Toto Ultramax II Review

In this article, we will do a Toto UltraMax II Review but first, let’s have a glimpse of Toto’s history. Toyo Toki Company Limited, now acknowledged as TOTO was created in Kokura, Kyushu in 1917. Since then, they have been known all over the world for their sophisticated and well-constructed ceramic ware designs.


Magobe and Kazuchika Okura (father and son) first developed a laboratory for prototypes in 1912, and then after 5 years of experimentation and hard work, they were successful in presenting their first-ever sanitary ceramic toilet of Japan.

Many companies then came into the field for competition but up till now, no one has achieved the quality as TOTO.

They have been improving their design since then to move forward with time. Every year they launch their one premium design that contains very desirable qualities.

Some of their products have achieved great fame from their customers and due to high demands; they have launched improved versions as well.

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Toto Ultramax II Review

Highlights of The Toto Ultramax II Toilet

  • 99 pounds weight
  • TOTO tornado flush system
  • CEFIONTECT glazing surface
  • A height that is suitable for everyone
  • Gently closing seat system
  • Installed WaterSense programming by EPA
  • Design approved and certified by CEC and CalGreen
  • Saves 1.28 gallons of water per flush with high efficiency
  • Elongated shape
  • Multiple color options

Design & Structure

The TOTO Ultramax II comprises of an extended bowl which basically means that the design is in elongated shape.

This shape has some very basic advantages. The design is very comfortable so people who love to spend more time in their washrooms sitting on toilets and thinking about different stuff, this toilet seat is comfortable to your back and thighs.


The second thing is for mothers, that is when they start making their children sit on the toilet seats. The problem arises when they miss the toilet bowl and the inside of the toilet gets dirty. Such stains give an unpleasant look no matter how much you clean it.

With this design, no mom has to worry about such incidents.

These toilets have more capacity which means reduce risk of flooding and blocking of pipelines.

Also this design is considered to be most suitable for the people with disabilities or who are senior citizens and elderly as they don’t have to bend down too much. The height is just universal or you can say “fit for everyone”

Product Dimensions

Bathroom size varies with respect to the size of rooms. But TOTO targets the majority population and since they cannot afford huge houses, the size of the TOTO Ultramax 2 is universal.

This means that it fits into a standard size toilet without consuming too much space. The dimensions of this toilet are set to normal size which is 28.3×16.6×28.8 inches and weighs almost 99 pounds.

Color Options

Who doesn’t like things to match with their interior? TOTO completely understands their customer’s desires and tends to give them more options.

Mostly people go with white color but not everyone. Therefore TOTO presents TOTO Toilets Ultramax II in different colors like Sedona beige, chrome, bone and colonial white.

The Flush System

In this toto ultramax ii toilet review, you will be able to know about the double cyclone flushing mechanism which is considered to be the best system for toilets. Click here to read more about the Best Flushing Toilets. This system has the ability to extract power from water and gravity to generate a stronger power of 1.28 GPF and enhance the cleaning deed.

If you look inside the toilet, the inner rim has two jet nozzles while a timid large siphon jet is placed at the toilet bowl’s end.

toto ultramax toilet review

Now you might think why there are three nozzles for water. This is to make sure that the bowl is completely cleaned from the inside with nothing adhered to the surface as well. The water coming from the siphon jet aims the waste things right down the trap way.

Water using the centripetal force shoots from the two nozzles under the rim with such great power and makes a complete revolving motion in the bowl of 360 degrees.

Since that it is using nozzles despite of some large hose, it saves 1.28 gallons of water per flush. Therefore it is certified and approved by WaterSense. Also it is considered to be environment friendly and water proficient.

Glazing & Trapway

The toilet with narrow trapway may seem a little sophisticated and pleasing but remember that if the trapway is narrow then the exiting of the material would be harder.

toto ultramax ii review with cefiontect

TOTO Ultramax II Review will tell you that it features a broader trapway so no matter how much waste is in the toilet bowl, everything will be pushed down at the same time and there will be no smaller residues left in the bowl.

Not only is this, but the finishing of the toilet also very smooth known as SanaGloss Glazing. TOTO SanaGloss reviews are all in its favor since TOTO SanaGloss is a very favorite feature.

