General Comparison of Kohler vs American Standard – Which is Better?

The American Standard and Kohler toilets have over a century of experience in the industry and provide sturdy, elegant, and practical toilets. Which brand, however, has the most fabulous toilets? Kohler is mentioned by some, while others mention American Standard. To learn more about the differences between Kohler and American Standard toilets, check out this article.

Each of these toilet brands has a solid track record and can be counted on to provide an excellent toilet experience. Each offers one-piece and two-piece toilets, as well as extended and round bowls and various draining mechanisms. As a result, you will get a robust, pleasant, and trustworthy toilet regardless of the brand you choose.

We’re here just to ensure you understand that problem with a detailed comparison of Kohler VS American Standard Toilets so you can pick the bathroom that’s right for you. Let’s take a closer look at these companies and see if their toilets are created in the United States.

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Look at the table below where we compare Kohler and standard American toilets

Comparison of Kohler and American standard toilets

CommentsKohler ToiletsAmerican Standard Toilets
Company Business:More than 100 years(Parent Est. 1873)More than 100 years(Parent Est. 1875)
Company Employee:32,000+15,200+
Est. Yearly Revenue:$2 to $5 billion$500 million to $1 billion
Customer Support:Need ImprovementVery Responsive
Warranty:Limited 1-Year Limited WarrantyLimited 10-Year Warranty
Warranty Support:Not GreatVery Helpful
Price:A little bit HigherLow
Maintenance Cost:HighMedium
Leak Issues:Complaint IncreasingStill Reasonable
My 2021’s Rating:85 out of 10090 out of 100

Top products of Kohler vs American Standard Toilet

American standard champion four VS Kohler cimarron

American Standard Champion 4 

The toilet has an expanded bowl design and an originated surface finish, making cleaning a breeze. It also contains the Champion 4 flushing system, including a 4-inch piston drain valve and prioritizing power cleansing. Every purchase also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron 

With its sleek and contemporary architecture and Kohler’s Comfort Height function, the toilet delivers availability and elegance at the very exact moment. In addition, this toilet provides outstanding ease and reliability with an AquaPiston flush technology that covers the toilet bowl with a 360-degree whirling movement. Annually, the 1.28 GPF power drain saves 16,500 liters of water.

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American Standard H2Option 

This elevated toilet features a round-front bowl construction with a water-saving H2Option flushing mechanism with a dual flush. It also has the EverClean surface quality and the Right Height feature, making it particularly accessible to users of all ages, including the physically disabled and the old.

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KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil 

Among the most renowned Kohler toilets is this contemporary design. This toilet type has a Grip-Tight reveal mechanism that keeps the bathroom in place so it doesn’t wiggle, and it has a gorgeous design. Thanks to the in-wall container, the toilet has a streamlined look, or dual flush saves water with each flush. This also saves up to 12 inches of bathroom design.

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Endurance Materials of American Standard or Kohler

With its sleek and contemporary architecture and Kohler’s Comfort Height function, the toilet delivers availability and elegance at the very exact moment. In addition, this toilet provides outstanding ease and reliability with an AquaPiston flush technology that covers the toilet bowl with a 360-degree whirling movement. Annually, the 1.28 GPF power drain saves 16,500 liters of water.

Kohler toilets are a little harder to manage in terms of reliability and upkeep. Kohler toilets are known for clogging and frequently leaking, causing a great deal of annoyance over time. Elements such as china, glazed china, ceramic, and stoneware are used to make Kohler toilets. Vitreous china is a covered ceramic that is extremely strong and durable, lasting for years without causing harm.

A good toilet should last several centuries, and that’s exactly what you’ll get where to buy American Standard or Kohler toilet. So another reason why people choose American Standard, Kohler, or even Toto toilets is because of this.

American Standard toilets are well-known for their great efficiency, which means they do not even block or overflow, reducing anything like a plunger. In addition, the toilets from American Standard are made of vitreous china and porcelain, making them easy to wash.

Because some of those brands are American, obtaining spare parts is a breeze. In terms of reliability, American Standard clearly outperforms other toilet brands.

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System of Flushing

When shopping for a new bathroom, the draining capacity must always be the top priority. It can help you save money on your payment amount while also ensuring that all of the garbage in the porcelain bowl is flushed out with a given splash. 

Although American Standard features superior VorMax draining innovation, Kohler’s Class Five and Ingenium flushing programs give resource efficiency, conserving up to 16,500 gallons of water each year. Consider the Kohler Highline and the American Standard Champion 4, for example. We discovered that the Highline could not eliminate waste products without clogging or draining repeatedly.

The Champion 4, but on the other side, has a 4-inch tank diverter instead of the regular 3-inch to clean the garbage with a single forceful flush. Even if they create a little sound, American Standard leads in this category owing to their incredibly effective draining systems.

Cleaning Efficacy

These toilets are simple to clean and keep in good working order. Kohler uses a high-quality surface quality, but American Standard offers the EverClean finish, which comes with a forceful splash that cleans the toilet bowl thoroughly after each rinse.

