Best Infrared Saunas 2022 – Unbiased Infrared Sauna Reviews + Guide

best infrared saunas 2022

Infrared Saunas (or IR saunas) are modern types of saunas that use infrared light to create heat. Low emf Infrared sauna offer many benefits over their traditional counterparts: steam saunas. One of them is that they can be bought as portable saunas and set up in your own home. This guide lists the best infrared saunas of 2022 available for you to choose from.

Dynamic sauna emf have grown in popularity, meaning that there is now a huge variety of them on the market. Therefore, it is important to be aware of unbiased infrared sauna reviews and the top infrared sauna brands before making a big purchase.

This collection of the best infrared saunas in 2022 seeks to teach you everything you need to know.

Maxxus Far Infrared Sauna for Home for 2 Persons
  • Low EMF Heaters
  • Double Paneled Walls
  • Built-in Audio Connection
  • Operate at 120F-130F
Tuscon Monticello 4-Person Infrared Sauna
  • 10 Carbon Heaters
  • Oxygen Ionizer
  • Chromo Therapy
  • Solid Hemlock Construction
Medical Sauna 4 Full Spectrum In Home Infrared Sauna for 2 persons
  • Hot / Cold Cleansing System
  • Full Spectrum 3D Heating System
  • Designed by Doctors

Best Infrared Sauna Reviews 2022 Best Infrared Sauna Consumer Reports

Maxxus Far Infrared Sauna for Home for 2 Persons

maxxus far infrared sauna

Ethically and Sustainably Sourced Hemlock Wood Construction:

The construction material for this best infrared heat sauna is reforested Canadian hemlock wood, so the trees are replaced when they are cut down- leading to sustainability in the environment.

Double Paneled Walls:

The Maxxus Far Infrared Sauna walls are double paneled and constructed with thicker interior and exterior wood planks than most competitor infrared sauna for home. The hemlock plank walls on this sauna are 6MM thick on both the interior and exterior.

The thicker walls help the sauna hold on to the heat better and heat up faster and be more energy-efficient.

Low EMF Heaters

Maxxus Far Infrared Sauna are Low EMF sauna for your home. You must use low EMF far infrared sauna if you are looking to use true infrared saunas because exposure to high EMF levels is inherently dangerous to the human body.

Carbon Energy Efficient Heating Panels

This sauna is equipped with six low EMF carbon energy-efficient heaters, as well as an industry-leading design foot heater (their ‘Feet Reflexology Heater’). The six heaters spread to produce a softer heat that is evenly distributed throughout the sauna.

Maxxus carbon energy-efficient heaters are larger than ceramic heaters and produce heat that penetrates the skin better. Additionally, they don’t need to be replaced even with regular use. In contrast, ceramic heaters need to be regularly replaced.

Built-In MP3 Connection

The Maxxus Infrared Sauna has a built-in LED display feature control panel to manage temperature and time. Also, it comes with an aux connection for your MP3 so you can play your favorite music while you unwind and experience the benefits of the best infrared sauna reviews 2022.

No Special Wiring Required

The Maxxus sauna easily plugs into any dedicated 15A, 110V A/C outlet- so no special wiring or tools are required to get it going. It also does not need to be installed on the special ground and works just as well on carpet as it does on tiles. It is suitable for any indoor location.

Operate at 120 F to 130 F

The sauna operates most efficiently at 120F to 130F- lower than traditional rock and water saunas and higher than most rival infrared saunas.

  • Easy installation (requires 2 people)
  • Lasts a long time
  • Automatically shuts off heaters according to timer
  • Possible to rest your back
  • Easily fits 2 adults
  • MP3 wire plugs into the ceiling and is out of your way when using the sauna
  • Some users have tried to test EMF readings in the sauna and found readings to be a little higher than manufacturer claims

The Maxxus Far Infrared Sauna for indoor use is one of the best infrared saunas for home use in 2022 on the market. It checks all the boxes for its price point: it is easy to install without professional help, plugs into any dedicated outlet, is roomy enough for two adults, has efficient heating, and has an easy-to-use control panel. Finally, according to Maxxus infrared sauna reviews, this sauna has lasted people upwards of two years of use.