This type of finishing produces an ion-barrier that makes sure all the germs including bacteria, molds, small residues etc do not adhere to the surface.

This will help you in cleaning the toilet more easily plus leaves no aroma as well. You can maintain a clean and hygienic washroom with no difficulty.

Another thing to know about toto toilet ultramax 2 is that it flushes very quietly and also refills very rapidly.

You will experience it yourself that unlike other toilet flushes, it makes no sound despite of being super powerful.

The toilet seat lid closes very gently as it is made of a plastic material that is quite bulky to lessen the displeasure when it hits surface when you open or close it. Also it closes with a gentle push to downwards.

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Why Consider Toto Ultramax II?

Apart from everything that is mentioned above there are still some reasons why one should consider buying this toilet.

Convenient Fixing

Well if you are into DIY, then setting up this toilet seat will be like a piece of cake for you. Since it is a one piece toilet so that means it can be easily fixed into pipes.

If still, you have difficulty understanding its installation, then the instruction manual will do the job of making you understand since it is very simple and straight-forward

Let’s say if you are not into such things then you can always call a professional plumber to help you install the thing.

The two-piece toilets that have the bowl and the tank separate may look fancier but the main disadvantage that arises from such designs is that the dirt usually gets stuck in them which make it harder to clean and use.


Well TOTO is well known for its highly robust, sturdy and durable designs. They have maintained their reputations in sanitary ceramics and their customer are very pleased with them.

Also their designs are approved by different agencies for being water efficient and eco-friendly.

But everything has some negative aspects too as we are aware of the fact that nothing is perfect. The same is the case with TOTO ULTRAMAX II.


The presence of molded bumpers and high gloss polypropylene works as a team to give a pleasant experience. The design of this toilet is simple and ergonomic.

  • Eco-friendly design
  • Approved and certified by WaterSense
  • Easy to install
  • Double cyclone flush system
  • Quiet flush
  • The parts that are not visible sometimes become hard to access and clean.
  • The inner porcelain parts are little sensitive to use any drain snake or toilet auger
  • SanaGloss coating is sensitive too for chemicals.

Keeping SANAGLOSS Safe!

There are a number of toilet cleaners that are available in the market to help you clean your toilet. From different acids to detergents, many chemicals are easily found in the shops.

If you look only into TOTO SanaGloss reviews, you will know about its popularity.

You have to make sure that the chemical you are using is not blue in color because they are harder to clean and will leave a bluish stain on your toilet.

Just use a little dish soap and a soft brush for cleaning. Also, make sure that you flush right after brushing and do not let the soap get dry on the surface.

Sanity Bar

Well, keep this in mind when you go for a two-piece toilet seat. You must purchase a sanity bar with it.

And make sure that the sanity bar you have purchased is of good quality. The function of the sanity bar is that it stops the seepage and congregation of wastes at the back of the trapway.

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Q1. Aren’t TOTO Ultramax and TOTO Ultramax II same?

Ultramax II is an improved version of Ultramax. The major difference lies in the water used per flush. Ultramax uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush while Ultramax II uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

Q2. How can I make sure that my TOTO toilet works smoothly?

Simply loose the screws embedded in the valve to reduce the water level that fills the tank. Also, check for blockage or any clogging from time to time.

Q3. What is so special in TOTO toilets?

They present a nice and comfortable seat that also contains an air-purifying function to eliminate the nasty smell that fills up the atmosphere after use.

Q4. What exactly is TOTO Gmax flush system?

This system comprises a wide flush valve and trapway to enhance the water flow in the bowl directly and make sure that whatever you flushed remains flushed.

Q5. Is the TOTO Tornado flush quiet?

TOTO tornado flush is indeed very powerful as it uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush to eliminate the waste out of the bowl. Yet it is very quiet and doesn’t produce any noise or unpleasing sound.


We provided TOTO Ultramax toilet reviews because the TOTO ULTRA MAX II isn’t the cheapest toilet seat available in the market but is still best for its price. The comfortable and ergonomic design truly makes it a family thing.

The universal height facilitates the elderly and people with disabilities so that they can use it without facing any problem.

The best part is that this design is approved and certified by WaterSense and is considered to be eco-friendly and water-efficient.

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