathtub walls. Because they reduce the need for shower cabinet accessories, they are very sought features in bathtub walls. Some come with two, while others come with one shelf in the kit.

So in case you are a person who loves to have hair care products and likes to invest in sweet-smelling body washes, then you really would need to have bath tub walls having shelves so that you can keep those products on them.


If you are on a budget, bathtub walls may be found for less than $400. Medium designs are closer to $900 and are built significantly better. The most costly bathtub walls cost over $1,200 and come in a variety of designs and colors. Quality should be something to matter, hence investing some bucks for a costly yet best tub surrounds to buy will not make you be guilty.

Easy Maintenance

The ease of upkeep of a surround is also connected to the material it is built of. Placing a high quality tub surround has the added benefit of making it simple to keep your bathroom clean and gleaming. As a result, you should select a surround that is simple to clean and maintains its “just-fit” appearance for a prolonged period of time.

Easy to clean bathroom best quality tub surrounds are the ones that are resistant to mold and mildew. That makes it easy to be cleaned and clear. You can also seek a moisture-free surface as the steam will stain the surface resulting in difficulty in cleaning.


Bathtub surround options may be useful. It will help maintain your bathroom clean and provide you with a place to put your toiletries and other bath time supplies. However, that does not mean you ought to overlook beauty. Consider that you will most likely be utilizing the same bathroom and bathtub surround for several years.

So you should be looking for the one that will exactly go with the type and style of your restroom. Thus choose the one that exactly goes with your bathroom and your liking because the aesthetics matter too!

Frequently asked Questions

1. How to install bathtub surround?

Prep the walls with primer and clean them. You will be provided with the side and back panels. So, you need to paste back bathroom tub surrounds first and then the side one. Make sure to chisel the studs protruding out. Also, For attaining a better fit, trim the drywall.

To apply the glue and connect the panels to the walls, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Allow them to air dry. Replace the knobs, spout, and other hardware on the faucet. Seal every one of the joints and then let them dry. Wait 24 hours before soaking in the tub or taking a shower.

2. How to update bathtub surround?

Make sure to have a bathroom free of any leakages. Repair the plumbing in the walls first. Patch all the holes made. Now prep the walls. Remove old tub surround panels. There are no corner joints because the best shower surrounds are made entirely of one piece. The tub’s walls are the only place where there is a seam. A color-matched caulk is used to fill this in.

Also, if you want to upgrade shower fixtures, so can you. You can add curved curtain rods that will make you feel like to have a little more room while you take a bath.

3. How to remove a tub surround?

Consider the following steps for removing a tub surround:-

  • Switch off the power supply via the tub’s shutoff valve or the house’s main shutoff valve. The shutoff valves for the tub are normally found behind the shower wall.
  • With the help of a screwdriver, loosen and unscrew the screws securing the faucet handles, then remove the faucet grips and place them away.
  • Use a screwdriver, to loosen and detach the set screw underneath the tub spout.
  • If there are any rivets on the tub surround, cut them out with a tool knife.
  • Score the caulk line between the tub edge and the tub surround’s bottom.
  • Remove the retaining trim from the tub surround by lifting it up.
  • Start at the right-hand corner of the wall against the plumbing and pull the tub surround away from the wall. Peel the tub surround away while cutting the adhesive behind it with a knife blade.
  • Pull the panel away from you.
  • Pull the corner retainer from the tub surround’s sidewall panel.
  • With the tool knife, cut a groove from the top of the tub surround to the shower arm.
  • Beginning with the topmost corner on the side furthest from the wall, pull the panel away from the wall. As you work, cut the adhesive. Remove and cut the panel away from the wall until it is free.
4. What is a tub surround?

The walls right above a bathtub or bathtub/shower combination are protected by a bathtub surround, which is a vertical surface material. Bathtub surrounds are commonly composed of ceramic tile, although they can indeed be made of other products. Sheets of Acrylic or polyester, as well as solid-surface material sheets, are examples.

Surrounds come in a variety of styles, from a single column of ceramic tile that acts as a form of backsplash around the tub to fully enclosed walls that enclose all three sides of a bathtub or shower alcove.

5. What are solid surface materials?

Solid surface materials, such as Veritek, are of greater grade. They’re thicker, tougher, and more durable than acrylic or fiberglass, for example. Several of them will have a 30-year or longer lifetime. However, Acrylic is a preferred choice for bathtub surrounds, and for a solid reason.

Despite pricey natural stone or tile with difficult-to-clean grout lines, Acrylic has a smooth surface that complements any look and feels and is easy to clean.

6. Do I need expensive tools to install a bathtub wall myself?

Drills, measuring tools, and carpenter’s knives are among the apparatus you may already have on hand. Jigsaws and routers are also vital, as they may be used in a variety of other DIY home renovation jobs.

For many people, uninstalling a bathtub and replacing it with a new one is a simple task. This DIY task may be completed in one day if you plan ahead and work with a partner having vital equipment.

7. Should I hire a plumber before putting up a bathtub wall?

Plumbers do fix and replace bathtubs, among so many other things. They also would connect the plumbing linked with the bathtub in order to remove and install your new bathtub. But Before constructing a new bathtub wall, many customers consult a plumber to ensure that all pipes and fixtures are in working order.

Because these places will be briefly exposed, now is an excellent time to inspect them. The rest can be the DIY task.

8. Can you tell the standard size of a tub surround?

The standard bath surround is about 1,920 square feet in size. This figure will vary based on the size of your bathtub and the availability of space you have now in your bathroom. A typical pre-built surround has a length of 60 inches, a height of 32 inches, and a width of 32 inches, which may accommodate a small to a medium-sized bathtub.

This includes sizes with a length of 60 inches, a height of 72 inches, and a width of 60 inches, as well as higher or bigger sizes. These figures are for pre-built surrounds; nevertheless, in order to establish how much tile is acceptable or required for your surround, calculate the length and width of your three surrounding walls.

9. What is the cost of replacing a bathtub surround?

As previously said, the cost of replacing your bathtub and surround will differ considerably based on whether you do it on your own or hire a professional plumber. Depending on the strength of the product you use, a surround might cost anywhere from $300 to $1200. A bathtub upgrade might cost anywhere from $300 to $1200, dependent on the material.

Wind Up!

Bathtub surrounds are a cost-effective alternative to some of the more expensive methods to embellish your bathroom, enabling you to enhance the aesthetic impression and add a little bit of elegance without breaking the bank. There are so many excellent choices available, as well as many that are not nearly as fantastic.

It may be difficult to find the greatest bathtub surround, and if you are still undecided, any of the alternatives in this evaluative tub surrounds reviews would be a fantastic place to start your search. However, Swanstone Bathtub Wall Kit wins the race by having multiple amazing features, Maax Bathtub Wall Kit comes 2nd having a pocket-friendly stylish design, & DreamLine that is built with high-quality Acrylic lasting long.

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