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Dynamic “Andora” 2-Person Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna

best infrared sauna 2021

Ethically and Sustainably Sourced Hemlock Wood Construction:

The construction material of this best infrared sauna low emf on the market is 100% natural reforested Canadian hemlock wood. The hemlock is durable enough to preserve the fasted sauna for a long time.

Clear Tempered Glass Door with Side Windows:

This best tested low emf sauna by LifeSmart has a beautiful exterior finish that makes it look good in any setting. The doors and windows are made of clear tempered glass that adds to the spaciousness and aesthetic of the sauna. 

The glass is tempered and heat resistant, meaning you should have no temperature-related cracking on your door or windows.

Chromo Therapy Lighting System:

Chromo Therapy uses colors to uplift your mood. The science behind chromotherapy is that specific colors in the visible range on the electromagnetic spectrum have frequencies that improve body and mental health. 

Each color on the visible light spectrum has a unique frequency that corresponds to different physical symptoms. So, being able to adjust the light to target distinct physical needs is a huge plus.

It’s Easy to Assemble:

A massive pro of the Dynamic Andora infrared indoor sauna is that the assembly requires no tools or professional help. Two people can set up the clasp-together sauna in 30 to 45 minutes. The walls and other parts easily slot into each other and fix where they need to. 

It won’t damage your floors:

Suppose you change your mind about your cheap infrared sauna placement in your home. In that case, moving the Andora sauna around is not going to damage your tiles or hardwood floors, thanks to the well-placed scratch-resistant discs at the bottom. You can slide the sauna around after it has been assembled.

However, disassembly and re-assembly are also easy if you need to move houses or something.

Built-In Control Panel:

You can adjust infrared sauna temperature and time without leaving the sauna through the soft-buttoned control panel. This is one of the best infrared sauna review.

MP3 and Bluetooth Controls:

You can choose to sit in the sauna in silence and meditate- or you can play some calming sounds or music through the built-in Bluetooth speakers.

  • Heating panels’ placement provides optimum full-body exposure
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Beautiful wood finish and tempered glass windows
  • The floor heaters are not as loved by customers as the wall heaters
  • Not very low EMF, so it is important that you sit reasonably far from the heating panels

The second product that could contend for the best low EMF sauna title for home use is the Dynamic Andora Far Infrared sauna. We provided this dynamic infrared sauna review because It is perfect for two people, being spacious enough and providing full infrared heat coverage. The heaters are carbon energy efficient, which means they work better than conventional ceramic heaters and last much longer.

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Radiant Saunas BSA2418 4-Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna

top infrared sauna

Canadian Hemlock Construction:

Eastern Hemlock is scar-resistant and hypoallergenic, making it an excellent construction wood for applications like saunas. It retains heat well as it is a good insulator, and it is a decently durable wood variety that preserves the sauna over years of use.

Integrated Audio System:

The Radiant Infrared sauna is built with high-quality audio systems, which include a CD player, radio, and aux input. You can set the mood and vibe inside the sauna by adjusting lighting due to chromotherapy lights and choosing your own soundtrack.

Chromo Therapy:

This sauna is another radiant health sauna that offers chromotherapy features. Chromotherapy uses the frequencies of different colored lights to target various physical problems. Coupled with far-infrared heat, the Radiant sauna aims to increase your core temperature and relieve you of muscle and joint pains.

Indoor Design:

The Radiant far no EMF infrared sauna is designed to suit indoor environments. It can easily fit into your bedroom, garage, or gym. Also, the hemlock finish makes it look like a luxurious addition to any room.