To avoid damaging the vitreous china, Kohler recommends using gentle friction cleaners rather than harsh abrasives while cleaning the toilet. Ultimately, it all usually comes down to the toilet designs you choose. Since there are no crevices between the tank and the bowl, contaminants do not attach to the edges, making yet another toilet far more easily cleanable than two-piece toilets.

Types of Toilets and Bowls

All these American Standard and Kohler include an extensive range of toilet kinds and various varieties of public toilet styles in the industry. Kohler features to match or extended bowl layouts and provides each toilet, two-piece toilets, public bathrooms, and facade toilets. 

Because the pressure is uniformly distributed across the bowl, prolonged bowl shapes are incredibly comfortable. Yet other toilets, two-piece toilet facilities, facade toilets, ground toilets, and tightly toilets with extended or round-fronted bowl shapes are available from American Standard. 

Colors and Design

Kohler vs American Standard Toilet

Whether you choose a Kohler or an American Standard toilet, it is entirely up to you and your prominent aspect. 

Kohler toilets are known for their streamlined, computerized designs, including an extended bowl and the Right Level functionality. Kohler toilets are incredibly easily reachable to everybody in the house because of these qualities.

When the elevation is greater or equal to 16 inches despite remaining compact, Kohler toilets also are ADA-certified. They are ideal for en-suite toilets, powder rooms, and small bathroom facilities. The practicality of American Standard is more concerned with productivity than with design. So, if you really want to purchase a bathroom that looks great, a Kohler toilet is always a good choice.

White, cracker, dune, charcoal, and almond are among the color options available from American Standard, whereas white, biscuit, mudflats, black, and almond are available from Kohler.

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Price Discrepancy Between American Standard vs Kohler Toilets

Kohler vs American Standard Toilet

American Standard manufactures the much more cost-effective and high-quality bathrooms in the industry. They are considerably less expensive than Kohler toilets but offer outstanding quality, low maintenance requirements, and amenities.

Apparently, American Standard produces far more effective products at a lower price. 

Comfort Between American Standard vs Kohler Toilet

Kohler toilets are always a good choice if you’re seeking for a comfortable toilet. The company makes the most fabulous extended bowl toilets available. Furthermore, the majority of their toilets are chair elevation, allowing them to serve a wide range of customers. This isn’t to say that toilets American standard vs Kohler aren’t pleasant, but they do have an advantage over Kohler toilets.

Advanced Options

American Standard Review

The Champion 4 draining system will come with a two 3/8-inch vacuum suction tramway and a 4-inch significant rinse pressure regulator that meets or surpasses quality standards. These technologies eliminate the need to dive, avoid blockages and backlog, and save water with each flush.

Kohler vs american standard toilet seats and lid, which ensures that the toilet seat unfolds smoothly and without banging. The EverClean coating from American Standard adds another layer of shine to the toilet’s surface, keeping dirt and grime from adhering to it.

Kohler Toilet Review

The back components of the toilet bowl may be removed for easier cleaning, thanks to this innovation from Kohler. Like American Format’s Sluggish seat, the Silent seat provides a gradual close of the toilet bowl without smashing it shut.

Kohler vs American standard flushing system features a transparent tramway and a 314-inch rinse valve that delivers outstanding results.


Q. Are Kohler toilets better than American standard?

Kohler and American Standard toilets are economical, efficient, long-lasting, and simple to clean. The American Standard toilet is significantly less expensive and has a very effective and quiet flushing system. Kohler is also highly comfortable to use and consumes very little energy per rinse.

Q. Are Kohler or American standard toilets better?

There is no comparison in terms of cost. Kohler makes some great toilets, but they’re not as cheap as American Standard. Kohler toilets, on either hand, are often more expensive, but by a bit of margin. So if you’re trying to save money, American Standard is the method to go.

Q. Where are American standard toilets made?

Kohler toilets are manufactured in three plants in the United States: Kohler, Wisconsin, Brownsville, Texas, and Spartanburg, South Carolina, as well as a large plant in Monterrey, Mexico. In addition, American Standard toilets are manufactured in Piscataway, New Jersey, where the company’s headquarters are also located.

Q. Where are Kohler toilets made?

Kohler toilets are manufactured in three plants in the United States: Kohler, Wisconsin, Brownsville, Texas, and Spartanburg, South Carolina, as well as a large plant in Monterrey, Mexico.

Q. Is American standard a good brand?

HVAC specialists consider American Standard to be one of the top five brands for strength and reliability. Consumer Ratings and other such organizations do laboratory analysis. Although the lineup has shrunk from more than 12 models a decade ago to only 7, there is still a good formula for every specialty.

Q. Is Kohler a good brand?

Valves are an essential element of the Kohler kitchen and bath line, and they come in a variety of styles, from basic but dependable to very, very fashionable (and still very reliable). In addition, Kohler offers nearly 200 distinct faucets, not to mention the many various variations that may be achieved by changing the handles and coatings.


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