Super long warranty period:

This infrared sauna by Radiant Saunas comes with a seven-year warranty period on the hemlock wood structure. So, you can rest assured that the manufacturers have strong beliefs in the quality of their products.

  • Internationally certified for quality, safety and professional manufacturing
  • Hemlock construction is scratch resistant
  • Chromo therapy system to help alleviate anxiety
  • Tinted and tempered glass door
  • Oxygen Ionizer
  • Built-in back rests, towel hangers and magazine rack
  • Might need professionals to assemble
  • Some users complained that highest possible temperature is lower than advertised
  • Not large enough for four users as advertised, seats up to three adults

One of the best infrared saunas to invest in is the Radiant Sauna’s BSA2418 model. we reviewed this radiant sauna reviews because It is a pricier option than the indoor infrared saunas we have covered so far. However, it offers a lot of extra benefits, like an oxygen ionizer. It also contains nine carbon energy-efficient heating panels distributed throughout the sauna to help give you full-body coverage of far-infrared heat. It is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a roomier sauna for 2-3 people, but it may be too small for four adults.

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Tuscon Monticello 4-Person Infrared Sauna

tuscon monticello sauna review

Easy Temperature Control:

The sauna comes equipped with dual interior and exterior LED easy-touch control panels, allowing for easy temperature control. You can set the required temperature before you get in, and once you are inside the sauna, you do not have to leave it to adjust temperatures.

Operating Temperature:

HeatWave’s Tuscon Monticello Infrared Sauna temperature reaches a peak temperature of 141 F. This is higher than average sauna EMF levels and lower than traditional rock and water saunas, making it ideal for home use.

It’s a beautiful addition to your indoor furniture:

This sauna is made of solid hemlock wood and constructed with tongue and groove assembly. The door and windows are made of tempered, bronze-tinted glass. The glass panes are 7mm thick, so they’re strong and durable.

Color Therapy Bulb:

A color therapy LED bulb gives you many color setting options. You can choose the bulb to rotate colors as you sit in the sauna. Alternately, you can steadily stream a single color from the six available colors. The sauna comes with a color therapy remote to make it easier for you to adjust colors according to your preference. 

It’s easy on your back:

The sauna comes with four ergonomic backrests. Usually, most wood-constructed saunas’ backrests are uncomfortable. The Monticello from Heatwave does its best to give you a more comfortable sauna experience by making its backrests ergonomic.

Oxygen Ionizer:

The oxygen ionizer releases negative ions that purify the air inside the sauna, allowing you to breathe cleaner and purer air as you bask in the infrared heat.

  • Highly reviewed for comfort
  • Highly reviewed for craftsmanship
  • Easy to assemble
  • Oxygen Ionizer
  • Chromo Therapy Bulb

    According to the infrared sauna consumer reports, the Tuscon Monticello low emf person infrared sauna is one of the best rated infrared saunas. It fits up to four people at a time. Also, it is expertly crafted using high-quality wood and electronics. Another selling point for this sauna to be the best indoor sauna is that the Color Therapy bulb can be programmed to continuously change between the colors it displays, so you can completely customize the vibe inside your home sauna.

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    HeatWave Coronado BSA2406 2-Person Deluxe Ceramic Infrared Sauna

    infrared sauna reviews 2021

    It’s pretty big:

    For two people, HeatWave’s Coronado far infrared heater is a luxurious sauna for home use. It is perfect for any indoor setting.

    Canadian Hemlock is excellent for saunas:

    Eastern Canadian Hemlock is an excellent heat insulator, so it provides better heat retention than other woods. It is also antimicrobial and hypo-allergenic- so it resists mildew and mold and helps prevent allergies.

    Oxygen Ionizer:

    The built-in state-of-the-art oxygen ionizer system makes sure the air you breathe while inside the sauna is clean and pure.

    Listen to whatever you want:

    The built-in audio system allows for CD Player, Radio, and Aux connection. Play soothing spa sounds or your favorite music as you use your sauna. The best home sauna is one that you feel most comfortable in.

    • Securely packaged
    • Well made, high quality craftsmanship
    • Easy to put together (90 minutes of assembly with 2 people)
    • Elegant design
    • Heats up quickly

      This eastern hemlock low EMF far infrared sauna by HeatWave is one of the best home sauna units we have come across. Among all the unbiased infrared sauna reviews we went through, this model is one of the most highly reviewed products by customers. This infrared sauna tent heats up quickly, and you can start using it in two and a half hours after beginning assembly- and ninety of those minutes go into the assembly.

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      Medical Sauna 4 Full Spectrum In Home Infrared Sauna for 2 persons

      best home saunas

      Medically sound design:

      This best tested low emf sauna by Medical Breakthrough is one of the only medical saunas in the industry. It has been designed by over twenty-five doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, pain specialists, and surgeons. The company undertook ten years of research and collaboration with medical experts to ensure that you get all the actual benefits that a sauna can give. This low EMF infrared sauna seeks to improve blood flow, reduce migraines, heal muscles and provide pain relief for better sleeping.

      Hot Yoga Friendly:

      The sauna has spacious enough inside for you to do yoga in. It achieves this through removable benches, so you can take them out and turn the sauna into an ample, heated, relaxing space for yoga without feeling cramped.

      Energy Efficient:

      The Medical Breakthrough sauna system for home adds very little to electric bills because it works on a 120 V supply.

      You need to know that Red Cedar is the best wood for infrared sauna.

      It comes with backrests:

      This sauna comes equipped with four ‘extreme relaxation’ technology backrests at no additional cost. The backrests are far enough away from the heating panels to prevent your skin from getting too hot or burning.

      Hot and Cold cleansing system

      Custom temperature regulation lets you feel the detox benefits of an infrared sauna while fasting.

      Insulated airflow system:

      The construction material of the mixed sauna is, as you may have guessed, Canadian hemlock. The glass windows and door panels are tempered. The combination of the wood structure and tempered glass create the ideal insulation system for a sauna.

      3D heat therapy:

      Most saunas, both on our list and in general, are far infrared heaters. This medical sauna is a full spectrum infrared heater, so it uses near-infrared heat, mid-infrared heat, and far-infrared heat. The heaters are placed all around you to give you 3D coverage.

      Other features:

      These are normally the selling features of other saunas, but are basically add-ons to the Medical Sauna, because of how loaded it is with amazing features. The medical sauna also comes with everything you look for in a basic sauna- Chromatic Therapy System, speakers, bluetooth, radio, AUX port, Carbon Heaters.

      • Doctor based
      • Free backrests included
      • Removable benches for yoga
      • Ultra low EMF
      • Protective heater covers
      • Tinted tempered glass
      • Expensive

      This sauna is the best in home sauna that is medically approved. It has a rapid internal heating system and offers omnidirectional heating so that the entire sauna is evenly heated. It is also an best ultra-low EMF sauna, making it safer than competitor products. The sauna uses carbon heaters that provide super low EMF readings. It is one of the more expensive options for a sauna for two people for all of these benefits. Medically, it is one of the best home saunas on the market.

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      Crew & Axel Infrared Sauna Individual Home Infrared Spa-Indoor Portable Sauna Set

      best home infrared sauna

      Heating Foot Pad and Sturdy Chair:

      This low EMF portable infrared sauna comes with a heated foot pad as well as heating walls.

      Instant Set Up

      Another benefit of a portable sauna is that you do not have to spend hours assembling and disassembling it. The design opens up easily like a tent, and is ready to plug in and use.

      100% Electric/Radiant Heat:

      No need to mess with water reservoirs and steam in a cramped tent- this infrared portable sauna uses infrared heat radiation to create the ideal sauna environment.

      It’s easy to store:

      Simply fold the sauna back up when you are done with it to put away.

      Quick heating:

      You do not have to start the sauna an hour before you intend to use it. This low EMF portable sauna reaches temperatures as high as 140F within 10-12 minutes.

      Integrated Timer and Auto Heat Setting:

      The best portable sauna comes with easy-to-use controls that manage the temperature and timer of the heaters. The peak temperature that this sauna can reach is 140 F.

      • Portable infrared sauna
      • Perfect for single person use
      • One year warranty
      • Good heat retention with heated foot pad
      • A little awkward to sit in

      The Crew and Axel home portable sauna is one of the best portable sauna steamer on the market. With the heating pad and other heaters on, the sauna can reach and retain a temperature of 140 F with ease. Additionally, it is effortless to set up and take down. It is one of the top rated infrared sauna in the low EMF portable sauna on Amazon. So, if you do not have a dedicated space in your home that you can give to a ‘portable wood sauna,’ this kind of personal spa system is just as good.

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      Durherm Infrared Spas – Low EMF Negative Ion Portable Indoor Sauna

      best saunas to buy

      Wired Handheld controller:

      You can easily adjust the temperature and timing of this infrared portable sauna via the wired handheld remote. It is the best portable infrared saunas of 2022.

      Plugs into power outlet:

      You can set the Durherm portable infrared sauna up in seconds, and plug it into any dedicated A/C outlet of 110 V – 120 V

      Small and portable:

      If you live in an apartment or your living space generally does not have enough room for a wooden sauna, this best small infrared sauna is a great option for you. You do not have to make any special accommodations to fit this sauna in your home permanently. Just unfold and use whenever you want to bask in infrared heat therapy, fold up, and put away when you are done.

      It’s roomy enough for one person:

      The Durherm portable sauna has enough leg room so your knees don’t have to be clasped together the whole time.

      Easy-to-use timer settings:

      The timer settings range from five to thirty minutes, with increments and decrements of five minutes.

      Low EMF:

      For a portable sauna, this sauna has a very low EMF reading. The EMF levels inside this portable sauna range from 5 to 15 milligauss.

      Comfortable Design:

      The seat-like structure of the sauna lets you have your hands free so you can hold a book, use your mobile phone, etc.

      • Low EMF
      • Easy to store
      • Long lasting
      • Does not retain as much heat as other saunas

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      Buying Guide

      What should you look for in an indoor infrared sauna?

      Indoor Infrared saunas are becoming more and more mainstream as their benefits are becoming common knowledge. Investing in on best infrared sauna is almost definitely a great idea, especially if you suffer from certain skin conditions, body aches, migraines, and stress.

      However, even the most basic and cheap infrared saunas on the market can set you back a good amount of money. Therefore, it is essential to know what you are getting into when deciding to make the splurge. So, what do you need to know about indoor infrared saunas, so you know which are the best saunas to buy? And what makes a sauna the best home infrared sauna for you?

      What are Infrared Saunas and Why should you get one?

      A traditional sauna works by warming the air around you, whereas an infrared sauna seeks to warm your body directly by letting the infrared heat penetrate your skin.

      Saunas, in general, have a lot of benefits. They create the same effects in the body that gentle to moderate exercise does, including sweating and elevated heart rates. Consequently, you experience the same benefits that you would post-exercise. 

      Sauna sessions are known to improve skin conditions and headaches, as well as help with fat burn. The best Infrared sauna reviews for 2022 achieve their benefits at lower temperatures than traditional saunas- making them better for people sensitive to heat.

      Infrared sauna or low EMF far infrared sauna has been used to treat high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, dementia, headaches, migraines, and arthritis to some degree. The best part is that low EMF portable infrared saunas have not been reported to have any adverse side effects. 

      So, even if you are not looking to treat a specific problem and want to start feeling more energized and relaxed during the day, an infrared personal sauna is probably a good bet for you.

      Knowing The Difference Between Traditional Sauna vs Infrared

      best infrared saunas 2022

      There are several things that set infrared sauna tents apart from traditional saunas. These include the way the saunas generate heat, the temperatures they get up to, and what kind of power source they require to operate.


      Traditional dry saunas generate heat through a heating element or stove that heats the air. Traditional steam saunas use some form of water reservoir plus heater setting that heats the water to create steam and generate heat in the sauna. On the other hand, infrared saunas use a specific wavelength (or sometimes the whole spectrum) of infrared radiation- generated by infrared heaters- to produce heat.


      Another difference between traditional and infrared sauna EMF is the level of heat they produce. Traditional saunas typically go up to very high temperatures (185 F – 190 F). These temperatures are overwhelming for people sensitive to hear- and somewhat uncomfortable to sit in for long periods.  Conversely, in the best low EMF, the saunas only go up to about 140 F. This temperature is hot enough to make the sauna beneficial to use but not so hot that it overwhelms the user.

      Also, because of infrared radiation’s ability to penetrate the skin, infrared heat causes more sweating than traditional hot air saunas, even at lower temperatures.


      Most best outdoor infrared saunas are ‘plug-and-play’ models. This means they come with a power cord that you can plug into a dedicated A/C outlet. Indoor infrared saunas also use energy-efficient heaters. On the other hand, traditional saunas require more power unless they have been designed explicitly as saunas for home use.

      The Infrared Spectrum: Near Infrared, Far Infrared and Full Spectrum Saunas

      best infrared saunas 2022

      Infrared and full spectrum saunas use light to create heat. Infrared waves lie on the electromagnetic spectrum. The wavelengths of infrared waves can be called “near” or “far,” depending on where on the spectrum they lie. 

      When purchasing saunas or going through these best portable sauna 2022 reviews, you may have noticed that some special infrared saunas are labeled “far infrared saunas” or “near-infrared saunas.” Far infrared lies farther than near-infrared on the light spectrum, i.e., far infrared is closer to microwaves, while near-infrared lies closer to visible light (the rainbow).

      Far infrared light only penetrates the skin by up to 0.1 mm and is absorbed better by the water in our bodies. Because it is absorbed by the water, far infrared can change protein structures, improving metabolism and detoxification.

      Near-infrared light penetrates the skin deeper and is lower in EMF levels. This infrared therapy raises core temperatures, improves circulation, and is suitable for pain relief.

      Some saunas also offer ‘full spectrum’ infrared therapy, in which you can choose the kind of radiation or experience a combination of benefits. 

      It is essential to know that overexposure to infrared radiation or high EMF levels can cause dehydration and nausea, among other things. So, you must not overdo your sauna sessions and try to ensure that you invest in a low EMF, safe radiation sauna.

      Ceramic Heaters Vs. Carbon Heaters

      Ceramic Sauna Heater

      best infrared saunas 2022

      Ceramic heaters are faster at heating up than carbon heaters, so saunas with ceramic heaters have shorter wait times to get to their required temperatures. However, ceramic heaters are quite heavy on power usage. In comparison, carbon fiber heaters are energy efficient

      Carbon Sauna Heater

      best infrared saunas 2022

      Carbon heaters heat up slower, but they also distribute heat more evenly over a larger surface area, making them better for whole-body infrared therapy. As a result, carbon heaters are more expensive than their ceramic counterparts.

      Capacity and Dimensions

      The next thing you want to bear in mind before you purchase an indoor or best outdoor infrared sauna is how many people the sauna intends to use the sauna at the same time. Home saunas come in many sizes- from single-person saunas up to saunas large enough to fit four people at a time.

      Additionally, you also need to consider the space that you can dedicate to having an best infrared sauna at home. For this, you need to consider the dimensions of the sauna. If you cannot make a dedicated space to house your sauna for a long time, you can opt for infrared portable saunas instead. These are folding tent-like saunas that you can set up when you want to take a sauna session and put away after.


      The material that makes up the walls of the sauna needs to be a good insulator so it retains heat better. Cedar and hemlock are popular construction material choices for portable wooden saunas. Hemlock is hypo-allergenic and a better choice for anyone who might be allergic to cedarwood.


      For saunas of any kind, one of the most important things to consider is your safety. This means that you should avoid buying saunas from companies that do not seem to have their research done and avoid high EMF saunas.

      Try to look for certified companies with ISO or CE certifications. Another helpful thing to do is look at reviews to see the experiences other users have had. That is why our pure reviews on best commercial infrared saunas have considered Amazon star ratings, user reviews, and company backgrounds. Still, should you choose to invest in an best home infrared sauna, take a look at customer reviews by yourself so any potential hazards jump out at you and you are informed of them.


      As with any large purchase or electronic appliance, a manufacturer’s warranty is necessary. The more extended the warranty, the better, but always read the fine print, so you know the company’s warranty policy. All appliances experience wear and tear, and saunas are no different. They can wear out over time, or parts can break because of user error.

      You need to find the right balance between product price and warranty, because a shorter warranty that gives more coverage may be much more useful compared to a longer warranty that does not cover much.


      And last but not least, you probably want to take into account the accessories that your home sauna comes with. These include heater covers, backrests, audio options, chromotherapy lights, etc.

      Heater covers are important to make sure your skin does not accidentally touch the heating panel surface and burn. Backrests make the overall experience more comfortable. Chromotherapy adds an entirely new benefit to your sweat sessions. And finally, audio options help you customize your sauna environment.

      Outdoor Infrared Saunas

      Similar to indoor saunas, you can also purchase weatherproof infrared saunas of 2022 designed for gardens and decks so that you can enjoy the benefits of your sauna outdoors. The best outdoor infrared saunas have all the benefits indoor saunas offer, but have construction that can resist being damaged by the outside environment.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      What is an Infrared Sauna?

      Infrared saunas use infrared light to create heat. They use infrared radiation that penetrates your skin to raise your body temperature, unlike traditional saunas which use steam to warm up the air around you. Infrared saunas accomplish similar benefits to traditional saunas at lower temperatures.

      What is the best Infrared Sauna?

      It is difficult to compile a list and title it ‘the best saunas in the world.’ This is because the best infrared sauna for home use is, to some degree, subjective.

      The best sauna to buy for you depends on your requirements and personal preferences. Depending on what you need the sauna for, how much room you need, and how often you intend to use it, among other things, the best in-home sauna for you will be different.

      However, there are some perfect home infrared saunas on the market that you can choose from. We have covered some of these in the comparisons and reviews section of this article. Some of the best sauna brands include Medical Breakthrough, Radiant, Heatwave, and JNH Lifestyles.

      Where to buy Infrared Saunas?

      You can purchase infrared home saunas at your local dedicated home appliances and furniture stores, or online through mass retailers like Amazon. The best saunas to buy are the ones that come from reliable companies and have good customer service and warranties.

      What temperature for Infrared Saunas is best?

      Infrared saunas operate at temperatures between 110 F and 140 F. These are lower temperatures than traditional saunas get up to. If you want extra heat, you should opt for a sauna that can go as far as 140 F. According to manufacturers, only about 20 percent of the heat produced by the infrared sauna warms the air, while the rest of it directly warms up your body.


      The benefits of incorporating infrared saunas into your health and wellness routine are well known and many. However, even simple infrared saunas that do not offer extra functionality are still an expensive investment to make. So, to make sure you don’t throw money out the window when trying to purchase an indoor sauna, it is crucial to make sure you invest in a high-quality product.

      To do so, you need to have a good idea of the infrared sauna for your home market and how to compare infrared saunas as well. This ultimate buying guide is providing best far infrared sauna reviews and aims to equip you with the knowledge you need before purchasing your first home sauna. Because the right investment could very well improve the quality of your life.

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